Phone Case Giveaway with Cover My Bits

If you follow the lovely Lauren (Bournemouth Girl) on Twitter, you may have already heard of Cover My Bits. Lauren hosted an exciting giveaway not so long ago for a chance to win one of their fab cases. Once I saw their super cool range of cases, I knew I wanted one! This week, I have also been lucky enough to team up with the Cover My Bits people to give you all the opportunity to win a phone case from their brand new Initial Collection. 

Cover My Bits (what a cool name, don’t ya think!) offer a huge range of cases to cover iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG and Sony phones. They also have a fun and vibrant range of Tablet cases too. If you like inspirational quotes, floral fruits, cute pastels and personalized cases then this site is for you!

I was kindly gifted my very own phone case and I got to choose the one I wanted from their extensive range. As soon as I saw these adorable llamas though I knew I needed them in my life. Other designs I had my eye on were the green avocados, pink doughnuts and colourful lollipops.

You can completely customize your order and choose whether you want a wallet case, hard case, rubber case or protective case. Sometimes I feel a bit like a 50-year-old auntie with my preference for the wallet phone cases, but these llamas make me feel cool again. I’m also a fan of the wallet case as it guarantees my phone is protected. I use my iPhone for EVERYTHING and the amount of times I’ve dropped it on the floor is getting ridiculous now.

If you are looking for a brand new phone cover, then you are in luck my friend. Cover My Bits are offering the chance for one lucky Twitter follower to win their very own personalized case from their Initial Collection. All you have to do enter is:

  1. Follow me on Twitter @hellobexa

  2. Follow Cover My Bits on Twitter @covermybits

  3. RT my pinned tweet 

That’s it! I will pick the winner at random on Friday 18th May 2018 at 6pm. Good luck to everyone who takes part!

What kinda phone case do you prefer? Wallet cases or hard backs? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Old English Company Goodies

Being is blogger is pretty cool, right? But being a blogger with a £50 Old English Company discount code for promoting their Enamel Pins competition is living the stationery and giftware dream. I spent such a long time browsing their awesome range making sure I was making the right decision on which goodies to choose. Seriously, I would have been happy with anything! Once I was 100% sure with my picks, I used my discount and a few days later this little lot arrived. I told Shaun I had a package from the Old English Co. and he thought I had ordered some cider, ha ha…

Gentleman Fantastically Brilliant Card: My sister has recently graduated so to save myself going to the shops (just kidding Vicky, kinda) I saw this and knew it was perfect for the occasion. It’s such a fun and silly card, I am sure my sister will approve. Click here to view their fantastically brilliant range of cards.

Amazing Things Will Happen Print: I love love love this! It’s also available on a coaster, mug, notebook, card and banner! At one point I was adamant on getting the coaster then I changed my mind to the mug, then eventually I opted for the print so I could display it proudly on my wall. It’s so motivational and a great reminder to stay positive. 

Shine Bright Small Card and Love Heart Small Card: You never know when you need to send someone a quick card so it’s always handy to have an emergency stash. I love that these cards are so simple yet so shiney; they are perfect for any card-giving-occasion too such as thank yous, thinking of yous, just a note to say kinda thing. And for £1.75 each they are such a bargain.

Things To Get Done A5 Notepad: I’ve only had this notepad for about a day and already it’s proving to be super useful. It’s such a great way to plan your week and tick off tasks on your daily to-do list. There are a couple of cool designs to make your decision making even harder such as Important Things A5 Notepad and the Weekly Agenda A5 Notepad. Can ya see why choosing these goodies took so long?

Reach For The Stars Coaster and Do What You Love Coaster: I bought two coasters (one for myself and one for someone who has recently graduated) and absolutely love the little messages of encouragement. Drinking tea and feeling inspired, what could possibly be better than that. The range of coasters is HUGE, other favourites included the Living The Dream Coaster and the Stay Weird coaster.

Dream Big Pink Enamel Pin: Since blogging about enamel pins last week, I have now become a pin addict and am slowly growing my collection. I also bought the Pizza Lover Enamel Pin and have my eye on a few more like the YAY Enamel Pin and the Be Awesome Enamel Pin.

YAY Pocket Mirror: Last but not least is the pocket YAY mirror. What a simple but awesome design. I also love the Be You Pocket Mirror and the You Beauty Pocket Mirror.

Thank you so much for the very generous discount Old English Co. I absolutely love my goodies! Make sure you take a look at their website for more awesome stationery and giftware products. Which is your favourite item that they do? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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A Unicorn In A World Of Donkeys: Book Review

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to review a brand new shiny book called A Unicorn In A World Of Donkeys by Mia Michaels. It has only just been released, so I felt very lucky to get my hands on a copy before it was available to buy. I was immediately drawn to this book after reading the description: An empowerment manifesto for creatives, misfits, innovators, and disruptors.  This book is for me! In fact, I read it in just two days as I found this to be so inspirational and fell in love with the overall message – just be yourself.

