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Awesome Punky Pins

If I could press the delete button on one month this year, I would pick November 2018. It was a month full of ups and downs (highlight: Yoga Retreat, low point: pressing my self-destruct button and having a 4-day wine-fueled breakdown).  Nevertheless, I survived, I’m still blogging and before I forget the month completely I want to remember how kind and supportive my lovely blogging friends have been.

One of my closest blogging friends, the wonderful Lisa, from Lisa’s Notebook sent me such a thoughtful self-care/pamper box as she knew I was going through a tough time. Inside the box, I received the most fabulous selection of treats such as tea, candles, hand cream, a cute magnet, bath bombs and a brilliant Cats & Caffeine enamel pin from Punky Pins (YAY!). The box was perfect and I was honestly so touched by the kind gesture, no-one had never brought me a pin before plus this was my first ever Punky Pin too!

I loved the pin so much, I decided to expand my pin collection with even more Punky Pins because well they are just so awesome! So thank you Lisa for your kindness and a big thank you to the supportive blogging community – I have had so many sweet messages, I feel so grateful everyday to be part of this.

Cats & Caffeine –  because these are 100% essential items for daily life.

Planner Addict – because who can say no to stationery and polka dots.

Washi Tape – because WASHI TAPE!

Cat Mama – because I talk to more cats than people.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest pins from Punky Pins! You can add a splash of awesomeness and colour to your social media by following them on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook. Do you collect pins? What shops are your favourite? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small percentage on every purchase at no extra cost to you (which I will most probably spend on more pins). 

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The YAY Makers: November Box

Each month, I receive a colourful box of happy in the form of The YAY Makers subscription box. Each month I am never disappointed and it is one of my favourite things to blog about as everything is so fun! You can see the October box here (click if you like rainbows and unicorns).

The YAY Makers is ran by Kate and her husband Stuart who have had six years experience working on a craft and vintage market in Aberdeen meeting fantastically talented people. They now bring the market to you by showcasing colourful exciting products from creative indie makers and designers from all around the world in their monthly subscription boxes.

To keep your social media bright and happy you can follow The YAY Makers on Instagram.

Inside the box: NO Prob-Llama Enamel Pin by Corin Beth Designs, Washi tape, Postcard and Sticker by Marijke Illustration, Cacti Badge Pack by Peach Panda Studio, and Happy Envelopes.

The first happy thing to catch my eye was this bright yellow postcard complete with cheerful animals by Marijke IllustrationPostcards make such brilliant blog props to add that background splash of colour and the louder the better, in my opinion! Marijke is an illustrator from the Netherlands who describes her work as playful, light-hearted, feminine and vibrant. Marijke’s Etsy Shop is jammed packed with awesome animal and botanical prints all on a range of postcards, posters, enamel pins, soap bars and more!

Marijke also designs washi tape (YAY!) and the Wild Woods washi was included. This would have been perfect for my Autumn Bullet Journal but I am pretty sure I can find many more uses. There are so many fun designs available all in these cute boxes (perfect Christmas presents for those washi tape lovers!)

Keep your social media bright and vibrant by following Marijke on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

My badge collection isn’t as impressive as my enamel pin collection, so I am always excited when I get a few more to add. These cute cacti badges are designed by Peach Panda Studio to add a bit of greenery into your life. The creator behind Peach Panda Studio is Rachel, a student from Yorkshire who loves making happy little doodles into fun yet practical items. In the shop, you can find pencil cases, badges, mirrors, stickers, notebooks and so much more all designed in a cute, colourful and cheerful style!

To add some positivity to your social media, follow Peach Panda Studio on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

My favourite thing about The YAY Makers subscription box is that each month I get a brand new pin to add to my collection. This awesome No Prob-Llama pin by Corin Beth Designs is proud pin no. 40! I wonder if I can put that achievement on my CV (hah). Corin is a Children’s Print Designer offering design for kids and grown up’s, with prints which are inspired by travels and everyday life. Check out the Etsy for pretty, fun and whimsical designs on postcards, posters, tea towels and more!

Keep up to date with Corin’s gorgeous prints on Instagram / Facebook.

