Blogs Change Lives by Aby Moore – Book Review + Giveaway

Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you I am pretty impulsive when it comes to buying things. A few years ago I randomly bought a £300 stripey retractable patio awning to go outside the back doors of my flat just because it was a particularly sunny day. I’ve hardly used it since. Anyway, this week’s purchase was slightly less extreme but it didn’t take much time to decide that I wanted Blogs Change Lives by Aby Moore in my Amazon shopping basket. I’m pleased to say there are no regrets with this decision.

I tweeted on Wednesday that I read an entire book in 2 days and this was the book in question. Once I started, I honestly could not put it down. Every single page is jammed packed full of positivity, motivation and the inspirational story of how Aby transformed her blog You Baby Me Mummy (which started as online baby book for her daughter Ava) into an awesome blogging career.

“There was no grand plan; no thoughts of world domination. Just a broken mum recording her life to try and fill a hole which had appeared.” 

Aby talks openly and honestly about her struggles with postnatal depression and how she found therapy in blogging. Over time, her online space helped grow her confidence, self-esteem as she connected with other like-minded people and found her place in the blogging world. Now, Aby is a full time blogging strategist with a passion for helping mamas turn their blogs into a thriving business. You Baby Me Mummy has become one of the UK’s top family lifestyle blogs plus Aby has created tons of helpful blog resources and e-courses to inspire others too.

“My blog has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment, my own corner of the internet. It’s given me back self-worth.”

Blogs Change Lives is not just for mum-bloggers though, this book speaks to every blogger of every niche. This morning I was using the practical advice Aby shared on using Google Search Console to ‘crawl your blog’ so Google finds it easier. I have also learned more on SEO, how to pitch to brands, collaborations, social media, self-promotion and various different income streams that your blog can generate. I really enjoyed the chapter on the common misconception that ‘bloggers just get stuff for free’ and the truth about how much time and effort really goes into running a blog.

“Never be afraid of leaping. Give yourself permission to try different things on for size and your super power will unveil itself to you, believe me, mine did.”

The thing I love about this book the most is that Aby’s hard work and determination shines through. She believes anyone with the passion can let blogging change their life. In the space of five years, Aby has collaborated with incredible international brands (like Amazon, Sky TV, Tesco, Pampers and Joules), grown a social following of over 60,000, helped raise thousands of pounds for children’s charities, launched The Revolution Inner Circle in 2017 with the intention of creating a supportive space focused on success for Mama entrepreneurs, been featured in newspapers, appeared on radio and been a finalist for many awards. Wow! And to think all this started by creating a blog. Well done Aby!

“Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes consistency to start making an impact on the world” 

After reading this, I felt super motivated and inspired and honestly think every single blogger needs to read this book. So I went on Amazon and bought another copy to be won in a Twitter Giveaway!

If you would like a chance to win Blogs Change Lives by Aby Moore all you need to do is:




One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday 11th July at 6pm. Good luck to everyone who takes part! However, if you are like me, and want to read the book straight away, you can always go order a copy right now on Amazon.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you think in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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30 Day Blogger Kindness Challenge

Today’s post is the final challenge in the Pinterest Challenge that I am doing with the lovely Kay from Mummy Who. You can catch up with my previous challenges here and here & Kay’s previous challenges here and here. The third challenge is the 30 Day Kindness Challenge which I have added my own blogging spin to it. One of the kindness ideas was to write a post about your favourite blogger which honestly, there are so many awesome bloggers out there I couldn’t possibly choose. Instead, I have decided to share 30 (maybe one or two more) of my favourite blog posts which I have read this month. Hope you enjoy my list! Don’t forget to head over to Mummy Who to see which challenge I have given to Kay!

Lily Loves – 50 Summer Blog Post Ideas : Lily shares 50 fantastic summer blog post ideas for when you are stuck in that creative rut. This is a post to keep in your favourites over the summer for when you are looking for that boost of blogging inspiration.

The Lady On Lexington Street – Quality Over Quantity  : Lex reminds us that blogging should be about quality content and not quantity. A very well-written and interesting post, a must-read for every blogger.

Ruth in Revolt – Celebrate The Wins : Ruth shares a selection of wonderful achievements from other bloggers both personal and blog related. It’s such a positive and motivational post and it’s coming back again in July!

