Six Things To Remember When You First Start Blogging

The other day, a blog post flashed up on my Twitter timeline. It was by Rebecca from Rebecca Reviews and it was titled: 1 Month Blog-versary (And My Tips For Other Newbies). It was a really useful post and whilst reading I thought, wasn’t Rebecca was one of the first people I followed when I started out on Twitter. Then I thought, yes hang on, it must be coming up to my one month blog-versary too! Sure enough, I checked and I had shared my very first post (Study Tips from an Open University Student) on 18th October 2017 which means I’ve also been doing this thing for a whole month too.

Feeling inspired by Rebecca’s thoughtful tips, I wanted to share my own ideas and suggestions for other newbie bloggers and recap on my first month of hellobexa.

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The Liebster Award 2017

The other day I looked in my Twitter Inbox to find that the lovely Kerry (from Mummy Thomas’ Blog) had nominated me for an award! It’s such an awesome feeling when other bloggers in the community spread the love. Thank you so much for the nomination Kerry, everyone should definitely go check out her blog . Mummy Thomas’ Blog is a place where Kerry shares her experiences to raise awareness for birth trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and mental well being. Her posts are so well-written, honest and helpful. I really love her open and authentic approach to blogging.

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5 Inspirational Reads to Create Big Ideas

I am the sort of person who can read an entire book in a day, simply because it is just that good. I am also the sort of person who can spend all her remaining money on Amazon three weeks before her Student Loan is due to arrive. Yeah, okay, in hindsight that’s probably not my greatest idea to date. But who needs food when you have books. Five lovely inedible books.  Right, let me tell you a little bit about them.

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Snapshots From The Seaside: A Day In Bournemouth

The beach isn’t just for the summertime, ya know. If you are looking for a nice little day out in the colder months that won’t break the bank, then hop on the train (or drive, or however you get around) to Bournemouth. We are lucky enough to live just a short journey away from the beach, so on a sunny day at the end of October, I grabbed my camera and Shaun, and off we went to the seaside.

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Zante Travel Diaries

Tuesday 19th September 2017

Shaun and I woke up bright and early ready for our Zante adventure. I did a Yoga with Adrienne called Ocean Flow which was perfect for the holiday mood. We got ready, did our final checks and left to get our train. There was a bit of concern as as couldn’t find our flight on the Gatwick live departures website but we decided to sort that out once we reached the airport. Whether we were travelling with Easy Jet or Norwegian Air – we were going to Zante.

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Study Tips from an Open University student

Open Uni Study Tips Hello Bexa

I wanted to make this first blog post something personal and useful to look back on. After all, blogs are a bit like online diaries aren’t they? They document your life for the viewing pleasure of anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection. I’ve been wanting to create a little space online for me to share my thoughts and general ramblings for a while and now we have it.  Hello Bexa is hereContinue reading