Dream Plan Do Planner Giveaway

Boom. And just like that, here we are at a brand new year, hello 2019. I hope you all had a great Christmas doing Christmassy things, if I could sum up the festive period in three words it would be cheese, PJs and Netflix (living my best chilled out life right there). What three words would best describe your Christmas? Let me know in the comments! So to kick-start the new year in the most organised way possible I’m going to be doing a Dream Plan Do 2019 planner giveaway! Woo yeah, exciting!

To enter, please see details at the end of the post, but firstly, let’s take a look inside:

Dream Plan Do is a journal that helps ambitious creatives with their dreams, plans and ideas and encourages us to turn them into a reality. It is perfect if you are looking to grow your blog from a hobby and turn it into your career. It is created by Patricia van den Akker, an experienced business adviser, trainer and coach to thousands of creatives. The aim of the book is to help you dream bigger and think more strategically, plan how you get from A to B and take action to move your business forward.

It’s full of helpful exercises to enable you to plan in detail, write down your thoughts and regularly reflect on where you are going. Dream Plan Do allows you to think with clarity and focus by asking the right questions and giving practical step-by-step advice. It covers a variety of important topics such as creating your brand, social media strategy, managing your time and finances, marketing and selling online.

Dream Plan Do helps you spend your time and energy more wisely. It’s like having your own personal coach. It is packed full of information, giving you new ideas and strategies. There is space to record your financial, marketing and social media statistics to see which areas need focusing on.

Throughout the planner there are interesting pages from various creatives explaining how Dream Plan Do worked for them. They each offer tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of the book and share their success stories on how it improved their business.

Every three months there is the opportunity to set some goals and break them down into do-able actions. It helps you to prioritize what really matters instead of just adding more to your to-do list. It works on all aspects of your creative business, including the parts you have been avoiding.

I really like the time management section as it explains how we can group similar tasks together and allocate them to specific days in the week. For example, as bloggers, we might spend a chunk of time content creating, some time on promotion, some time on reading and commenting on blogs and so on.

Having a detailed plan is a simple way to stay focused and organised. There are TONS of pages in this planner which will keep you on the right track in having the most successful year yet. The book is beautifully designed and also comes with an annual wall planner with space for your own appointments and all the major design and craft events in the UK and abroad (inc. with the giveaway).

If you would like a chance to win the Dream Plan Do 2019 planner (RRP £38.00) all you need to do is:




One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday 9th Jan 2019 at 6pm. Good luck to everyone who takes part! Have you made any plans for 2019 yet? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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