Rachael’s Thoughts – 10 Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool In The Summer : The perfect post to read during this heat wave! Rachael includes a good range of tips and suggestions to keep your home cool this summer.

My Best Friend Adeline – 10 Ways To Help Find Your Passion : Joan shares with us a handy guide to help us discover our passions with activities to try and questions to answer. This is one of Joan’s many inspirational posts this month!

Exquisitely – Sustainable Goals : Nancy offers a great selection of helpful tips and ideas on how to become more eco-friendly to help save money and protect the environment. Such a great reminder for us all to do our bit to save our planet.

Rebecca’s Reviews – Cosy Candles : The latest post in Rebecca’s fantastic shop small series which allows us to discover different places to shop to support small businesses. This is a brilliant series and has helped me find so many new and awesome online shops.

Jenny In Neverland – 10 Yoga With Adriene Practices I’d Recommend : Jenny recommends 10 awesome Yoga with Adriene practices which you can try yourself on YouTube. I couldn’t recommend this enough – yoga is absolutely incredible and I love Yoga with Adriene’s channel.

Grace To Glow And Go – What Blogging Has Taught Me : Molly shares what she has learned from her first three months of blogging. A very well-written and interesting post – congrats on a great start to blogging Molly!

Fraser’s Fun House – Celebrating Small Business : Melanie writes a fab post on the Just A Card campaign to help highlight and encourage others to support small independent shops and creatives. There is also a selection of wonderful small businesses for you to check out too.

Lena Dee – Best Bed Time Habits To Practice : Lena offers excellent tips and advice on how to get a good nights sleep which is really useful! Don’t forget to follow Lena on twitter as she is queen of the positive and motivational tweets.

Savage Beauty – Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It : An amazing post from Zoe which breaks down the stigma of mental health illness and helps to inform and educate others. A very open, honest and important post.

Glow Steady – Orange Chocolate Brownies : Sophie’s recipe posts ALWAYS make me hungry! My favourite post this month is the Orange Chocolate Brownies which look amazing. Check out Glow Steady for healthy and tasty vegan recipes and skincare posts.

Man Vs Adulthood – Top Five Inspirational And Motivational Films : If you are looking for great film recommendations, check out this fabulous post by Ross straight away. I have seen 4 out of 5 of these films and agree that they are very inspirational and motivational. Great choices!

Alys Journals – How To Make Friends When Living Abroad : Alys shares with us ideas and suggestions on how to make friends living abroad. Alys inspirational travel stories and tips always make me want to go book a flight somewhere exciting and go travelling!

Lisa’s Notebook –  Mud And Bloom Kids Nature Craft and Gardening Box: I always love reading Lisa’s posts as you can be sure you will learn something new and interesting every time. If you have children, you need to check out these awesome Mud And Bloom boxes as they are so creative and fun!

Bournemouth Girl – 10 Stationery Self-Care Ideas: Lauren shares this brilliant post which combines stationery and self-care. Lauren and I both share the same passion for pretty stationery and her blog has so many awesome posts.

What Corinne Did – The Little Joys In Life : This is such a positive and uplifting post written by Corinne. It’s always nice to appreciate the little things in life as they can bring so much joy! Also check out the fabulous colourful stripey dress Corinne is wearing in this post!

The True Me – Just Be You : Damo has recently started blogging which I am so happy about! If you follow Damo on Twitter, you will know what a kind and genuine person he is, always offering daily positivity and inspiration. Go give Damo some support and follow his blogging journey!

Rebekah Gillian – How I Doubled My Pinterest Traffic In A Single Month : Rebekah shares a detailed and helpful post on how to double your Pinterest traffic. It’s well worth a read to get some brilliant tips and ideas! Thanks Rebekah!

Vicki Louise – My Top 5 Most Difficult Things About Blogging : Vicki writes a very good post on the top 5 most difficult things about blogging. We all know blogging can be hard work at times and Vicki’s post is so so relatable.

Jade Marie – How Turning Off Social Media Notifications Has Helped My Mental Health : I am always so interested in the link between social media and mental health. Jade has written a brilliant post on how turning off notifications has helped to improve her mental health.