What is a unicorn? In the book, Mia explains that a unicorn is someone who doesn’t fit in with the mainstream. They don’t try to look like other people or compare themselves with others and they can’t help but stand out in their originality. Unicorns tend to be creative, sensitive and most often introverted. (Yes, yes and yes).

So what is a donkey? A donkey is someone who tries to blend in, feeling uncomfortable veering too far from the mainstream. They follow trends instead of setting them and believe conformity is a good thing. Basically, they want to live a predictable, conventional and safe life.

Wow. Already I was hooked. On the donkey-unicorn spectrum I would place myself more towards the quietly creative unicorn end. If you asked me what I was during my teenage years, I would say 100% unicorn – I had bright colourful hair, dressed as far away from mainstream trends as possible, had multiple piercings, listened to a lot of punk music, dropped out of college to persue a career in drinking and rebelled against conformity. Fast-forward to now, I’m still a punk girl at heart, except I’m sober, with a degree and have taken out my piercings.

I could totally relate to a lot of Mia’s background and felt inspired by her courage and determination. Mia Michaels is an American choreographer, best known for her Emmy Award-winning appearances on So You Think You Can Dance and for her creation of the choreography for Broadways Finding Neverland. Mia’s students, peers & mentors have noted her as a dedicated, live-changing influence of positivity in their lives. Mia has a way of touching each human she encounters with passion, emotional expression, and confidence of self-love.

As with any success story, Mia had to work extremely hard from the very beginning. Her book describes her unconventional background, her numerous knock-backs in the ballet world and her pure determination to live her life to the fullest. Her story is brave and fearless. She embraces her inner misfit and uses it to her advantage to empower others into to being themselves through teaching dance.

There are twelve chapters in the book to guide and encourage you to embrace more of your unicornness. Mia writes about her experiences with isolation, loneliness, bullying and coming out the other side a stronger person. She writes about building up resilience, being brave and stepping outside of your comfort zone. At the centre of each chapter, the core message is about overcoming fear and learning to be proud of your unique and wonderful self.

The book packed with inspirational quotes and interesting stories from her experiences with other unicorns (including celebrities like Lady Gaga, Prince, Freddie Mercury and Elton John). It’s fun and interactive and above all will inspire you to turn negatives into positives and never give up chasing your dreams (even if they are unconventional and different). Thank you Mia for the boost of confidence and positivity! I know I’ll turn to this book time and time again when I’m looking for a quick pick me up to reassure myself it’s okay to be yourself and step away from the mainstream.

Click here to order yourself a copy of this awesome book!  A Unicorn In A World Of Donkeys by Mia Michaels.

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Enamel Pins from Old English Company

If you are a fan of pretty stationery, inspirational prints, cute enamel pins, funky homeware and cards for all occasions, then look no further than Old English Company. This place has it all. Old English Company are a stationery and giftware brand which make beautiful products that are uniquely hand-lettered. Their aim is to create stylish, uncomplicated designs with messages that resonate with people. I love their style and must admit I spent a long time on their website browsing all their gorgeous items. Right now, they are running a competition to win a set of their super cool enamel pins, click here to enter! 

Since blogging about the cute and quirky pins from Innabox, I have become a pin fan and these pins are perfect to add to my collection. It was tricky to pick this little selection, I wanted to buy all the pins! Go check out all the pins in their collection, I’m sure there is one or two (or twenty) that take your fancy!

Hey! Envelope Enamel Pin– I love this pin! It’s so simple and fun. The hey envelope pin has been designed with hard black enamel and finished with gold plating. It really stands out and looks so stylish and such a quirky little keepsake for those whose life revolves around e-mails and the internet.

Love Avocado Enamel Pin – I’m not entirely sure when avocados and pineapples became such fashionable fruit but it looks like they are here to stay (for now anyway until bananas get their time to shine). The heart avocado pin has been designed with hard white enamel and finished with rose gold plating. This is such a cute pin and is perfect for that avocado lover/fitness friend.

Pineapple Enamel Pin – I couldn’t choose the avocado pin without taking it’s friend the pineapple. Like the avocado, this pin has been designed with hard white enamel and finished with rose gold plating. I love the simple, stylish and fun design, they make the perfect pair don’t ya think.

You Can Heart Enamel Pin – I’m all for the motivational statements so this pin was a must for my collection. The you can pin has been designed with hard pink enamel and finished with gold plating. It’s pink and it’s inspirational – what could be better than that!

Are you a fan of enamel pins? What is your favourite pin? Don’t forget to enter the Old English Co. competition for a chance to win a set of awesome enamel pins to add to or start your very own collection. Watch this space for more Old English Co. products coming soon on the blog… Exciting!

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