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As a self-confessed stationery addict, as soon as I saw the opportunity to review a box full of quirky stationery and craft supplies, I was right there. The creator behind this box of happiness is Under The Rowan Trees – a business started in 2014 by Danielle, a lady who loves knitting, crochet, embroidery and stationery. Danielle asked if I would like to review the fun and colourful Day Of The Dead themed box and as it’s now October and I love anything colourful, I thought it would be perfect.

Day Of The Dead (Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated between October 31st and November 2nd. It’s a bit different from Halloween as it’s a festival of colour and joy, a happy time to show love and respect for deceased family members. It’s an occasion for food, families, friends, costumes and parties all with an explosion of rich and vibrant colours. Sounds fun! Let’s see what’s in the box…

In the box: Frida Kahlo vinyl sticker, Mexican food planner stickers, Moustache washi tape, Cocktail washi tape, Cactus gel pen, Sugar skull ephemera, October calendar page, Sugar skull iron-on patch, Coco figure, Felt cactus bunting. Click here to order a Day Of The Dead Stationery Box. 

Frida Kahlo vinyl sticker from House Of WonderlandThis is beautiful, but I admit, I didn’t know who Frida Kahlo was until a quick Google search later. She was a Mexican artist who is remembered for her self-portraits in bold and vibrant colours. (You are constantly learning new things with blogging!) This sticker is the perfect addition to a notebook or even as decoration for your October pages in a planner or bullet journal.

Sugar skull iron-on patch: Sugar skulls are traditional for Day Of The Dead and families decorate these with coloured foil, feathers, icing and beads. I really love the bright colours and have added this to my patch collection (of two). One day I might get creative and actually sew them onto something…

Moustache and Cocktail washi tape: I always get excited when I see new rolls of washi that I can add to my collection. Sticking (washi tape pun intended) with the Mexican theme, we have cocktails and moustaches! These are really fun designs and you can never have too many rolls of washi tape, right?

Mexican Food Stickers by The Laughing Sloth: I always love subscription boxes as I’m forever discovering new and awesome shops! The Laughing Sloth has a wide range of alternative greetings cards as well as these brilliant badges: Crazy Cat Lady and Crazy Craft Lady. Also, these Mexican Food Stickers are ideal for decorating a food planner or bullet journal. Mexican food is the best!

Coco Lego Figure: Danielle says: “The Day of the Dead Stationery Box was inspired by the Disney film Coco.” I’ve not seen this film, but I did enjoy putting together the Lego figure and it bought back all the childhood memories of building Lego towers and my dad hopping around in agony when he stepped on a piece… so nostalgic. There are a couple of different designs available, so it’s a bit like Lego lucky dip.

Felt cactus bunting: I may or may not have spent 15 minutes Googling what these were (my search history says: ‘Mexican felt cactus with crosses and string’), but now I know they are buntings, everything makes sense! Danielle suggests even gluing them to a notebook or stitching them to a tote bag, let your imagination run wild (no Googling required).

If that wasn’t enough, you also get a Cactus Gel Pen, October Calendar Page and a Sugar Skull Cut Out (perfect for craft projects). Why not check out Danielle’s Day Of The Dead Pinterest Board for creative ideas, including making Sugar Skull Cookies and Cactus Cupcakes.

I love this box as it had such a wide range of crafts and stationery items all with a bright, colourful and fun Mexican/Day Of The Dead theme. In each monthly box, you can expect a variety of goodies from washi tape, stickers, greetings cards, gift wrap, notebook, stencils, pens, pencils, postcards, bookmarks and little treats. A pure box of joy for any stationery lover! The next box has a Woodland theme (perfect for Autumn!) and you can sign up now for your very own box of seasonal surprises.

Tag your photos with #StationeryBox on social media for your chance to win your next box.

Under The Rowan Trees is not just a Stationery Box, it’s also a shop packed full of beautiful stationerycreative craft kits, gorgeous gift sets and more! There is really something for everyone and they make the most perfect gifts too. To make things even easier, you even e-mail your friend a Gift Certificate and let them choose what they like!

You can keep up to date by following Under The Rowan Trees on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Thank you to Danielle sending me this fabulous box of goodies! Which treats are your favourite? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*This is a sponsored post which means I received a product/payment in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own. 

