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Sugar & Sloth Pin Party Club: Kawaii Tea Party

Back in September, I treated myself to a couple of Sugar & Sloth Pin Party Club Boxes and only got round to blogging one of them. Click if you want to see Llama’s on a Fancy Dress Parade. I knew I was going to LOVE these boxes and I think you will love them too if you are a fan all things cute & colourful.

The creator behind Sugar & Sloth is the lovely Anita who is forever adding a splash of colour and creativity to Instagram & TwitterFrom the websiteAnita’s unique designs provide a humorous look at love, cats and motivation. Sugar & Sloth is on a mission to fill the world with more adorably inappropriate animals and sassy cuteness. Today’s installment of fun is the Kawaii tea party (ft. cute Corgie in a cup)!

Each monthly box has a different party theme and you can sign up for £9 a month inc. free postage.

Inside the Kawaii Tea Party box: a cute hard enamel Corgi pin, a Kawaii macaroon button badge, a Tea Party sticker, a Kawaii Tea Party recipe card and love hearts.

Kawaii means cute in Japanese and this box exactly that. A cute tea party with adorable animals, rainbows and flowers. And it’s all pinks and purples with automatically adds an additional level of cuteness, I think.

Sugar & Sloth do the most awesome stickers, a couple of my favourites are the Motivational Unicorn saying “You can do ALL the things!”.  I also love the Dinosaur Book Club Sticker Sheet, because dinosaurs.

“Meet Queenie the Corgi, her motto is ‘Tea Time, all the Time’ or at least that would be her motto if she wasn’t so busy drinking a lovely cup of tea” She is even wearing a little crown, so much cute. If Corgi’s in heart teacups are not your thing (explain yourself), how about The Crazy Cat Lady Bunch Of Flowers pin, the Panda With Pizza pin or the Socially Awkward Girl Gang (give me a lifetime membership, please).

“Wear this sassy macaron button badge when you’re feeling bad ass, and also a little French.” Enamel pins will always be my first love, but recently I’ve started a small but growing collection of badges. I’ve just spotted a few brilliant additions which may be coming soon in the form of the In Naps We Trust badge,  Amateur Cat Photographer badge and Party Like A Platypus badge.

Frozen Kawaii Delight – I’m so going to give this a try in the summer but for now I’m sticking with tea.

This is such a fun subscription box for all those pin-lovers out there. Why not check out all the other party themes such as Duvet Day Self-CareUnappreciated Animals ClubPanda Pizza Party and Rainbow Space Cadets. Personally, I think signing up for £9 a month is great value for money as an enamel pin on it’s own is usually about £7-8 and you get all these fabulous extra cute and colourful goodies too!

If you liked this, why not check out Llama’s On A Fancy Dress Parade because that’s what llamas do best.

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New Year Scrapbooking

Last year, I rekindled my love for magazine scrapbooking and had fun creating different pages to see what colours and things were inspiring me at the time. February was a time for fresh whites, pastels, flowers, bikes, tea and marshmallows. May was full of bright pinks, plants and adventure. August I was feeling all the colourful, creative and motivational vibes and most recently in October I was living my most cosy chilled out life with hot chocs, Dr. Martens, and all things orange. Here is what is inspiring me in January 2019…

Prepare yourself for all the pinkness! For these pages, I used a couple of my favourite magazines: Molly Makes and Project Calm. I guess that sums up how I want my year to be – creative and relaxed.

Scrapbooking is one of my most favourite creative activities. It doesn’t require very much thought, it is relaxing, and if something doesn’t look right just simply stick something better over the top. You can easily turn blank pages into a story bursting with colour and inspiration.  All you need is scissors and glue.

Just by cutting and sticking, you can start to see a theme. This month, I’m feeling the pink, positive, happy vibes (see: happy dinosaur and happy cloud). I am also feeling motivated and ambitious but at the same time know that it’s okay to take a break, play guitar, drink tea, eat cakes and chill too.

Along with magazines, I also used postcards, stickers and washi tape (all scrapbooking essentials).

The cute little happy dinosaur is a sticker designed by Sugar & Sloth.

Stop comparing your life to others. Mini affirmation cards by Emily Cromwell.

The thing I love most about scrapbooking is that there are no rules, anything and everything can go onto the pages. Feel like adding a purple llama sticker, then add a purple llama sticker. Go for it, do your thing.

Magazine scrapbooking is basically an old-fashioned Pinterest Board without the internet connection. All you need is a magazine or two, a pair of scissors and glue and the rest is up to you and your imagination. Have fun and be creative! Do you enjoy magazine scrapbooking? I’d love to hear from you!

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Believe Tracing Book: The Tracing Co.

