I’ve been having great fun lately getting creative with Reeves products and yesterday I tried something a bit different – I mixed up some paints and did flower pot painting. Previously, I shared with you how to make Reeves Rainbow Rain, Reeves Colour By Numbers and Reeves Paint By Numbers however, this is the first time I’ve got really experimental with my paints and created my own colours. These are actually really simple to do and are perfect if want to add a splash of colour into your garden this summer.

Reeves believe creativity isn’t about right or wrong, it is all about expression. The cool thing about these is you can completely personalize your flower pots by creating your own colours and using different washi tape borders. No two pots will ever be the same. Here is how I made mine:

All you need is Reeves Acrylic Paints, Reeves Acrylic Brushes and Terracotta Plant Pots. Later on you will need some washi tape and Gorilla superglue. The washi tape I have used is from Paperchase but I’m pretty sure any washi will look awesome for this project. The terracotta plant pots I used were found in ASDA for £1 each which I think is a real gardening bargain.

As I haven’t properly painted since school, I embarrassingly had to Google ‘how to mix pastel shades’. The results were pretty simple – just add white. Thank you Mr Google. So for my first pot, I mixed red and white and created this light pinky colour.

Ta-da! Once the first colour was created I felt slightly more confident with my project. Saying that, I had absolutely no plan or idea of what I wanted the pots to look like, it was simply just a case of make it up as I go along. Having no rules makes everything more fun though, right?

All I knew at this stage was that I wanted to make each pot a different pastel colour, so for the next one I mixed green and white and created this shade.

Pastel blue was the next colour and you guessed it, I mixed blue and white.

My fourth and final pot was yellow. If you don’t like a colour, you can easily lighten it by adding more white paint. 

I decided to give each pot a white border just to see what it would look like.

You can also entirely repaint a pot if you want. I wanted my pink to be more pink so got experimental to create a brighter shade. I also painted the insides of the pot white as I was enjoying myself so much, I didn’t want to ever stop painting things.

The washi tape idea suddenly popped into my head whilst I was painting. I thought the flowers and butterflies design from Paperchase was perfect for the flower pots. I’m sure any washi tape would look awesome though – I can’t wait to try this out with different patterns.

To make the washi border, I folded the tape in half and measured around the top of the pot.

As these are going in the garden, I needed the strongest glue possible. Gorilla glue has never let me down, in fact the Alpaca Pom Pom Pins which I made for my sister earlier this year are still doing their job – there has been no reported pom pom malfunctions.

The gorilla superglue worked in seconds and my flowery borders were stuck firmly. There is no going back with this stuff so choose your washi tape wisely.

That’s it! The pastel flower pots with washi tape borders are now complete! You can have fun creating your own shades and using different tapes to make a totally unique design. The possibilities are endless.

Finally, add some flowers into your pots and they are garden ready!

Here they are in the garden. All I have to do now is remember to water the plants! Hope you enjoyed my flower pot project how-to. Have you painted your own flower pots?   If you give this a try yourself don’t forget to share your creations on social media using #WeAreReeves and #ShowYourColours

Have fun and be creative!

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared the first post (Cat Origami Bookmarks) in the Pinterest Challenge I am doing with the lovely Kay from Mummy Who. The idea is really cool, we choose 3 Pinterest pins for each other, then we attempt to recreate each one and blog about our experiences. For our second challenge, Kay has picked me these Strawberry Ice Pops which look amazing and perfect for the summer! To see which pin I gave to Kay, go head over to Mummy Who and check out our second challenge! 

When I knew I was going to make these, I headed over to Amazon to find myself some ice pop moulds. The pack I chose had 6 regular moulds and 6 star shaped moulds. The best bit about these ice pops is there is only five ingredients – the simpler the recipe the better in my opinion. So the day before, I went shopping for skimmed milk, whipped cream, strawberry syrup, white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

Step 1: Add milk to measuring jug. The instructions advise 480 ml but I wanted to make room for the cream so I only added about 400 ml.

Step 2: Add cream and mix well. I added about 150 ml of cream – I probably would have added more if the jug allowed it.

Step 3: Add the strawberry syrup and mix again until the milk turns pink.

Step 4: Pour the tasty mixture into moulds.

Make sure you fill the moulds up to the very top and place the lids on firmly.

Step 5: Place the moulds into the freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Step 6: Hope for the best…

Step 7: (24 hours later) Prepare the white chocolate by breaking it up and microwaving for 30 seconds (stir) and a further 30 seconds.

Step 8: Yay, the ice pops turned out okay! To remove the case, run under warm water for about a minute and they slide off easily.

Step 9: Dunk the ice pop into the warm melted white chocolate and sprinkle with rainbows.

Step 10: Repeat for all ice pops. Once they have been dunked and sprinkled, I’ve found they don’t want to go back into their cases. If you wrap them with tin foil and pop back into the freezer they should be fine.

Step 11: Enjoy your strawberry ice pops!

