Art By Lena – Notebooks, Prints, Bookmarks & more!

After taking a little blogging break, I was very excited to come back and even more excited when the lovely Lena from Lena’s Notebook reached out and suggested a collaboration. Pretty postcards, beautiful bookmarks and stunning stationery? YES please! Lena and I teamed up for a blog post last year where I shared a fabulous selection of her original artwork, stickers and prints (these are still brightening up my walls today) – so I was absolutely delighted to get another bundle of awesome designs for my collection.

Lena is forever adding gorgeous colourful creations to her shop, so if you love fresh florals & enchantingly spectacular skyscapes, then keep up to date with the latest additions by following on: Twitter / Instagram.

Lena very kindly gifted me a range of pretty pieces including this lovely Floral Moon A6 Dotted Notebook, the very elegant Lady Saturn Postcard, the motivational Bloom Where You Are Planted Postcard and a trio of dreamy magical skyscapes (Northern Lights, Stormy Skies & Dusty Pink). What an amazing package!

Floral Moon A6 Dotted Notebook: I absolutely adore this little notebook. It’s pink/purple, it’s pretty and it fits perfectly in my handbag. What’s even more special is that the pages are high quality & dotted, so I’m thinking, mini bullet journal? Whatever you use it for, there is no doubt it’s incredibly beautiful.

Lady Saturn PostcardI love how this postcard matches the notebook, so it doubles up as a handy bookmark. Lena has very creatively combined an enchanting space theme with gorgeous florals and it looks totally unique and magical. These designs are wonderful and capture both beauty and calmness.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Postcard: this is such an inspirational and encouraging postcard. It’s a fab reminder that we can flourish and achieve our dreams, exactly where we are. Postcards are perfect for brightening up our walls, adding to a scrapbook or journal, or sending a nice message to a loved one.

Dusty Pink Skyscape Postcard: Lena has an incredible talent for creating magical and mystical designs with splashes of vivid and vibrant colours. They give me alll the dreamy and atmospheric vibes. They look stunning on their own or why not add them to a frame to decorate your walls with pretty art.

Stormy Skies Postcard: These pictures are simply captivating – I love the dark and moody storm scene together with a sprinkling of sparkly stars lighting up the nights sky. If you love these, make sure you keep an eye on Lena’s shop as fresh new designs are added often on prints, postcards, bookmarks and more!

Northern Lights Postcard: an incredible mix of colours dancing across the sky, inspired by natures most spectacular light show. Each image is beautiful and capture’s Lena’s unique and instantly recognizable style.

A big thank you to Lena for kindly gifting me this fantastic selection of brilliant artwork. Which one is your favourite? Lena is also decorating the blogging world with her amazing illustrated header/banner service – if you are a blogger/vlogger/indie shop brand click here for more details and get your own dream design!

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Cute & Colourful Scrapbooking

One of my favourite creative and calming hobbies is to grab a load of magazines, postcards, stickers and washi and make some colourful scrapbook pages. Last year, I shared my floral summery design with bright and positive adventure vibes and as well as my motivational fresh start New Year 2019 pages. This weekend, I was keen to get cutting and sticking for 2020 to see what is inspiring me at the moment.

The inspiration for these pages came from a routine visit to Paperchase, the stationery shop of dreams (best shop ever, right?). Whilst I was there, I picked up four postcards – You’re Super Duper, Be A Warrior Not A Worrier, Avocato and Bee Leaf In Yourself. Plus these adorable Squishy Pastel Pals Stickers.

I also popped into Flying Tiger and found this cute mini bunting for £1. This shop is heaven for those random craft/stationery bits’n’bobs which you didn’t even know you needed. Miniature shopping trolley? Go on then, why not. Although, this time I was good and resisted filling my basket with all the washi tape.

Once you have your selection of supplies and a couple of magazines, it’s time to get creative! Sometimes I just want to do something artsy without having to stress about the perfect outcome. Scrapbooking is ideal for this, as you can relax, chill out & enjoy the process and if it looks wrong, just stick something over it.

My scrapbooking top tip would be to start with bigger patterns, then layer on smaller clippings, postcards and text. If you are looking for pretty patterns, you can get paper packs such my fave Over The Rainbow Dovecraft pack from Hobbycraft. These are fab for all sorts of craft projects, as well as blogging photos.

