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Social media is such a fantastic tool to increase your blog traffic and gain a bigger audience. A huge 74% of my views comes from Twitter alone, the rest coming from Pinterest, Instagram and Bloglovin’. Before I share with you my tips,  I want to give an example of how awesome social media can be. Last week, I was contacted on Twitter by the lovely Rachel from Another Station, Another Mile asking if I would be interested in featuring as her Blogger Of The Month. Wow, yes please.

Rachel is a MSc student from Brighton who (in her own words) enjoys writing, watching Netflix, hitting the pub, sticking my nose in a popular science book, eating vegan food, attending a gig, smothering my dog or planning my next adventure. Her first Blogger of the Month featured one of my favourite bloggers Alys – you can read the post here. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to feature as the February’s blogger. You can read the post here. Thanks Rachel!

Another Station, Another Mile  ♥  Twitter  ♥  Pinterest  ♥  Bloglovin’

6 Ways To Use Social Media To Increase Blog Traffic

Join in with Twitter Chats and Comment Threads

This is my number one piece of advice. Twitter chats and comment swaps helps you to engage with so many other bloggers. It’s no coincidence that on the days that I do comment swaps, my page views are the highest of the week. I’ve met so many fab bloggers through these weekly threads. Check out these awesome accounts to find when out when the next swap is: Bloggers Tribe / TeaCupClubCorinne & Kirsty / GRLPOWR / There is also a Sunday Blog Swap on my twitter all day every Sunday.

This is such a handy list of all the Twitter chats every week put together by the lovely Rebecca from Rebecca’s Reviews.

Be active on Instagram

I’m not a huge fan of Instagram, but I still think it is an important social media tool for your blog. You cannot include clickable links in the captions (why?!) so make sure you have your blog linked to your profile. I try and post as often as possible and make sure that I put a picture up that relates to my latest blog on the day it’s posted. Like any social media platform, the more you like and comment on others photos, the more engagement you will receive.

Pinterest Group Boards

I’ve only recently started trying to figure out Pinterest for blogging. Tip #1: Claim your website in Settings. I struggled to do this for a while until I downloaded the WordPress plugin called Insert Headers and Footers which allows you to copy and paste the code into your header and it’s then so easy! You can now see your Analytics and the people you reach which is really helpful.

Tip #2 Join group boards. Another new discovery is the Pinterest group board! This week I have created one for people to share their latest blog posts and increase their engagement. Everyone is welcome to join: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/hellobexa/share-your-blog-posts-3/  Simply follow me on Pinterest and I’ll invite you to the board. Happy pinning!

Create a Bloglovin’ Account

I set up a Bloglovin’ account right from the start and always forget I have one. It’s pretty cool though, as it automatically shares your latest posts and is another great way to reach more people. You really don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, Bloglovin’ does all the work for you. It also sends me daily e-mails of the latest blog posts which is really useful and allows me to keep up to date with everyone’s blogs.

Use Facebook for Opportunities

I haven’t got a Facebook page for my blog so I use my personal account to check out all the latest blogging opportunities. A few of my faves are UK Blogger Opportunities, Connecting Brands & Bloggers, Blogger Opportunities and Boss Girl Bloggers. There are often forms to fill out to be considered for opportunities which can be quite popular but keep putting yourself out there and you never know!

Add social media links at the end of your blog posts

My final tip may seem quite obvious, however, I only started doing this recently and I think it’s a great way for others to easily find you on all your social medias. You can set up a signature or just copy and paste like I do – it takes no time at all but can make all the difference!

Which social media platform is your favourite? Do you have any tips or advice? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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I was looking through my old files on the computer the other day and stumbled across some articles I had written back in 2013. These were words I had put together on break ups, death and coping with a panic attack which were all published on the tinybuddha website. This was around the same sort of time I kept my first blog and finding these articles reminded me that I had always been passionate about sharing my stories. Writing, like anything, is a skill that improves with practice. I believe anyone can put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and come up with something worthwhile and meaningful. And if you are a blogger, you are continuously exercising this skill every single time you write a new post. Here are my tips on how to improve your blog writing:

Keep A Daily Journal

I have kept a diary on and off ever since I can remember. Writing down your thoughts and feelings is such a great way to express yourself creatively. You have the freedom to write whatever you want, without fear of judgement or criticism.  And putting your worries and anxieties on paper then closing the book is somewhat therapeutic. Pick up a pretty notebook and write a page every single day.  The more frequently you write, the more fluent and natural your writing style will become.

Read Everything

Like everything. Books, magazines, blogs, articles, everything. Reading others work can offer so much inspiration. Keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas and things you love. If I am out and about and read something thought provoking, I will e-mail it to myself so I don’t forget. Inspiration is everywhere, just keep your eyes open and you will find it.