Ellis Woolley – The Matilda Moo Collection: Ellis reviews the fabulous Matilda Moo stationery collection. When I saw this post I was so happy as I love this brand and think everyone needs to see it’s awesomeness. Ellis is also the talented creator behind the fantastic Pastel Elixir shop.

Em’s World – The Bloscars: 1 Year Of Blogging : Em shares with us her highlights from the first year of blogging in the form of an awards ceremony. I think this is such a creative way to recap on a year of blogging. I would love to do this myself when I reach the one year mark in October. Thanks for the inspiration Em!

The Diary Of Ellie – Blogger Box Swap With Beth : This is such a fun collaboration between Ellie and Beth where they send each other a box of goodies each to review. I would LOVE to do this with another blogger. A stationery blogger box swap anyone?

Just Natonya – Green Tea For 7 Days Straight : Reading Natonya’s post has encouraged me to drink green tea as it has so many fabulous healthy benefits. It was really interesting to read about the detox and has definitely inspired a health kick.

My Passion Projects – Blogger Clan : Maud is such a sweet and supportive lady who is always happy to encourage and inspire the blogging community. Maud has recently created Blogger Clan, a community on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube which supports bloggers. Check it out!

Bearded Igor – My First Month Blogging: Jay celebrates his first month of blogging which I think is awesome! His posts are always so fun and interesting to read. Check out the Odd Socks series where Jay asks fellow bloggers amusing and creative questions.

Emma Rollason – Learning To Love My Body: This is such an fantastic post written by the lovely Emma. She shares with us the first six months of her journey into accepting her body and how she is overcoming insecurities. Such an honest and inspirational read.

Sophie Hearts – A Tale As Old As Time: Sophie blogs about a delightful visit to The Kensington for a ‘A Tale as Old as Time’ afternoon tea. Everything is Beauty and The Beast themed which is so awesome. As a Disney lover this looks like a wonderful experience.

Black Tulip Beauty – Is The Term Plus Size Problematic?: I really love this post by Alice who opens up a genuine and interesting discussion on whether the term ‘plus size’ is really necessary. This is such a thoughtful, well written post which makes so many good points. Well done Alice!

Creative Nails – Mermaid Nail Art: I am always amazed by the talent and creativity of Creative Nails. Amy and Katie are two sisters who share awesome nail art tutorials. They are always so pretty and the attention to detail is incredible. Check them out and prepare to be impressed!

The Hels Project – A Week In Sicily : Having been to Sicily earlier this year, I loved reading about Hels holiday there. We visited different places so it was cool to see what else there is to do on the island. It’s also made me seriously crave some Italian pizza and ice cream!

Mummy Who – Quick Pamper Hour: I couldn’t miss out a post from Kay as I always love reading her blog! Kay’s posts are so fun and they always make me smile, I absolutely love her writing style. Check out the fabulous Quick Pamper Hour on things to do to feel super fresh!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of favourites from this month. This was such a hard post to write as I really wanted to include so many more fabulous bloggers. Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing. Which are your favourite blog posts in recent weeks? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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6 Simple Ways To Improve Your DA Score

In the photo: Notebooks by Pastel Elixir

If you check the #prrequest #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired hashtags on Twitter you have probably noticed that for some opportunities a minimum DA score is required. According to Moz: Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). It is a score from 0-100 and typically I’ve noticed brands will ask for a DA score anywhere between 20-40. Basically, they are looking for bloggers whose posts will appear high up on search engines, like Google. You can create a Moz account and check your DA here. 

I know there are tons and tons of posts out there with similar titles to this one, so I thought I would share with you things I have done which seem to be working for me.

1. Go self-hosted

I first noticed my DA score increasing when I went self-hosted back in November 2017, which is one of the many reasons why I think you should go self-hosted especially if you are looking to write sponsored posts and work with brands. I started my blog in October 2017 and in a month it had increased from 2 to 12. On average my DA has increased by 2 or 3 points each month. Click here to read my step-by-step guide on going Self Hosted. 

This month, 7 months after going self-hosted, my DA is at 28.

