Troetel Creations Handmade Cards

It’s during times like these, that receiving a message from a loved-one can mean the world to us. Due to Covid-19 and social distancing, many of us are separated from our favourite people, so regular communication with each other is so important.  We are blessed with the wonders of modern technology, but there is something so special about a handwritten card arriving on your doormat, don’t ya think?

This week, I have teamed up with Marieke from Troetel Creations to share with you a selection of beautiful handmade cards to send to our friends and family. Troetel Creations literally means ‘created with a hug’ and you can see that so much love and creativity goes into every single one of these gorgeous designs.

Marieke is a talented card-maker who has a passion for scrapbooking and papercrafts. Her love for all things arty and crafty began 10 years ago whilst recovering from spinal surgery. With the encouragement of a local group, a scrapbooking hobby expanded into a love of card-making. Fast-forward two-years ago, Marieke is now selling her pretty cards to high-end gift shop, Tashinga and has recently opened her own Etsy shop. 

Flowers & Fairies Card: I absolutely love this card, it is bursting with fairies and beautiful flowers. It folds flat for easy posting, but once it arrives, it pops open to reveal this stunning 3D creation. The attention to detail is amazing, Marieke uses die-cutting techniques, high-quality paper, stamps and bows for this design.

Coffee Catch Up Card: This card is very cleverly designed and so appropriate for the current situation – it allows you to arrange a virtual coffee date with a friend. Inside there is space to suggest a time and date for your catch up. It’s a new concept which combines traditional cards with modern technology – genius!

Friendship Box Card: I love anything bright and colourful, and this card is just popping with all the pretty colours! It’s a cute and thoughtful card that you can send to a friend to show you are thinking of them. It is full of adorable messages which is sure to bring a smile and remind them how special you think they are.

Star Card: I love how every single one of Marieke’s designs are so unique and individual. If you are looking for an alternative to the standard high-street card, then Troetel Creations is the shop to visit! The star card is beautifully designed so once unfolded, your message can be revealed. A gorgeous card for all occasions!

Happy Birthday Balloon Card: This is such a bright, fun and vibrant card to say Happy Birthday! The little hearts are super cute and yellow is such a happy colour – this card will instantly make you feel cheerful! Marieke has a few different variations of this design in her shop so it will be easy to find a colour you love!

Inside: Pop out colourful balloons and plenty of room to write your thoughtful messages!

Hip Hip Hooray Birthday Card: This is another fun birthday card which has a vintage style stamp design on the front. Inside, the card twists open to show a cute cupcake and the message: ‘You can’t be sad when you are holding a cupcake’. Too true! This card is beautifully designed and perfect for cupcake lovers!

Every card is unique and available in a variety of different patterns. For the full range click here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful handmade cards from Troetel Creations and a big thank you to Marieke for sending me this stunning selection! Marieke creates cards for all occasions & celebrations and is always adding new designs to her shop, so make sure you head over, have a browse and find your favourites!

Have you been inspired to write to a loved one to let them know you are thinking of them? Which card is your favourite? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you! <3

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Colouring Sheets To Spread Positivity!

If you have been able to go out for a walk recently, you may have noticed many colourful rainbows and messages of hope and positivity brightening up windows throughout the country. These pictures offer us moments of encouragement and a sense of community spirit during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic. They remind us that we are all in this together and we can get through this, as well as showing our appreciation to the brilliant NHS and our fantastic key workers supporting us through this difficult time.

As soon as I saw this trend, I knew I wanted to join in. Colouring can be such a therapeutic activity for both children and adults, allowing us to switch off, focus on something positive, have fun and create a pretty picture. So here are some awesome free downloads I found from talented creators around the internet.

For these, I used my Ecoline Brush Pens in many gorgeous pastel colours.

Stay Home by Lux + Trip: This is such a stunning poster, I absolutely love the pretty flowers and it instantly makes me feel cheerful.  Lux + Trip offer a whole range of beautifully illustrated colouring sheets here. You can also follow over on Instagram and keep an eye out for other fab products like cards, prints & stickers!