A Beautiful Words Book

Another useful tip is to keep a notebook dedicated to beautiful words. By beautiful words, I mean new words you have discovered and love the sound or meaning. Unusual words which you want to remember forever. The English language is amazing; a few of my favourites right now are serendipity (happy accident or pleasant surprise), apricity (the warmth of the sun in winter), iridescent (luminous changing rainbow colours). Check out the Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day for a daily dose of wordy inspiration.

Use A Thesaurus

One of my tricks when writing essays is to replace overused words with alternatives found in the online thesaurus. It’s not cheating, it is just a way to expand your vocabulary and find new ways of expressing yourself. Sometimes, you know the word already but it just wasn’t at the tip of your fingers. And if you don’t know the word, it is just another one to add to your vocabulary or beautiful words book.

Powerful Sentences

Throughout my science degree, I was taught to write in short, concise and straight to the point sentences. Try and get your thoughts across without being overly wordy. Of course, this isn’t a science assignment, so you need to keep a good balance between being conversational and making yourself clear. So make each sentence meaningful so that it captures your readers attention. Don’t just write for the sake of filling up space.

Be Open And Honest

Good writers usually have something you can relate to.  The three articles I wrote back in 2013 were all accounts of difficult events I had recently gone through at that time. It was scary being so vulnerable on the internet and I did have second thoughts. However, I was surprised how many people contacted me because my story resonated with them. Share your experiences, stories, wisdom, good times, bad times and allow people to connect with and see the real you.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips on how to become a better blog writer. Do you have any ideas and suggestions to improve? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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A few hours ago, I turned to Twitter and made a request for questions for my first Ask Me Anything post. I have had a few come through so am going to start answering those – hopefully some more will come in as I type. So, let’s go!

From A girl with a blog: What do you study and how do you manage to keep a balance in studying and blogging?

I study a MSc in Science with The Open University. Good question! I’m still trying to figure that out myself – he he. At the moment, I make a weekly plan where I balance my time between studying and blogging and try my best to stick to it. When I am studying I have to put my phone on silent and be super disciplined otherwise I get so easily distracted with twitter, insta and general blogging related stuff.

From Morgie: What made you get into blogging? 

I used to run a blog from 2010 – 2013, writing about my journey to a healthier lifestyle where I shared my tips and advice. I took a few years off, then started reading blogs again and decided I really wanted to get back into it. Things have changed a lot since the old days – I used to just write a post, share it on Stumble Upon and hope for the best. Nowadays, it’s all about the social media but I think that’s a good thing.

From Another Little Birdie: Is your name short for anything? I find it very cool!! 

I have lots of names! My long name is Rebekah. My medium sized name Becky. I’m also a Bec or Bex. I added the A onto Bex so it’s like Bexaaaah as I thought it sounded cool. Heh, I’m glad you think so too!

From Huda: Tips on growing your Pinterest! 

Ooh, I would like to know the answer to this too! I’m always neglecting my Pinterest and only ever go on there for my daily dose of inspirational quotes and cute cat pics. So far, I have been pinning my own posts, creating boards and finding new people to follow from Twitter. I’ve read a lot that Pinterest is great for blog traffic but I’m yet to discover the secret. If anyone knows – please let us know!

From Soffy: Do you bulk write your posts or write as you go along?

I write as I go along. I’m not organised enough to plan ahead, although I would like to be. I try to blog 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) and hope I get some inspiration during the day. I sometimes have a few ideas lined up for the future but nothing is ever really planned out. My goal is to write and schedule some future posts but we shall see. I kinda like being a bit last minute as it makes it more spontaneous.

From Jennie: What are your favourite props for your blog photies? 

I have a little box of blog props which I have collected over the months, but I’m always on the look out for more. Some of my favourite props include: scrabble letters, hearts, stars, fairy lights, and mini inspirational cards. One of my favourite tricks is to use B&Q wallpaper samples to make it look like I have a fancy wooden table when I actually don’t. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

From Rebecca: What would be your dream blogging collaboration? 

Ooh, good question! I’d love to do a collab with a travel company or a some posh spa so I could get a free holiday or some luxury treatments he he – a girl can dream, right? Seriously though, it would be pretty cool to do a collab with another blogger. There are so many awesome blogs out there I couldn’t pick one. But if anyone fancies it, feel free to get in touch and we can share some ideas!

From Ana: How to you prepare your posts?

I think of a general idea then I’ll go and take my photos. Next, I’ll edit them in Photoshop and come up with a blog title. Once that is done, I’m kinda committed to the post and just have write whatever comes into my head. I’m not much of a planner really, although I would like to blog about some days out again out so I’m planning a little adventure soon. Watch this space.