2. Join in with Twitter comment swaps

I never knew this would affect my DA score but after months and months of comment swapping, I think it has played a role. Obviously, you can’t leave comments for the sole intention of increasing your DA otherwise you will get bored very quickly. So if you enjoy reading blogs and giving support then an increased DA score is a happy bonus. After your comment, simply leave your blog URL and this will increase the number of back links you have around the web.

My favourite comment swaps are Tea Cup Club Meetings (Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm), Bloggers Tribe on (Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays at 8pm) and  of course my Sunday Blog Swap all day every Sunday. If you are looking for a Tuesday swap, Sophie from Glow Steady has recently started hosting one at 8pm. I usually do a comment swap for every new post I have written which is normally 3 a week.

3. Link to your own content

Internal link building is a simple way to build your DA score. By adding a few links to your older (relevant) content it keeps visitors on your page for longer, which is good for DA score apparently. Interestingly, Wikipedia has a DA score of 100 as it is full of internal links. Of course, don’t go Wikipedia-crazy with it, but a few links here and there doesn’t hurt. See what I did there.

4. Create a Bloglovin’ Account

Bloglovin’ was a site I signed up to when I first started blogging and to be honest I never really check it. When you link your Bloglovin’ account to your blog, it automatically shares your latest posts for you. Simple. I noticed recently when I checked my DA score that my 7 top inbound links were all from Bloglovin’.  Bloglovin’ has a DA score of 93 so it’s a pretty decent site to have your posts linked on. Another good site is Ko-Fi which has a DA of 77.

5. Collaborate with other bloggers

Collaborations with other bloggers is not only super fun but it also increases your DA score – win, win. Recently, I have collaborated with Kay from Mummy Who on our Pinterest Challenge and earlier this month I did the Comfort Zone Challenge with Alys from Alys Journals. By linking back to each others blogs you are also helping each other reach a wider audience and exchanging a few extra followers in the process.

6. Check for broken links  

Admittedly, I have not done this yet but a quick search using the Free Broken Link Checker has browsed 173 web pages and  found 121 broken links. Yikes. The majority of these are from misspelt or old blog links in the comments section and these can be easily corrected. This isn’t the most enjoyable task but removing dead and broken links ensures your site is of high quality which Google likes.

I hope you have found this post helpful. Do you have any tips on how to improve your DA score? I’d love to hear your suggestions! (Don’t forget to leave your blog link!)

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Paperchase Giveaway

Yesterday, I was out having lunch and shopping with my mum when I made the compulsory visit to Paperchase. Paperchase has been my favourite high street shop for years and years and I didn’t realise but they are now fifty years old. Yesterday, to celebrate their birthday, they were handing out scratchcards in store to give customers a chance to win amazing prices. I was lucky enough to scratch off a 10% discount and I picked up this little bundle of colourful goodies. As much as I love all these, I thought it would be nice to do a little Paperchase giveaway over on Twitter.

The giveaway includes these fantastic postcards: You’re a star and You’re wonderful, kind and funny.

Also included are Unicorn and Heart stickers. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to your blogging photos!

For more awesome blogging props: 12 Flat Lay Props Every Blogger Needs. 

The star of the show is the Bloggers Journal. When I saw this in the shop I new I couldn’t leave without it. It’s a must-have for every blogger.

There are handy stats pages to keep track of your numbers.

Pages to brainstorm your blog sharing ideas.

Sections to help you build your followers. For more tips why not check out: 6 Ways To Use Social Media To Increase Blog Traffic and 10 Simple Ways To Grow Your Twitter.  

Monthly pages to organise and plan your blogging life. For more why not check out: 6 Easy Ways To Organise Your Blogging Life. 

Places to note down your dreams and goals. For inspiration check out: How To Set Realistic And Achievable Goals. 

You can keep all your ideas, plans and aspirations in one awesome book.

Every aspect of blogging is covered from organisation, ideas, stats, social media, goals and dreams. It’s the perfect planner for every blogger old and new! If you would like to enter my Paperchase giveaway on twitter for a chance to win the Bloggers Journal, postcard and sticker bundle all you have to do is:




That’s it! I will pick the winner at random on Friday 25th May 2018 at 6pm. Good luck to everyone who takes part!

Do you have a favourite blog planner? Are you a stationery addict like me?  Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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