Enamel Pins by Katnipp

Thank you to everyone who took part my Twitter 1K Stationery Giveaway last week, I had so many lovely comments about the goodies, it really made me smile. One of the prizes was the ‘lil chubby unicorn’ enamel pin by Katnipp. Katnipp are my latest obsession, it is the most adorable kawaii stationery shop that is bursting with pastel colours and cute characters. Every single item is incredibly cute and irresistible.

So when I was giveaway shopping, I couldn’t resist adding a few more Katnipp treats to my virtual basket for my own enamel pin collection. It’s been waaay too long since I made any pin purchases, but these grabbed my attention, they are super sweet and it’s always nice to do our bit to support smaller businesses <3

Who is the creator behind Katnipp? Catherine Kay is the illustrator who describes herself as the human marshmallow that loves cats, coffee, cake and Harry Potter. Catherine is also an anime geek, and you can instantly recognize a Katnipp illustration from the textures, pastel colours and hugeee cute eyes! <3

Katnipp is a one-woman independent brand, based in a sea-side town, North-east of England. Check out the Etsy shop for an fab range of prints, pins, badges, washi, postcards, bookmarks and so much more! A pastel-loving stationery dream! You can also keep up to date with all the cuteness on Twitter & Instagram.

Easter Pin – Puddin’ The Dog Enamel Pin: Look at this! It’s Puddin’ The Dog squished into his adorable Easter Egg outfit *all the heart eyes*. I mean, this couldn’t be more perfect could it?! It’s Easter themed, it’s pastel and is right up there on the cuteness scale. This is my very first Easter pin and it’s set the bar high.

Marshmellow Milk Enamel Pin – I’ve never tried marshmellow milk, but if there is something I *need* to try, then this is it. Here is another lovely pin, lookin’ pretty in pastel pink. I tried to limit my pin spending spree, so I’ve bookmarked a few other favourites for another time (see: Cosy Hot Chocolate Marshmallow)

Kawaii Banana Enamel Pin: Continuing with the cute foodie theme, let me introduce you to the most adorable banana, ever. I love the rosy cheeks, what an sweet little dude. If you like fun and fruity pins, I encourage you to check out the following: Adorable Lemon Enamel Pin and Cute Peach Enamel Pin. 

The Lil Chubby Unicorn Enamel Pin: Who wouldn’t want a cute and chubby little unicorn in their pin collection?! It’s so nice, I had to buy it twice – one for my giveaway and one for meeee! If you are wondering where you can put all these fab pins, then Katnipp has you covered – check out these pretty pin displays!

Just after I had finished all my pin shopping, Katnipp posted on her Instagram about these adorable bees. There were only a few available so I quickly flew over to Etsy to grab myself one. They are now sold out, so make sure you stay up to date on social media (TwitterInstagram) for all the latest Katnipp goodies!

Do you collect pins? Which one is your fave? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you! <3

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Cattitude Box – Subscription Box For Cat Ladies

If you asked me what my purrr-fect collaboration would be, I would say anything cat-related is high up on my list. So when I saw that Cattitude Box were looking for bloggers again, I couldn’t reply quick enough. Last year, I became the proud owner of my very first Cattitude Box which you can read all about here (click to see the world’s coolest cat-astronaut bag). Today, I have the second installment of cat-related awesomeness.

Since I blogged about the first box, we now have a new addition to the family in the shape of a very fluffy black kitten named Bella. Bella is my little miracle cat as I found her one freezing night in December crying in the bushes outside my home. She was absolutely tiny and at about 8 weeks old she wouldn’t have survived the night on her own. We took her in and looked after her whilst trying to track down her family, but weeks and weeks went by and no-one came forward. In the meantime, Bella was making herself at home, making friends with the cats and had no intention of leaving us, so fast-forward three months and she’s here to stay.

So the 2020 line up of cat judges for the March Cattitude Box includes Simba, Zazu, Mr. Alan and Bella. 

What is Cattitude Box? Cattitude Box is a monthly subscription box for cat ladies and their cats. It is jam packed with cool accessories to treat and pamper your cats as well as awesome cat-themed goodies for you too! You can either sign up for a monthly, bi-monthly subscription or simply gift a box to a cat-loving friend.

Opening up one of these boxes is like Christmas is here all over again, just with less stress and baubles. The first kitty-themed surprise was the Feline Friends Playing Cards – this delightful deck is beautifully decorated with alll the cats and is perfect for a friendly game of cards with your feline (human) friends.

I’m glad I photographed this as soon as I opened the box, as once it was given to the cats it was gone in seconds! Simba and Bella were clearly a fan of Scrumbles Chicken, as they licked the bowl clean. Unfortunately, Zazu and Mr. Alan were out at the time so missed out on this round of taste testing.