Rainbow Colouring Page by Charlotte Shares: Charlotte is one of my fave bloggers who writes about crafts, wellness and personal development. Her blog is all about positivity and creativity and has kindly made this free printable for us all to enjoy. Keep up to date with Charlotte’s fantastic posts on Twitter & Instagram.

It Will Be OK by Fable And Black: Searching for these printables allowed me to discover the awesomeness that is Fable And Black – home of books, magic and amazingly colourful & bright prints. If you love dreamy lettering and positive quotes, you will absolutely love this shop. Check out their pretty Instagram for more!

Keep Going by Sugar & Sloth: Sugar & Sloth have been a firm favourite of mine since forever. Everything Anita designs is cute & sassy all with added positivity, motivation and humour. Download 8 Colouring Sheets For Adults to make you smile and add some fun to your socials by following on Instagram & Twitter. 

Stay Home by Faye Finn: This is such a fun colouring sheet with such an important message – stay home! Faye creates adorable and humorous characters with a passion for pastel and bright colours. If you love puns, colour and cute doggos then you’ll love this! Check out Faye on Instagram and Twitter for all the cuteness!

NHS Thank You by Ticketyboo Illustration: Chloe Ward is the designer behind these super supportive NHS and Key Worker colouring sheets. I’ve seen these pop up in many windows on recent walks and think it’s awesome that we are all showing our appreciation. Chloe currently has a wide range of printables here.

Key Workers Thank You by Ticketyboo Illustration: As well as these fabulous colouring sheets, Chloe also creates beautiful art and colourful prints which you can see over on her Instagram and Facebook.

Thank You Posties by Rachel Mahon: Rachel creates botanically inspired art prints and has very kindly made these free colouring sheets to show our appreciation to our posties, couriers and home delivery services. I also love her ‘Stay Home Your Plants Need You’ colouring pages. Check out Instagram for more!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these bright, positive and supportive colouring pages! Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you! <3

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Mini Egg Easter Cupcakes

Every year, I always enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with a different Easter themed sweet treat. Last year, I made the Mini Egg Easter Cake extravaganza with a whopping 125 mini eggs. Previously, it was Mini Egg Marshmallow Cakes – so you can see I am big mini egg fan! 2020 is no exception, and I am here again with a recipe that includes a generous amount of these pastel-chocolatey-crispy-oval balls of happiness.

As I was being super organised this year, I picked up the majority of these ingredients from Hobbycraft waay before Covid-19 and lockdown. Hopefully you are able to find similar supplies and make your own versions.

You will need:

A Cupcake Kit (or make your own if you are a baking-pro)

2 medium eggs

90g butter

A pot of icing

3 food colouring gels (I picked Pale Pink, Coral & Lemon).

Cupcake cases (Polka Dots)

Mini Eggs

Baked With Love Carrot Sugar Toppers

I like to keep baking as simple as possible – step one is add your butter, eggs and cake mix in a bowl & stir.

Bakedin Kits are my current go-to when it comes to quick and tasty cakes. In the past, I have made Cookies & Rainbow Cakes using these handy little pre-made mixes. Anything which saves time and effort on measuring ingredients to make more time for the decorating (the fun bit, amiright?) then I’m all for it.

Whilst the oven is pre-heating at 180 degrees, it’s time to scoop the mixture into your pretty polka dot cases. Other favourite designs are these fantastic Llama Cupcake Cases, these Pastel Cases (perfect for Easter!) and this bright vibrant Multi-Colour Mini Cupcake collection. This mix made 10 big cupcakes.

I’ve recently discovered Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel and am in love with the huge range of gorgeous shades. For these cupcakes, I went for the most Easter-y pastel colours I could find. Simply add a few drops of gel into an icing bowl and mix well. Top tip: you only need a couple of splashes as it’s very vibrant!