Back in September, I had the awesome opportunity to team up with The Tracing Co. and review their Bloom Tracing BookKnowing that they had a Christmas edition too, I promised I’d treat myself and would give this version a go as well. Currently, they have three books to choose from: WildlifeBloom & Believe. So fast-forward a couple of months and here we are with getting all Christmassy with Believe.

The Tracing Co. are a husband and wife pair whose books are designed with the busy person in mind. You create thoughtfully layered images, doing as much or as little as you have time for. Tracing is both therapeutic and cognitively beneficial. The book says: While you relax and trace the elaborate lines, your mind is recognizing patterns and memorizing shapes, which increases your ability to recall information. 

You will need: The Tracing Co. book, tracing paper, two different thickness pens, a pencil and felt-tips.

The book suggests to use two black pens: a thick pen for the first image and a thin pen to trace the remaining images in the set. For the first image, I used a 0.8 line marker and for the other pages, I used 0.3. I found my Derwent Graphik Line Marker Drawing Pens were perfect for the job.

Tracing is such a calming thing to do, you don’t need to stress about being able to draw, just follow the lines and chill. I didn’t have to think about what to do next, the detailed patterns and lines meant I could just switch off and relax into the moment. 

Check out Santa and his fancy beard!

I absolutely love colouring, it is one of my favourite things. As the patterns are so detailed in these festive drawings, I found that my Staedtler Triplus Colour Fibre-Tip Pens were best suited for the intricate designs. I picked the traditional red, green and yellow theme and got colouring!

As this is a tracing book, you can re-trace the picture again and experiment with different colours.

It is such a therapeutic activity – just pop your favourite festive music on and feel the stress melting away.

You could even cut these out and stick them onto cardboard to make your own creative Christmas cards. 

I loved experimenting with different colour combinations to bring my drawings to life.

Once you have finished with the book, you can even give it to a friend as it will always be as good as new.

It was really fun to get creative with The Tracing Co. again and I knew the Believe Tracing Book would be the perfect activity for December. Don’t forget to check out Wildlife and Bloom if you are a fan of elephants and flowers. Have you ever tried a tracing book? What’s your favourite creative hobby at Christmas? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small percentage on every purchase at no extra cost to you.

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DIY Bauble Wreath with Wilko

I love being creative all year round, but you gotta admit there is something quite magical about Christmas crafts. So when Wilko invited me to be part of their Influencer Network and take part in their DIY Wreath Campaign I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. The task was to create a unique door decoration to match your personal style which sounded like a fun challenge. Bring on the baubles!

At the weekend, I went all Supermarket Sweep in the Christmas aisle of my local Wilko and filled my basket with everything I needed to make my wreath. The colour theme I went for was from their Midnight Magic range; a modern and glamorous approach to Christmas featuring rich plum tones, midnight blues, pitch black and gold metallics. I picked up a mix of baubles, feathers and stars – it was all so pretty!

This was my first attempt at wreath making so I basically had no idea what I was doing. You can choose from a few different styles of Wilko DIY wreaths such as their Wire Wreath and Traditional Wreath, I opted for the Wicker Wreath as it looked like it was up to the job of holding all my baubles.

I picked up two boxes of Midnight Magic Mixed Baubles (50 per box) as well as a few packs of Mini Baubles (silver, blue and pink). Once you are the proud owner of 136 shiny new baubles, anything is possible!

I love these glittery purple peacock feathers – the Midnight Magic range is gorgeous!

I also overloaded my basket with pretty purple stars, gold stars and silver stars. These are such a bargain at only £1 each and right now all Wilko Christmas Decorations are on 3 for 2, so it would be rude not to make the most of this generous festive offer. You can never have too many glittery stars at Christmas, right?!

Now for the real magic… here is how to stick the baubles to the wreath.

You know you are in for a serious crafting session when it involves proper wire cutting tools.

Don’t forget the wire! I brought a few packs of Hobby Wire which is especially designed for wreath making.

Attaching the baubles to the wreath is really easy. Firstly I cut off the bauble string. Next, simply loop the wire through the twigs, add the bauble then twist the wire together to keep it in place. It doesn’t even have to be especially neat, as the wire is never seen. It looks like the baubles are there by magic.

Work you way around the wreath and watch your Christmas creation come alive.

I nearly used the full two boxes, so 100 baubles for this project is plenty.

For the finishing touches, I added in a few mini baubles in the gaps, then attached the feathers and stars.

And there we go! The finished DIY Bauble Wreath using Wilko’s Midnight Magic Christmas decorations! The cool thing about bauble wreaths is that you can easily personalize it with your favourite colours, the creative potential is endless! So a big thank you for Wilko for this awesome opportunity, it was such a fun project to get involved with. Have you made a DIY bauble wreath before? What colour theme would you choose? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

*This is a sponsored post which means I received a product/payment in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own.

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