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Yesterday, I was out having lunch and shopping with my mum when I made the compulsory visit to Paperchase. Paperchase has been my favourite high street shop for years and years and I didn’t realise but they are now fifty years old. Yesterday, to celebrate their birthday, they were handing out scratchcards in store to give customers a chance to win amazing prices. I was lucky enough to scratch off a 10% discount and I picked up this little bundle of colourful goodies. As much as I love all these, I thought it would be nice to do a little Paperchase giveaway over on Twitter.

The giveaway includes these fantastic postcards: You’re a star and You’re wonderful, kind and funny.

Also included are Unicorn and Heart stickers. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to your blogging photos!

For more awesome blogging props: 12 Flat Lay Props Every Blogger Needs. 

The star of the show is the Bloggers Journal. When I saw this in the shop I new I couldn’t leave without it. It’s a must-have for every blogger.

There are handy stats pages to keep track of your numbers.

Pages to brainstorm your blog sharing ideas.

Sections to help you build your followers. For more tips why not check out: 6 Ways To Use Social Media To Increase Blog Traffic and 10 Simple Ways To Grow Your Twitter.  

Monthly pages to organise and plan your blogging life. For more why not check out: 6 Easy Ways To Organise Your Blogging Life. 

Places to note down your dreams and goals. For inspiration check out: How To Set Realistic And Achievable Goals. 

You can keep all your ideas, plans and aspirations in one awesome book.

Every aspect of blogging is covered from organisation, ideas, stats, social media, goals and dreams. It’s the perfect planner for every blogger old and new! If you would like to enter my Paperchase giveaway on twitter for a chance to win the Bloggers Journal, postcard and sticker bundle all you have to do is:




That’s it! I will pick the winner at random on Friday 25th May 2018 at 6pm. Good luck to everyone who takes part!

Do you have a favourite blog planner? Are you a stationery addict like me?  Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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The lovely Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook asked me the other day if I would do a flat lay tips blog post as she thought my photos were gorgeous. Aw Lisa, what a compliment, thank you. This post is for you (and for anyone else who wants to know where to find some fun blogging props). So here are 12 of my favourite flat lay props which I have discovered over the months and where to find them.

1. Inspirational Cards

My most recent discovery are these Random Notes of Encouragement and Little Notes Of Praise by Bread&Jam. They are the ones in the photo that say the motivational phrases: Top Effort, Good Vibes Only, Be Kind To Yourself and Jolly Good Show Old Bean! I am excited to use them in future blogging photos as they have lots of fun and inspirational words of encouragement and praise. You can also get Random Notes Of Appreciation, Little Box Of Affection, Little Rays Of Sunshine & more!

2. Greetings Cards

Blogging props are everywhere. When I was in the garden centre with my mum, I was browsing the arty cards and found the pink cupcake card. Blog props can also land right on your doorstep; I was recently sent this fun colourful unicorn card from my friend Damo and think it makes the most perfect colourful prop.

3. Washi Tape

I’m a bit of a washi tape addict have quite a few in my collection now. You can buy washi from high street shops like Paperchase and Tiger. I bought a pack of 8 Unicorn Star Washi Tapes from Paperchase and picked up these three fruity tapes on Amazon a while ago and they really brighten up any photo.

[Photo from: Fruiteatox Review]

4. Stickers

Stickers can be used as a way to add a bit of colour in and around your props. Again, you can buy really cool stickers from Paperchase and I also found these cute Vintage French Teacups on Amazon which can be added into the background to brighten up any photograph. Your Vibe Attacts Your Tribe mini inspirational card is from Treatbox.

[Photo from: 30 Simple Ways To Be Kind]

5. Postcards

You can probably guess by now that Paperchase is one of favourite shops for blog props. You can get so many fun and eye catching postcards. Don’t forget to check out small businesses too! Pastel Elixir do some really cool items, such as the ‘I like yummy things’ Hot Chocolate Postcard.

[Photo from: 6 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress]

[Photo from: Pastel Elixir Goodies]

6. Stationery

Paperclips, drawing pins, mini bulldog clips, and post it’s make the perfect stationery props. I found a colourful clip set in ASDA’s stationery section – you can always find affordable bits and bobs if you check out your local supermarket.

[Photo from: 10 Ideas For Your Bullet Journal]

7. Mouse Mat

Last year, I treated myself to a Sushi Mouse mat from Etsy (how cool!) and it has since made a few blog photo appearances. Etsy has so many handmade and unique mouse mat designs and you are also supporting small businesses too, what could be better than that.

[Photo from: 6 Simple Ways To Boost Creativity]

8. Magazines

My favourite magazines right now are In The Moment and Breathe. The covers are always so bright and vibrant (perfect for photos) and packed full of inspirational articles on health, mindfulness, creativity and much more!