I had no idea what this cute little donut was for until I threw it on the floor and Simba was all over it – yep, it was full of catnip! This has very quickly become a favourite among the cats and I often see 1 out of the 4 going crazy for it. It’s made by From Me To Mew, a shop which makes handmade unique catnip toys.

I love this adorable little ‘You Are Purrrfect’ kitty wallet – it’s so handy for organizing your cards, receipts, business cards, reminders, anything! It’s kitty and it’s punny, what could possibly be better than that?! It’s also perfect, hang on, purrrfect size to fit in a handbag or pocket to keep everything safe and secure.

One of my favourite things about my last Cattitude Box was the pretty cat themed jewellery. And this latest addition did not disappoint with this adorable kitty necklace with added pearl in collar – so sweet! This is such a unique and simply adorable design, ideal for cat mummies of any age to wear with style.

I’ve not heard of Scrumbles before, but after four positive reviews I’ve just found my cats new favourite brand. Scrumbles make natural pet food for dogs and cats, containing probiotics and responsibly sourced ingredients making it kind to tummies and the planet. It’s approved by vets and chief testers, Smudge & Boo.

Over Christmas, my family and I got a bit (a lot) addicted to jigsaw puzzles and we spent hours & hours round the dining table slowly putting together these complicated masterpieces. Since then, we have been jigsaw-less, so this mini cat puzzle is a very welcome surprise which will hopefully re-kindle the jigsaw love.

This toy baffled me as I’ve never seen anything like it before, so I did a little research. Tatarian honeysuckle is an alternative to catnip, containing a compound called actinidine that attracts cats to interact with it. Zazu (my cautious cat who is scared of a lot of things) even played with it for a while, so it’s gotta be good.

Cattitude ensure that both owners & cats are both looked after, and this ‘Cat Nap’ tea by Shelgo Tea sounds absolutely dreamy. Cat Nap contains three organic herbs, ingredients prized for their calming qualities: Camomile flowersLemon Verbena, and Lavender. Purrrfect to unwind with at the end of the day.

This Paper Kitty Fortune Teller is a fun game to play with your cats. The activity is in the hands of the fortune teller, so play the game to find out if it’s treat time, play time, cuddle time, chin rub time and much more. Despite all these lovely toys and treats, I think a brand new box is always a winner in a cats world.

Simba playing with his new cat nip donut toy.

I hope you enjoyed checking out all the cat themed goodies in this month’s Cattitude box! You can sign up here for monthly or bi-monthly boxes or you can even surprise the crazy cat ladies in your life with their own unfurrgettable gift box. Are you a crazy cat lady? Would you and your feline friends enjoy this box?

Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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The Happy Mail – Rainbow Chocs & Sprinkles

You know I always say The YAY Makers enable us to discover awesome creators and find new favourite shops – well I have a perfect example right here. In Septembers retro throwback box, we were treated to the most fun, colourful and tasty chocolate lollipop by The Happy Mail. It was bursting with rainbows, sprinkles, and sweeties and tasted AMAZING. It was a proper nostalgic trip down pick ‘n’ mix memory lane and I loved it.

The Happy Mail is home to alllll the cute chocolates and rainbow sprinkles. It’s the most creative chocolate you’ll find, with something for every occasion and celebration. Everything is totally photogenic and pretty – just check out The Happy Mail’s dreamy Instagram and fill your feed with awesome treats!

For those who missed The YAY Makers September Box, here is the sweetie surprise in all it’s deliciousness:

Not long after that post, I was thinking of a nice surprise for my boyfriend Sam’s birthday and then I remembered The Happy Mail and all that amazing looking chocolate. Within a couple of days, this delightful box of 14 mouth-watering chocs arrived on my doorstep in the form of the Feeling The Love Junk Mail Box. And of course, being a blogger, I couldn’t resist having a photo shoot with the chocolates beforehand.

Go on treat yo self! Believe me, I needed strong willpower not to eat one of these… they all looked so niiiice! In the box: A mix of 14 fun-sized chocolates including white chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter cup, oreo, caramel, biscoff and lots of sprinkles! So many tasty looking chocs all in one box! <3

They arrived packaged neatly into a box which fits perfectly through the letterbox. This is exactly the kinda happy mail we all need in our lives! Delivery was incredibly fast and Tina (the lovely creator behind these fabulous chocs) is super friendly and made a special effort to get these out in time for the birthday.

Since the photos, I’m pleased to say I’ve sampled some of these delicious looking chocs and honestly, they taste as amazing as they look! Whatever your chocolatey preferences, there is something for everyone – which makes this the perfect box to share. Warning: once opened they won’t be around for long!

The verdict: My favourite is Cookies and Cream in white chocolate topped with crumbly oreo biscuit – all my fave things in one bite! 10/10. This is closely followed by the brand new Golden Caramel Chocolate with Lotus Biscoff topping – wow just wow. Absolutely delish and ideal with a nice cup of tea.