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It’s been a whole week and a half since I blogged about my enamel pin collection, therefore I am going to address this issue today. Allow me to introduce you to the next four pins I have recently purchased (Note to self: if you ever wonder where the student loan has gone, go check your Etsy order history). These are not just ordinary enamel pins, oh no, these are inspirational enamel pins…

Pastel Rainbow Camera Enamel Pin: This cute and colourful camera is from the brilliantly named shop: Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. The fabulous creator Sally McAdam, has designed acrylic jewellery, enamel pins, patches, accessories and stationery since 2006 and now has stockists all over the world.

I first discovered HOYFC in the July Yay! Makers Subscription Box where I fell in love with the pastel Polaroid patch and very quickly bought myself a pin-sized treat for the collection. I adore anything pastel and HOYFC is bursting with colour and awesomeness. Other pins I have my eye on are: Too Tired To Party and the Pastel Rainbow Ferris Wheel.

Follow HOYFC on social media to keep up to date with all the cuteness: Twitter / Instagram

Dream Big Hot Air Balloon Enamel Pin: This pin is by cool and quirky designer Laura Galbally, a stationery lover and fan of all things bright and colourful who is also the creator behind Ip Dip Design.

If you love all things creative and colourful, you will love Ip Dip Design – quirky designs to make people happy! There are so many bold and beautiful prints and postcards in Laura’s Etsy shop, as well as an awesome collection of enamel pins. My favourites are: Pastel Pencils and Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes.

To add a splash of colour to your social media, follow Ip Dip Design on Twitter / Instagram.

The final two pins are from the same shop: Sparrow + Wolf – a contemporary stationery and design brand based in Birmingham, set up by designer Cherie Gregory. There is a huge range of wonderful items in Cherie’s shop such as gorgeous notebooks, beautiful cushions, and of course an impressive collection of pretty enamel pins.

I really love the If You’re Looking For A Sign This Is It Enamel Pin as it’s a great reminder to stop waiting for the perfect moment and just go for it! I also picked the Wanderlust Ship In A Bottle Enamel Pin with the origami boat inside to represent my love of both creativity and travel. Other pins I love are: Lets Go On An Adventure as well as the Stay Indoors pin to keep things balanced.

To keep up to date with the beautiful creations, follow Sparrow + Wolf on Twitter / Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed the latest set of enamel pins in my ever expanding collection. If you are a pin fan (or llama fan), you may also like to check out Sugar & Sloth’s Pin Party Club: Llama Fancy Dress Parade. Which inspirational pin is your favourite? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

PS. I am now posting on Monday’s & Thursday’s as my studies have started this week *insert head exploding emoji* – wish me luck! See you soon!

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Do you ever feeling like doing something creative, but worry that it isn’t going to turn out right? I know I do! The other day I really wanted to chill out and paint but past experience has told me that painting can be stressful, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing. This is where Reeves Paint By Numbers comes to the rescue. I have already tried a kit earlier this year (click if you like books and cats) so I felt confident that I would enjoy creating a little something colourful and flowery.

The kit I chose was the Large Reeves Floral Paint By Numbers Set which is £7.99 on Amazon. It has everything you need to get started: 10 paints and a paintbrush. Just add a palette, pen and water.

Reeves are one of the world’s leading creativity and lifestyle brands, they believe creativity isn’t about right or wrong, it is all about expression and having fun. Sometimes a blank sheet of paper is daunting, so having a kit to guide you takes away the pressure and allows you to switch off and enjoy the experience.

Yes, I admit that all these tiny numbers can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you know what you are doing it’s easier than you think. For example: orange is labelled as pot number 2 and all you need to do is paint the sections with a number 2 written in. Simples.

It’s so relaxing to zone out with a paint brush, listen to music and know that the picture is taking shape.

Creating different shades is pretty straight forward too. The picture tells you which combinations are needed and all you have to do is mix two colours together. I found labelling the palette with a pen was the best way to keep track of all the new colours.

There are no rules. You can focus on one section at a time, one colour at a time or a bit of both.

I found myself glancing at the image on the box to find out which sections needed which colours.

If you do your painting over a few evenings, then pop your mixed paints in a plastic bag. The air won’t dry them out and they will be good to use again the next day. This will save you from mixing the colours all over again and wasting paints. I painted this over two days and the paints were still as fresh on day 2.