The theme of these pages is anything cute, colourful and kawaii (the culture of cuteness in Japan). One of the magazine’s I found was a kids art magazine which was bursting with adorable kawaii illustrations that fitted perfectly into the design. I also had a copy of Planet Mindful known for it’s inspirational articles.

Rainbows, unicorns, milkshakes, happy clouds, avocados, cats, cupcakes… anything cute, colourful and cheerful made the cut. I love that you can use anything to decorate your pages. In the past, I have added affirmation cards, Polaroid photos, buttons, even a guitar plec. If it fits in with the theme, then go for it!

Other pages in my scrapbook:

Feb 2018 – fresh whites, pastels, flowers, tea, bikes and marshmallows.

May 2018 – bright pinks, plants and adventure. 

August 2018 – colourful, creative and motivational vibes.

October 2018 – cosy, orange, hot chocs and Dr. Martens.

Jan 2019 – new year, fresh start, llamas and dinosaurs.

May 2019 – floral, summer, bright, positive and adventure.

Magazine scrapbooking is basically an old-fashioned Pinterest Board without the internet connection. All you need is a magazine or two, a pair of scissors and glue and the rest is up to you and your imagination. Have fun and be creative! Do you enjoy magazine scrapbooking? I’d love to hear from you!

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Triple Colour Cupcakes

Hello everyone! This is a very exciting post for me, as it is my 1st post of 2020! After a longish break from blogging and social media, I am feeling refreshed and ready to make a return – yay! Before I begin, unfortunately I had to re-start my social media accounts again *sad face*. So if you would like to be my friend, please re-add me and I’ll follow back on Twitter and Instagram. Thank yooou! <3

My last ‘Baking With Bexa’ post was nearly a year ago now (say whaaat!?) when I made the Mini Egg Easter Cake extravaganza with a whopping 125 mini eggs. So to kick off 2020 blogging, I’ve left the mini eggs in the shops to try something new with multi-coloured swirly icing! Here’s how I made my colourful cupcakes…

You will need:

A Cupcake Kit (or make your own if you are a baking-pro)

2 medium eggs

90g butter

A pot of icing

Colour Swirl Decorating Set

3 food colouring gels (I picked Pink, Pale Pink & Violet).

Cupcake cases (Polka Dots)

If you have seen any of my baking posts, you will know I am fond of the trusty baking kit (See: Love Heart Cupcakes, Rainbow Cake Pops & Unicorn Confetti Cupcakes). This is because I never have any sensible baking things in like flour or baking powder, so it’s just easier to get it pre-measured in a handy little kit.

If it’s straightforward and tasty, I’m all for it. To start, pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. Then grab a large mixing bowl and add the flour, sugar and baking power (aka. bag 2) plus the butter and eggs & mix until smooth. I used a Bakedin kit as I’ve had success with these in the past with Cookies & Rainbow Cakes.

20 mins later with repetitive strain injury… surely there must be some kinda time-saving hi-tech invention that makes mixing cake ingredients together quickly and easily? No? Dragons Den idea right there. Genius.

I couldn’t resist grabbing these cute little polka dot cases whilst I was shopping. Yes, the baking kit provided cases, but I can never say no to pretty colourful things… and there are 36 so even more reason to step up my baking game this year! Watch this space for more polka dot cupcake baking adventures

By now, the oven is well and truly pre-heated and ready to receive these little creations for 25 mins.

Whilst the cupcakes are baking, now is the perfect time to prepare the coloured icing. Fun fact: I had absolutely no idea how to create colourful icing for piping bags, so a sweet little old lady in Hobbycraft saw me looking baffled in the cake aisle and explained what I would need, so this part is thanks to her 😀

Ready To Use Royal Icing, is the one, apparently. I added 1/3 of the tub into a bowl ready for the splash of colour. Top tip from Hobbycraft cake aisle lady: only add a few drops at a time as you can always add more but never take away. Smart advice. Just keep mixing and adding until you get the colour you want.