Hope you enjoyed my first Ask Me Anything! Feel free to leave some questions in the comments for a future Part Two post! Thank you to all those who sent me questions – it was fun answering them.

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The other day on Twitter, I reached 3,000 followers. This means Shaun is going to treat me to a turkey dinosaur dinner on Friday and I am a very excited about this. This also means that in just under three months of being on twitter I have 3k awesome people following me. How cool is that. I am so grateful for everyone that has pressed the follow button and all the amazing and supportive people I have met in the process. Today on the blog, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you 10 simple ways to grow your twitter. I know there are much much bigger accounts out there than mine, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right?

Tweet Regularly

There are no set rules to how many tweets you should post a day – just post whatever feels appropriate at the time but don’t be too spammy. Keep things varied and interesting and try to keep a balance of retweets and your own stuff. Since I have been on twitter, I have never actually scheduled a tweet. Yes, it’s hard to believe but all that wisdom is coming right at you in real-time (hah). Jokes aside, I’ve nothing against it and may try it in the future but just wanted to point out scheduling is not a necessity.

Create Lists

Twitter is such a fast moving social media platform it is impossible to keep up with everything! According to Moz, the average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes. So chances are if you are following a lot of people, you are going to miss tweets from your favourite accounts. Therefore, creating a few lists is so so helpful. You can make your own or subscribe to others and it makes it much easier to keep up and engage with people in your community.

Join In With Chats

Twitter chats enable you to meet like-minded people and find new friends. I love joining in with chats when I have the time, they are so much fun and you might even learn a thing or two as well. There are tons out there; the best ones which spring to mind are Bloggers Tribe at 7pm on Saturday, The Blogger Crowd at 8pm on Wednesday and LBloggers Chat every Wednesday and Sunday between 7-8pm (all UK time).

Support Others

Twitter can be a bit of a lonely place if you don’t engage with others. The quickest and simplest way to make friends is to encourage, compliment and support the people around you. Whether that is by a retweet, a like or a comment – it is so nice to give and receive positive feedback. If you find an opportunity to get involved in a group, go for it! These are places which offer continuous support, tips and advice whenever you need it.

Use Photos, Gifs and Emojis

In a sea of tweets, you need to make yours stand out. If you follow me on twitter, you will already know I have a bit of an emoji obsession. I just think a heart or smiley or dancing lady adds something extra and who doesn’t love a bit of colour and silliness every now and then! I also think gifs are brilliant for adding a bit of humour especially to a twitter chat or just simply for your own entertainment. I must have spent hours scrolling through cat gifs in the last few months.

Run Polls

Polls are a great way to engage with your followers and show that you value their opinion. You can run a poll on anything, whether that is blog related or just something you are curious about. A few weeks ago I ran a poll asking people how they kept up with their favourite blogs and 62% said it was through social media links. That tells me it is important to share your latest posts on twitter to reach a bigger audience.


Who doesn’t love a good old freebie? Giveaways are a fantastic ways to increase you twitter following! By offering a chance to win a prize so long as they are following you, you can gain more followers in a short space of time. I did a giveaway when I reached 1,000 followers on twitter last year, and a recent one to win a Paint Splash Map Of The World.

Participate In Threads

If you are browsing your twitter feed, it won’t take you long to come across a thread. These can be anything from blogger or Instagram follow trains to blog comment swaps. I have met so many awesome people through participating in follow trains and threads. Bloggers Tribe run two very popular blog comment swaps on Friday and Sunday at 8pm. Teacup Club Meetings are another one of my favourites on Monday and Thursday at 5pm. Also don’t forget to check out Rebecca’s very supportive New Blogger thread on Thursdays at 8pm. And of course, my Sunday Blog Swap which is my pinned tweet all day every Sunday!

Don’t Overthink It

If you feel uninspired to tweet, that’s okay, don’t force it. Twitter can be a bit of a overwhelming place at times with viral tweets and popular posts all happening at once. So sometimes you just need to take a step back from it all and not overthink it too much. Normally something stupid pops into my head at a random time and I think I wonder what would happen if I tweeted that hah. Or, I wake up feeling inspired and want to share a list of tips and ideas. Let it come to you naturally and don’t feel under pressure – just share whatever you wanna share.

Be Yourself

The most important thing is just to be yourself. If people like you, they will follow you, simples.  Don’t try and be perfect, just be real and relatable and people will like you for that.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and suggestions! I would love to hear what works for you and your twitter, whether you are small or big, everyone is important. If you would like to follow me on Twitter – click here!

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