These kits are a great way to practice painting, mixing colours and building confidence if you are just learning. You don’t need to be an artist to be creative.

You don’t need to be especially neat or even stick strictly to the rules either. If you think your orange flower needs a splash of pink, I say go for it! Let your imagination run wild, it is your picture after all.

I ran out of space in my mixing palette so branched out onto the table (or B&Q wallpaper sample). Painting is supposed to be messy, right?! I would suggest putting paper down first as there are over 20 shades you will need to create and you will probably get paint absolutely everywhere, like I did.

Ta-da! Here is the finished picture! It really is such a fun and relaxing way to spend an couple of evenings; I had my music on in the background and didn’t even think to check my phone once. This is something I need to do more often when life gets a little overwhelming and stressful. Have you tried Painting By Numbers before? What’s your favourite way to relax and switch off? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission for each purchase at no extra cost to you.



Pins and colourful things always make me happy, so it was simply going to be a matter of time before I ordered myself a Sugar & Sloth Pin Party Club Box.  Sugar & Sloth have appeared on my blog already when the adorable Rainbow Llama Pin featured in my Cool Cute Colourful Enamel Pins post. And a couple of months ago, I picked two awesome Sugar & Sloth cards for the Father’s Day Chocolate Pizza review.

The creator behind Sugar & Sloth is the lovely Anita who is forever adding a splash of colour and creativity to Instagram & TwitterFrom the website: Anita’s unique designs provide a humorous look at love, cats and motivation. Sugar & Sloth is on a mission to fill the world with more adorably inappropriate animals and sassy cuteness. I already knew I was going to love these boxes and actually treated myself to two, so if you like llama’s on a fancy dress parade, then stay tuned for another installment of fun coming soon…

Each monthly box has a different party theme and you can sign up for £9 a month inc. free postage.

It’s here! And it’s pink and colourful. This has gotta be the most happiest mail you could ever receive.

Inside the Llama Fancy Dress Parade box: an adorable hard enamel Mystic Llama pin, a bat-llama button badge, a Disco llama sticker, cute cut-out paper dancing llama finger puppets and a sweet treat.

All Sugar & Sloth goodies arrive in such fun packaging involving pretty tissue paper and rainbow confetti.

The Bat-Llama Button Badge: I love how Anita gives everything she creates a personality. “Meet Bat-llama, super powers include always having snacks, and coming up with great excuses not to do household chores. He is my spirit superhero.” Oh yes, I think he is my spirit superhero too.

Mystic Llama Hard Enamel Pin: “Mystic Llama can see your future, and luckily for you there will be cupcakes!” I can already tell that little chap is going to be great friends with my Rainbow Llama Pin.

Disco Llama Lives For Disco vinyl sticker. This is great little sticker, perfect for decorating laptops and notebooks. I have stuck mine to my speakers as I seem to have a growing collection of random and funny stickers and disco llama fits in with this crazily cool bunch perfectly.

Everything about Sugar & Sloth is just so bright, vibrant and fun. 

In every box, you receive such an exciting bundle of goodies to really brighten up your day.

Lil dancing llama finger puppets – Bat Llama and Llama Queen. 

This is such a fun subscription box for all those pin-lovers out there. Why not check out all the other party themes such as Duvet Day Self-Care, Unappreciated Animals Club, Panda Pizza Party, Kawaii Tea Party and Rainbow Space Cadets. Personally, I think signing up for £9 a month is great value for money as an enamel pin on it’s own is usually about £7-8 and you get all these fabulous extra goodies too!

Are you a pin lover? The mystic llama is the perfect addition of my every growing collection, he is proud pin number 26.

The complete collection of enamel pins: 1. Albackpaca 2. Never Look Back 3. You Can 4. Pineapple 5. Love Avocado 6. Hey! Envelope 7. Pizza Lover 8. Dream Big 9. Rainbow Llama 10. Peckham Only Fools And Horses 11. Brighton 12. Stripey Top Club 13. Good Vibes 14. Courage Potion 15. Triceretops 16. Cup Of Tea 17. Rainbow Heart 18. Cosy Club 19. Stationery Love 20. Live Colourfully 21. Polly Pocket 22. Rainbow Life 23. Rainbow Guitar Amp 24. Union Jack Fender Strat 25. 80s Mixtape

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