You only need a few drops of food colouring gel to get the colour you want, it’s very vibrant! Once the icing had changed colour, I transferred it from bowl into piping bag (it sounds easier than it is!). I repeated the process with the pale pink and violet shades. Regular taste testing is 100% essential for the best cakes.

Can anyone spot the error I made with the piping bags? I discovered after it was too late that the white parts are meant to go INSIDE the bags before you add the icing… oops! Never mind. I’ll make the mistakes so you don’t have to. And of course, cellotape can fix everything and secured them in place nicely-ish.

With the cupcakes cooled, and the trio of icing ready to use, it is time for the fun part… decorating! I think my earlier error made this part quite challenging as it was hard to keep the bags in place whilst attempting to make a pretty swirl. I have to give credit to my two assistants (Dorothy & Adam) who lent a helping hand.

Ta-da! Between the three of us, we managed to get a presentable looking cupcake! I’m really impressed that the colour swirl decorating kit worked well, and now I know what to do, I can experiment with so many more colour combinations. And even if they don’t look Instagram-worthy, they still taste absolutely delish!

I hope you enjoyed my latest baking adventures and my very first post of 2020! It’s great to be back, I’m looking forward to posting regularly again and catching up with blogs I’ve missed! Don’t forget to add me on Twitter and Instagram as I’m feeling pretty lonely over there at the moment. Have a fab week everyone! <3

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Kitty Cats Joy – Planners & Stickers

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about blogging is building relationships with awesome brands and getting the opportunity to collab time and time again. Last year, I first teamed up with Helen and her art business Sweet Wild Designs when she created this fabulous picture of my cats: Simba & Zazu. We worked together again this year for a fun Mother’s Day Canvas Giveaway and now we are back again to introduce Helen’s new venture – Kitty Cats Joy. If you love cat themed goodies, then this is the one for you <3

When Helen got in touch to tell me about her new shop I just knew this would be a very exciting collaboration. Kitty Cats Joy sells all sorts of pawsome cat goodies, including t-shirts, placemats, greetings cards, notebooks, planners, stickers, bags, wall art and so much more! Helen is forever updating her range with new designs so keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all things cat related!

Helen very kindly let me choose two 2020 planners (hah, now I have no excuse not be organised next year) and 4 fun vinyl kitty stickers. We will also be running a Twitter giveaway for one lucky person to win their own planners and stickers of their choice (details at the end of the post). Here’s what cool things I got:

Cute Cats Vinyl Sticker Pack: Includes 4 cute illustrated cats which can be used to decorate notebooks, journals, laptops, anywhere! Or if you are like me and can’t decide where to put them, stick them onto a bright colourful postcard – display it on the wall, use it as a bookmark, send it to a friend… get creative!

Clever Cat Science Nerd Vinyl Sticker: I love this sticker, what could possibly be cooler than a nerdy science cat learning science. Oh hang on, what about a mischievous looking cat learning how to train their dog?

Funny Dog Training Vinyl Sticker: Haha, these are absolutely brilliant! Other ideas I’ve just come up with: “The Art Of Meowing At 5am”, “The World’s Longest Cat Naps” and “What Makes A Good Cardboard Box – A Step By Step Guide”. Got more silly suggestions? Let me know your cat book names in the comments! <3

Music Lovin’ Cat On Boombox Vinyl Sticker: Turn up the volume, this music fan cat sticker is printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl which makes it perfect for regular use. The high-quality vinyl ensures there are no bubbles when applying the stickers, and the stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Cats Purple Monthly 2020 Planner: Yay for colourful cats! This is such a fun design packed full of cute and adorable cats! It is also available to buy with a blue background too, so take your pick!

Pink Kitty Monthly 2020 Planner: I knew I needed the pink cat planner in my life. Because, pink and cats!

Each planner is designed with a monthly calendar at a glance, ample space for goals, to-do’s, birthday’s and events. Plus each calendar page includes a cute little illustrated cat for you to colour in and brighten up your pages! Purr-fect for anyone who wants an at-a-glance, month-to-month look at what’s coming up.

Thank you so much to Helen for these awesome cat-themed goodies!

If you would like a chance to win 2 planners/notebooks and 4 vinyl stickers all you need to do is:




One winner will be chosen at random on Friday 25th October 2019 at 6pm.

Good luck to everyone who takes part!

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