Thank you for the challenge Kay! This was really fun to do and I actually surprised myself here. I’m looking forward to our next one which will be appearing on the blog in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned! Don’t forget to head on over to Mummy Who and see which pin I gave to Kay for the second challenge…

Have you tried making strawberry ice pops? Or have you challenged your friend to a Pinterest challenge? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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Since starting my blog, Printiki have been my go-to place for photo printing. Their awesome prints have appeared in my Phuket Travel Scrapbook, Greece Travel Scrapbook, Gran Canaria Travel Scrapbook and most recently my Food From Around The World post. I’m always impressed by their speedy service, great quality and value for money. So when Prinkiti contacted me recently to say they had launched photo magnets I was super keen to check them out.

Printiki have very kindly gifted me these magnets and have generously offered a giveaway prize for someone to win their very own personalized set (see end of post for details). You can either select 9 Mini Magnets or 4 Medium Magnets. As Shaun and I have now been on five holidays together, I opted for the 9 mini magnets as I didn’t want any holidays to feel left out.

The Printiki photo magnets look amazing with my World Travel Magnetic Map from Not On The Highstreet.

Printiki make photo printing so easy. All you need to do is upload your chosen photos from your computer, Facebook or Instagram. You also have the option to customize your photos with text, filters, colours and shapes. Lastly, you can choose whether you want to turn your magnets into a collage or a jigsaw.

These are perfect to stick on your fridge to keep the holiday memories alive all year round. Of course, you can print absolutely anything, why not find photos of friends, family, pets, days out and special occasions to make your own awesome collages. If you would like a chance to win one voucher for a set of magnets with shipping all you need to do is:




One winner will be chosen at random on Friday 22nd June at 6pm. Good luck to everyone who takes part! Which photos would you choose to print onto Printiki photo magnets?  Let me know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post which means I received a product/payment in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own. 

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My enamel pin collection (obsession) started in March this year, when I teamed up with Innabox to share these Cute & Quirky pins. A couple of months later, in May, I blogged about this pretty cool range from Old English Company and most recently I found four more Cool Cute & Colourful Enamel pins from different online shops. I now have a grand total of 17 pins, which has been one of my greatest achievements of 2018, so far. Today, I am going to share with you a selection of pretty pastel pins I have picked up on my travels around the internet.

My first pretty pastel pin is from Laura Talanti, a freelance illustrator and designer, mental health worker, crazy cat lady & cat charity volunteer. Laura has an awesome range of pins including cool cat pins, which I was so tempted to get but I had never seen a cup of tea pin and tea is my life. I also received an extra metal rainbow pin to apologize for a small delay which I thought was such a lovely added touch (and I didn’t even notice the delay to be honest). The next pins I have my eye on in Laura’s shop are The Introvert Club and I’d Rather Be At Home With My Cat – both are absolutely brilliant.

Laura also makes earrings, cards, stickers, badges, magnets, pocket mirrors and patches ranging from the adorable to the motivational. I definitely need more goodies from here! Check out Laura on Twitter and Instagram for her latest updates and offers.

You may have already seen the awesomeness that is Whale & Bird before, as their designs are stocked in places like Paperchase and Scribbler. In fact, I picked up their Crumpet Of Courage postcard a few weeks ago for my Comfort Zone Challenge post. And going further back, Rebecca sent me their brilliant Home Is Where My Cat Is postcard last year when we did the Blogger Christmas Card Swap. Whale & Bird sell humorous, quirky and sometimes rude greetings cards, stationery and gifts from a range of super talented artists. This is the fantastic Triceretops pin by Anna Alekseeva.

Other favourites include the Be The Person Your Cat Thinks You Are and Stay Curious. You can follow Whale & Bird on social media to keep track of their fun and funky designs: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

I spotted this cute Courage Potion pin on Instagram a few weeks ago and knew I needed it in my collection. My ongoing challenge is to push myself out of my comfort zone, be brave and try new things so this pin is the perfect reminder to that. Who doesn’t need a little bottle of courage every now and then. It’s made by the wonderfully talented Joanne Hawker, a Designer & Illustrator from Somerset who is a lover of stripes, tea, all things yellow, imaginary Frenchies called Frank and denim dungarees. She sounds awesome! Joanne has a whole range of fabulous things from cards, prints, pocket mirrors and of course, enamel pins.

I definitely need to get the Ideas Potion enamel pin to go with my Courage Potion as well as The Tools Of Mass Creation which is super cool. You can check out the latest creations from Joanne on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

Last but by no means least, this is the perfectly positive Good Vibes pin. This is created by onr. who is Rachel Basinger, a designer, creator, blogger, vlogger and new mama (congrats!) who lives in the sunny South of England. onr. stands for OH NO Rachio! and it all started with Rachel’s love for creating handmade gifts for friends & family. Rachel now stocks fantastic cards, prints, stationery, patches, pins and washi tape (washi tape is another obsession of mine!). Every item is made with a lot of love and is cute and bursting with a positive message. 

Other favourites include Be Kind and the Plants & Cats pin. Make sure you follow onr. on social media for more colour and positivity: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest / YouTube

I hope you have enjoyed having a sneak peak at my pretty pastel pins. I’m excited to add these new additions to my ever growing pin collection. Are you a pin lover? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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