If you have been following my posts this year, you may recognize that this method is very similar to the steps I followed in my Triple Colour Cupcakes. My original plan was to try multi-coloured icing again, using my Colour Swirl Decorating Kit. However, due to a piping bag explosion, I decided to go simple with my icing.

It didn’t matter too much, as I ended up going full-on with mini egg decorating, leaving no icing uncovered. I think if my triple colour icing worked better then I wouldn’t have smothered these little cupcakes. However, looking on the positive side, my icing mishap simply resulted in tons and tons of mini eggs! Win!

And here is the fun part, go crazy decorating your cakes! I thought the carrots were very cute and appropriate, although if they are unavailable, you can get creative and try lots of different toppers such as these Pink Flowers and Leaves, Pink Ombre Flowers, Purple Ombre Flowers, or Unicorns & Rainbows!

So despite the icing mega fail, I am still really happy with how these turned out. Baking is such a fun way to spend an afternoon getting creative and making something delicious in the process. Being at home a lot now means we have more time to try new things! It’s simple and great for getting the kids involved too.

I hope you enjoyed my latest baking adventure, it was so nice to switch off for a few hours and get creative with these tasty cupcakes. Even though times are certainly unusual right now, I hope you all have a nice Easter and treat yourself to something sweet and delicious. Sending lots of love to you all <3

Are you doing any Easter baking this year? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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Sticker Club by BowlerBearDesigns

As Coronavirus is having a huge impact on the world right now, causing a lot of unease and uncertainty, I wanted to continue to keep my blog a bright, positive and uplifting space. Times are challenging, so I’m hoping these posts can take your mind off the current situation, even if it is just for a moment.

This week, I am really excited to be teaming up with one of my favourite creators – Simone from BowlerBearDesigns. I was lucky enough to review a selection of her happy gifts and colourful cards last year – click if you like dinosaurs, rainbows & positivity.  And most recently, Simone’s self-care sticker set was included in my Twitter 1K Stationery Giveaway, so you can see I have a lot of love for these fab designs.

BowlerBearDesigns is all about happiness and positivity, with fun and fabulous products including notebooks, planners, badges, postcards, keyrings, wall art and much more! The designs are popping with bright colours and motivational messages – guaranteed to make you smile and brighten your day.

So when Simone got in touch and asked me if I would like to write a blog about her recently launched Sticker Club, I knew instantly it was going to be something very awesome and jumped at the opportunity!

The Sticker Club is a monthly set of 3 high-quality vinyl stickers exclusively designed by BowlerBearDesigns all with positivity and motivation in mind. Each month follows a different theme, March is ‘Colour’ and April will be ‘Mental Wellbeing’. The stickers will be complete surprise, which makes it even more exciting!

What I love about The Sticker Club is that it isn’t a subscription box, you can opt in and out as you choose. Just simply head over to BowlerBearDesigns and make your order. Due to the current situation, the April set is only available to purchase for 1 week (until Sunday 4th April) so hurry over and treat yourselves <3

I really love the colourful surprises in the March sticker set, rainbows and positivity are totally my thing. What is even better is that each set only costs £5, which includes U.K. p&p, making this a lovely and affordable way to bring yourself or a friend a little joy every month. Who doesn’t love surprise happy mail!

If you are like me, you can probably already think of tons of ways to display your new awesome stickers. Mine are currently on my sticker wall, brightening up my room but you can also use these in scrapbooks, bullet journals, planners, or decorating laptops, and desks. Get creative and fill your space with colour!

Now, more so than ever, we need to bring as much colour, positivity and motivation into our lives and The Sticker Club does this perfectly. April’s theme of Mental Wellbeing is a very timely and important reminder to take care of ourselves as best we can. Click here to see the brilliant range of Self Care Gifts.

If you would like to place your order for April’s Mental Wellbeing stickers, head over to BowlerBearDesigns and grab yourself a fun & fabulous treat. You can also follow Simone on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the latest updates and fill your feed with colour and happiness (rainbows & dinosaurs)!

A big thank you to Simone for very kindly sending me these awesome stickers! <3

Which one is you favourite? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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