Modern Map Art: Star Map Chart

In the photo:Modern Map Art Star Map Chart and Printiki prints.

Have you got a special date you want to remember forever? Maybe it’s a wedding, anniversary or birthday? Then this Custom Star Map from Modern Map Art could be just what you are looking for! I was recently asked if I wanted my very own Star Map to review and of course I said yes please! The special date which immediately sprang to mind was the date that Shaun & I first met.

The Star Map gives the exact coordinates of where we met. Being a bit of a nerd, I googled them and I can confirm that Winchester, UK appeared as the top result. The print also shows how the stars looked on the evening of Saturday 14th May 2016 which I think is super cool. 

I went for a blue map on a white background, however, you can pick from a range of colour schemes such as a black background and white text. I also picked the title: ‘The Story Of Us’ as I thought this date marks the very first page of our story together.

You can choose absolutely anything you like such as ‘Together Forever’, ‘The Night Sky’ or you can really personalize it with your names. There are a selection of different fonts and I found the preview window so handy to see what my print would look like as I went along.

You can completely customize the message underneath too, I chose to keep it simple with the location, date and coordinates. Finally, you can choose whether to have a border and if you want constellations (for those not too familiar with astrology, like myself, these are just the lines which make patterns between the stars). Overall, the whole process is really straight forward as your awesome Star Map is created right in front of your very eyes.

When the print arrived the other day, I showed it to Shaun and he loved it. It’s a perfect and unique gift to remember special occasions and something you can proudly frame and display in your home. Modern Map Art do a whole range of products such as typography prints, scratch maps, city skylines, hiking trail maps, pillow maps and custom street map prints. There really is something for everyone at Modern Map Art

Thank you to Modern Map Art for my fantastic Star Map, it’s awesome! You can also check out them out on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. 

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Cat Origami Bookmarks (Pinterest Challenge #1)

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by the lovely Kay from Mummy Who if I would like to do the Pinterest Challenge. The idea is really cool, first we choose 3 Pinterest pins for each other, then we attempt to recreate each one and blog about our experiences. It sounded so much fun, I was definitely up for the challenge. For the first pin, Kay picked me these super cute Cat Origami Bookmarks. To see which pin I gave to Kay, go head over to Mummy Who and check out the first challenge! 

For my challenge, I admit that I got off to a pretty unsuccessful start and my creations were not really resembling cats, more like crumpled pieces of paper. But, I was determined not to be defeated by these folded felines. Instead, I decided to simplify (like they do on The Cube) and found a slightly easier version here. On a warm Bank Holiday Monday, I sat outside in the garden, attempting origami cats, and a few hours (and multiple cats) later, I felt like I cracked it.

Practice and perseverance always pays off when it comes to origami (and everything in life, really).

Here is my how-do guide if you want to make your own cat origami bookmarks. Have fun!

You will need one sheet of origami paper (pineapples are optional).

Step one: Fold the paper horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Then fold the 2 opposite corners into the centre to make triangles.

Step two: Fold the triangles in half.

Step three: Make two creases so that the top half can fold easily.

Step four: Fold the paper down. This took me a few attempts but as long as the pineapples are covered that’s the main thing.

Step five: Turn the paper over.

Step six: Fold the triangles in half along the horizontal centre line.

Step seven: Unfold the paper from the front and flatten.

Step eight: Fold the triangle down and turn the paper over again.

Step nine: Fold in the inside triangles.

Step ten: The trickiest move – You need to fold these inside out. It may take a few attempts but you will get there.

Step eleven: Ta-da it should look like this.

Step twelve: Bring the ears down and fold them again they appear at the front. Keep experimenting with different folds to get the ear height right.

Step thirteen: Do this on both sides then fold down the centre to create the cat head.

Step fourteen: Turn the paper over and fold the sides inwards to create the bookmark.

Step fifteen: Fold the little cat nose into shape and yay! your origami cat bookmark is complete!

Thank you for the challenge Kay, I really enjoyed it. I never expected I would be able to make an origami cat bookmark but this challenge made it all possible. I’m looking forward to our next one which will be appearing on the blog next month. Stay tuned! Don’t forget to head on over to Mummy Who and see which pin I gave to Kay for the first challenge…

Have you tried origami cat bookmarks? Or have you challenged your friend to a Pinterest challenge? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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Reeves Rainbow Rain

As it’s National Creativity Day on Wednesday 30th May, I thought it would be appropriate to experiment with some more Reeves products and share with you my creations! I have previously done Reeves Paint By Numbers and Reeves Colour By Numbers so I guess it is about time I did something creative without numbers. It’s been years since I used acrylic paints (I think the last time must have been during art classes at school) so I was a little nervous with this one… but Reeves believe creativity isn’t about right or wrong, it is all about expression. And having fun is the main thing, right?!

I wanted to keep it simple and not mix the paints just yet so thought that Rainbow Rain is the perfect place to start. If you fancy getting creative, why not give this a go yourself over the Bank Holiday Weekend and share your pictures on social media using #WeAreReeves #ShowYourColours & #NationalCreativityDay. 

All you need is a canvas, a box of acrylic paints and a black marker pen!

I printed out a silhouette of a girl holding an umbrella, there are tons of images on Google if you type in “silhouette umbrella”, but if you are confident at freestylin’ go for it.

I went around the outline in a thicker black pen. Tip: secure the silhouette to the canvas with blu tack whilst drawing around.

Colour in the girl with your marker pen.

Once your girl is ready, it’s time to get the coloured paints out.

There are plenty to choose from in the box. I selected six rainbow colours (red, orange, yellows, blue and green).

Simply draw colourful rain vertically down the canvas squeezing your chosen paints straight from the tube.

I kept my colours in order, but you can be as creative as you like. Why not give it a try with these awesome florescent colours! 

Ta-da! That’s it! Leave your canvas to dry and the Rainbow Rain picture is complete and ready to hang on your wall.

Are you getting creative this weekend for National Creativity Day? If you give this a try yourself don’t forget to share your creations on social media using #WeAreReeves #ShowYourColours & #NationalCreativityDay. Have fun and be creative!

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Make Your Own Magazine Scrapbook

It’s been a while since I created anything in my scrapbook, so this weekend, whilst Shaun was watching the football, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to grab my scissors and start cutting. In February, I shared with you Create Your Own Inspirational Scrapbook and all the bits and pieces I used. It’s cool to see the difference between the two posts and which colours I am loving and what inspires me at the moment.

My cuttings are from In The Moment magazine and Project Calm. My two favourite magazines, they all full of positivity, creativity, inspiration and calm. I was feeling inspired by plants, tea, travel, yoga, art and food which is a pretty accurate summary of my life.

There are no rules to scrapbooking. Just cut and stick in whatever you are drawn to. I start with patterns and colours and layer things on top. It’s awesome to see the pages take shape and if you don’t like the look of something, simply find something to stick over it.

I have a box of random stickers which came in very handy for my afternoon of scrapbooking. Anything works when it comes to scrapbooking, I have used travel, quotes, tea and food stickers. 

I had some spare Polaroid photos from my Greece Travel Scrapbook and the Santorini pic was perfect for the summer theme I had going on.  I found a sticker to layer on top and ta-da!

You can have a theme or keep things completely random. Or just see what happens as you go along.

Doing something creative? Washi tape is never far away. A couple of strips of different washi tapes here and there add in that extra splash of colour. 

Here is my finished scrapbook page! The fun thing about scrapbooking is that you can let your creative side run wild. There are no mistakes in scrapbooking. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a few hours on a lazy Saturday. Do you like scrapbooking? What are your favourite magazines? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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