I especially love these Happy Envelopes in this months box. The cool thing is, these are made from recycled copies of The YAY Makers Happy Newsletter! How is that for resourceful! The envelopes are so bright and colourful and come with a selection of Happy Notes to pop inside and give to friends, family or even strangers! I would love to randomly find of one of these and think they are such a sweet idea.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what is inside November’s Box as much as I enjoyed blogging about it. Subscription boxes can be a bit hit or miss at times, but I’m pleased to say The YAY Makers never disappoint. I love that in every box you have the opportunity to discover awesome independent businesses and find your new favourite shops.  If you would like your own box of happy, you can sign up here.

Which item is your favourite? Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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Autumn Bullet Journal

I always have great admiration for those people who can keep up with a bullet journal every single week, making it look effortless and easy. I can’t. I tried back in March, but my journey into bullet journalling lasted only one week. This time, however, I had a spark of enthusiasm to re-visit my bullet journal after the craft shop Imagine Design Create contacted me with the fab opportunity to review some of their arty supplies. Woo yeah! And the other day, an exciting goodie bag of stencils and stamps arrived on my mat.

Imagine Design Create is an independent family run business in Devon, founded and owned by Kerri-Ann Briggs. The aim is to inspire creativity in all ages; babies, children, teens and adults through not only the sale of creative supplies online and in store but through demonstrations and workshops, via YouTube and in person. They stock a range of own brand Stamps, Stencils, Paper packs and other creative supplies.

Click here to visit their website and follow on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

I decided to start with a simple layout then get all creative with the craft supplies.

The cool thing about bullet journalling is that if you make a mistake, just stick something over it.

I picked up some cute foxy stickers in The Range the other day, perfect for a November theme.

Imagine Design Create sent me a selection of stamps to get creative with. My favourite pack was Fly Free.

Sometimes stamps can be a bit hit and miss, but these worked perfectly first time.

I love the quotes and feathers!

I was also sent a variety of stencils – the leaves and leafy raindrops went well with the theme.

Ta-da! You don’t need to be an artist to be creative – stickers, stamps and stencils can transform a page.

Click here to see the full range of Stamps and Stencils available from Imagine Design Create.

I went for a blue background so everything stood out.


I was really impressed how easy it was to create a bullet journal page using just stickers, stamps and stencils. It was great fun being creative with the arty supplies so thank you Imagine Design Create! Do you keep a bullet journal? What kinda designs do you do each week? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

*This is a sponsored post which means I received a product/payment in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own.

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Pastel Elixir Pins

Pastel Elixir goodies regularly pop up on my blog mainly because everything is so freakin’ adorable. In the past, I have blogged about the two super cute bundles of treats I ordered here and here. Today, I am sooo excited to share with you the latest additions to my pin collection (to get an idea of how much of a pin addict I am check out: Cute & Pastel Halloween Pins, Inspirational Pins and Creative & Colourful Pins). So you can imagine my pure excitement when I discovered Pastel Elixir were releasing pins! *happy dance*

Ellis and her husband James run Pastel Elixir with their two gorgeous doggies (Vespa and Custard), in Leicestershire, selling all of Ellis’ illustrations on bookmarks, mugs, cards, badges, prints, postcards, stickers and now pins! Everything is so fun, colourful and cute, and Ellis’ prints and postcards have been brightening up my walls for ages now and always make me smile.

A couple of months ago, Ellis tweeted about her pin Kickstarter campaign and straight away I knew I wanted to support this project. Everyone who backed the campaign was kept updated on the progress of the pins and a few weeks ago they became a reality and landed on my doormat and into my collection. Yay!

You can follow Pastel Elixir on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Unicorn Enamel Pin: a cute little unicorn with awesome rainbow hair. This is one of my favourite designs in Ellis’ shop also appearing in this post. It’s available as a cute button badge, pink tote bag, and keyring.

Fox Enamel Pin: The beautiful leaping fox is such a sweet pin. You can also get this cute creature on a greeting card and mirror complete with a background of stars, rainbows and pretty colourful things!

Potion Enamel Pin: A gorgeous pink potion bottle with glittery elixir! I love this pin as it fits in well with my Courage Potion Bottle and Halloween Pink Glitter Potion Bottle pins.

Voodoo Doll Enamel Pin: Voodoo Doll with yellow glittery heart, also available as a necklace and keyring!

I hope you enjoyed my new Pastel Elixir pins! If you are feeling super organised, why not check out Ellis’ range of Christmas Cards to get into the festive mood already. How adorable is this Gingerbread Dreams card? Which pin is your favourite? I’d love to hear from you!

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