[Photo from: 50 Things That Make Me Happy]

9. Polaroids

If you have seen my travel scrapbook posts, you will know I’m a big fan of polaroids. I get these printed from Printiki and I love that you can add little captions to each print. Add some stickers too for that extra splash of creativity!

[Photo from: Food From Around The World]

10. Keyboard/Mouse/Phone

When I saw this PINK KEYBOARD on Amazon I knew I needed it in my life. Fun fact: I don’t actually use the keyboard for anything practical, I just bring it out occasionally for blog photo time! Also, phone covers make the best blog props, why not buy a couple and change them for different photos.

[Photo from: My First Six Months Of Blogging]

[Photo from: 10 Simple Ways To Grow Your Twitter]

11. Stars and buttons

These wooden stars are my absolute favourite. I found them on Amazon last year and have since made a regular appearance on the blog. Another great shop for crafty blogging bits is The Works, I picked up a pack of colourful buttons – there is so much there and all so affordable too!

[Photo from: Improve Your Blogging Skills ft. Tangible Stationery Co.]

12. Highlighters

Last but not least, are the pastel highlighters which can be found in pretty much any stationery store. These are also fab if you are into your bullet journaling too!

[Photo from: Create Your Own Inspirational Scrapbook]

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my current favourite blogging props. Let me know what are your favourites and what blog props are you loving at the moment? I’d love to hear from you!



This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission for each purchase at no extra cost to you.


This is a pretty exciting post for me to write for two reasons. Firstly, today marks the day that I have been blogging for six whole months. Secondly, today is also my birthday! How is that for serendipity. On Wednesday 18th October 2017, I created a WordPress account and shared my first post on The Open University study tips; now over fifty posts later (53 to be exact), I am still here! So I thought it would be cool to recap on my first six months of my blogging journey and share with you things I have learned along the way.

You don’t need to be an artist to be creative

Over the past six months, I have enjoyed doing a lot of creative posts but I wouldn’t call myself an ‘artist’. My favourites have been Reeves paint by numbers, card making, scrapbooking, anti-stress dot-to-dot and make your own alpaca pin cushions. It doesn’t matter if things don’t turn out perfect, as long as you are having fun that is the most important thing.

You don’t need to be a travel blogger to share your holiday experiences

Just before I started my blog I went to Greece, and just as I hit the 6 month milestone I have come back from Italy. For the most part, I haven’t left the UK but I have still shared a number of travel related posts. I have recapped on the 18 Amazing Places I’ve Visited In The Last Seven Years and made a selection of holiday scrapbooks on Thailand, Greece and Gran Canaria and blogged whats in my In-Flight Essentials Bag. Even though some trips were not so recent, it was still great to reminisce and share my holidays.

People like reading tips and tricks on how to blog

My three most popular posts over the past six months are 10 Things To Include In Your Media Kit, Six Reasons Why You Should Go Self-Hosted and 6 Ways To Improve Your Blog Writing. I always enjoy sharing my tips and tricks so will keep on adding these kinda posts when I come up with new ideas. If you have any requests please let me know in the comments and I’ll happily share my thoughts.

Twitter is the best social media for the blogging community

In my experience, the blogging community on Twitter is the place to be. It has been awesome making new friends and finding new blogs to follow. My twitter following has slowly grown over the last six months and it still amazes me that I have over 6k followers. A huge 74% of my blog views comes from Twitter alone. I have written a post on 10 Simple Ways To Grow Your Twitter but the main piece of advice is to interact with others and join in on blog chats and comment threads regularly. Click here to read more tips on using social media to grow your blog traffic.

Blog inspiration is everywhere

There have been times when I have left completely stuck when it comes to blog inspiration. But normally you don’t need to think too hard to find a new topic to blog about. When I was feeling overwhelmed I wrote 6 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress and when I was feeling relaxed I wrote 10 Easy Ways To Create Calm. I’ve listened to podcasts and wrote about my favourites. Even going on a day out can be inspiration for a new blog, here are my posts on Bournemouth, Winchester Christmas Market, Brighton at Christmas, Bath for New Years, Weymouth, Salisbury and Brighton again for my sisters birthday.

Blogging is always full of surprises

The best thing I have learned from my first six months of blogging is that it is unpredictable, exciting and full of surprises. I have had some awesome opportunities such as my cats being models on Pet Portraits by THERAVIOSART, and Sweet Wild Designs: Simba & Zazu. I’ve teamed up with Panasonic to write The Top 20 Christmas Films Of All Time, had an awesome giveaway with Photowall on Twitter for an absolutely gigantic Paint Splash Map Of The World and written reviews on flowers, stationery, pins, and tea. I wonder what will come up next…

I hope you enjoyed reading my recap. It’s been such a fun six months and I am so grateful to everyone that reads my blog, follows me on social media and offers their support and encouragement. So a huge THANK YOU for making blogging an awesome experience, I’m looking forward to see what the next six months will bring… it’s all very exciting!