So many pretty colourful things – almost to good to eat (almost!).

The Happy Mail have such an awesome range of chocolatey treats for all occasions. With Halloween fast approaching, why not check our their collection of spooky sweets or another much cuter fave is this fantastic slab of chocolate absolutely covered in adorable kawaii sprinkles and toppings *major heart eyes*.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the amazing chocs in this Feeling The Love Junk Mail Box – it’s such a fab box for all occasions and perfect for sharing with everyone! Make sure you head over to The Happy Mail and see what delicious goodies are available for your next celebration (or maybe just order a treat for yourself).

Which flavour chocolate is your favourite? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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Cheer Up Treats Mental Health Box

If you have been following my blog for more than five minutes, you will know I’m a big fan of the subscription box. Cheer Up Treats is high up on my list of favourites, so when I saw a Mental Health themed box was available, I knew I had to have one. Cheer Up Treats is a wonderful idea created by my lovely friend, Vicki, a lifestyle and positivity blogger who is passionate about supporting small businesses and making people happy. Each box is bursting with surprises, designed to bring a smile and brighten up a day.

I have already received two mystery boxes full of fun, colourful and positive treats (here and here) so I was super excited when my third one arrived. Every box contains a thoughtfully handpicked cute selection of goodies from awesome independent businesses such as notepads & stationary, badges, motivational postcards, enamel pins, wax melts, bath bombs, candles, stickers, sweets, bookmarks and more! 

If you want to treat yourself or a friend to a lucky dip bag or mystery box make sure you use the code HIBEXA and get 10% off your order! There are still a few limited edition Mental Health Boxes left too!

As with every box I have received, Vicki puts so much love, care and attention into the presentation of these packages. The minute you open the box, you are greeted with tons of beautiful, bright and colourful gifts to unwrap, all covered in cute little love heart confetti. I couldn’t wait to open my surprises! <3

Add some positivity to your social media by following Cheer Up Treats on Twitter / Instagram.

I’m a huge postcard and Katie Abey fan, so the first surprise was an absolute winner for me. It’s rainbow coloured, it’s motivational and it’s got a cat on it *major heart eyes*. Katie is one of my fave illustrators and creators and is well known for her fun, punny and witty designs. For more Katie goodies, click here.

I also received the fantastic ‘You Should Know You Are Not Alone’ Katie Abey postcard. This would be lovely to send to a friend who is going through a tough time to show you are thinking of them <3

Does anyone else feel like their life is slightly more organised if you have a to-do list nearby? Katie Abey’s Pad of Productivity is one of my favourite designs and funnily enough, I’m coming to the end of my first one. So getting another was a very welcome surprise – now I’ve got no excuses not to be more productive!

I’m such a badge and enamel pin nerd (you should see my ridiculous collection) so getting a new one always makes me v. happy. This Mental Health Warrior badge is designed by Carli from Colour Your Life Club – the home of all things bright, positive and cheerful. A perfect badge to remind yourself how strong you are.

Carli has created a range of brilliant Mental Health Badges, Postcards, Prints and Stickers designed to raise awareness, encourage speech and end the stigma – why not check out the full collection!

Yaaasss! It’s an enamel pin from Punky Pins! I’m always very excited to get a brand new shiny pin, and Punky Pins certainly have some fab designs. You Matter is such an important reminder and you can see that Vicki has put so much thought into finding the most perfect treats to fit in with the mental health theme.

To see even more awesome Punky Pins from my collection, click here.

This gorgeous mirror is actually designed by Cheer Up Treats – impressive hey! Is there no end to Vicki’s talents! It’s cute, colourful and positive – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

I’ve never heard of a ‘wish bracelet’ before but think it is such a sweet idea! It’s designed by Before Birdie who makes cute handmade gifts. “Tie this bracelet around your wrist, close your eyes and make a wish. When the thread begins to fray, you know your wish is on its way” – so adorable! <3

Also included in the box is a Unicorn Lollypop by Lolly Poppin, an incredibly cute notepad by Drix Productions and Kind Humans Magazine by Beckie Burkill. This is such a brilliant magazine full of real life mental health stories, experiences, tools and ideas, it focuses on kindness and positivity and it’s just a nice feel-good read. Plus, it’s super bright & colourful too! For more info, check out Kind Humans Magazine.

As always, I’m so happy with the selection of awesome treats I received in my Cheer Up Treats box. Vicki does a wonderful job of handpicking the most perfect items and putting them all together in this lovely bundle of happiness. If you are passionate about supporting small businesses and making someone smile, go check out Cheer Up Treats. Why not check out my other reviews here and here for even more surprises!

Don’t forget to use the code HIBEXA and get 10% off your order.

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