The YAY Makers: June Box

Whoooosh! Can someone please tell me where did June actually just go?! I think I blinked and missed it. It hardly feels like any time at all since I was blogging The YAY Makers: May Box but as we are now at the end of the month I have another fun and colourful bundle of YAY mail to share!! *happy dance*.

Who are The YAY Makers? The YAY Makers love teaming up with inspirational Indie artists to accessorise your life with colour and motivate you to get creative. Each box contains limited-edition products from talented makers, creators and designers from across the world. Go sign up and put some YAY in your day!

In June’s box: Festival Fun enamel pin by Poppekins / Girl Power greetings cards by Zabby Allen / Sprinkles by Rainbow Sweet Treats / Biscuit DIY Kit by Nikki McWilliams / Notebook by Lydia Meiying (extra gift).

As a thank you for sharing May’s box, the lovely Kate added an extra treat for me in June’s box! Thank you Kate! You can never have too many notebooks, and this is such a gorgeous addition for my collection. It is designed by Lydia Meiying who is a talented freelance Pattern Designer and Illustrator, inspired by children’s stories, fables and the wonders of the natural world. It’s beautiful, it is also 100% recycled – win, win!

For more stunning designs check out Lydia on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

My favourite type of baking is bright, colourful and as rainbow as possible. So, when I saw these RAINBOW SPRINKLES from Rainbow Sweet Treats I was like oh yesss this is my kinda thing! Alix is the creator behind this fabulous sweet shop that has everything from fun sprinkles to colourful custom made chocolate. Everything is bursting with colour and happy and would make the most perfect gift for any occasion!

Add a delicious sprinkle of fun to your social media by following Rainbow Sweet Treats on Instagram!

Inside June’s box, there are also a couple of recipe cards to spark some yummy inspiration! These sprinkles are perfect for decorating cakes, cookies or melted choc. I couldn’t resist getting creative with these delicious cupcakes and the rainbow sprinkles were such an awesome added touch! Yum! <3

One of the most exciting things about these boxes is seeing which new enamel pin I get. I have discovered such awesome designs thanks to The YAY Makers and this month is definitely a favourite. This is the fabulous helta skelter pin by Poppekins which fits perfectly in the summer festival theme. Poppekins is Carla van der Meer who designs fun and vibrant prints that are so bright, colourful, creative and happy! Yay! <3

Keep up with all the colourfulness by following Poppekins on: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

It’s bright, fun and represents the colourful festival season – what is not to love!

I always love finding a cute and creative independent business and Zabby Allen is my latest favourite discovery. Zabby creates prints, notebooks, pins and patches inspired by all the things that make her happiest. These awesome cards are from the best selling Girl Power range and I’m loving the pinkness and sassiness. I’m also loving Zabby’s Rainbow Postcard Set to encourage more letter writing and happy mail.

Say yes to more positivity, rainbows and Girl Power by following Zabby on Twitter and Instagram.

Send these to your girl-pals to remind them how awesome they are! <3

The YAY Maker’s always include a little creative project to have fun with and this month we are making biscuits! This DIY kit is by Nikki McWilliams who makes bold and playful homeware and accessories which are inspired by British culture, contemporary Pop-Art and a lifelong love of having a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Her shop is biscuits galore and I’m sooo looking forward to getting creative with this kit!

For all things bold, witty and biscuitty follow Nikki on Twitter and Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed having a look at all the talented artists and Indie businesses in this month’s box. I love that The YAY Makers enable us to discover awesome creators and find new favourite shops! If you are interested in signing up for their subscription boxes, click here and let the colour and creativity come to your doorstep each month. You can also catch sneak peeks of their goodies over on Instagram too!

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Cheer Up Treats Mystery Box

If you are a fan of all things fun, colourful and positive from a variety of awesome independent businesses, then look no further, Cheer Up Treats is the one for you. I discovered these fantastic boxes last year and couldn’t resist treating myself to an exciting mystery package. It included many happy things that instantly made me smile, I knew it was simply a matter of time before I ordered myself another box of surprises.

Cheer Up Treats is a wonderful way to make a day by providing a cute selection of goodies such as notepads & stationary, badges, motivational postcards, enamel pins, wax melts, bath bombs, candles, stickers, sweets, bookmarks and more! Every box is unique and thoughtfully handpicked by the lovely Vicki, a lifestyle and positivity blogger who is passionate about supporting small businesses and making people happy.

If you want to treat yourself or a friend to a lucky dip bag or mystery box make sure you use the code HIBEXA and get 10% off your order! And here is a little idea of the kind of awesomeness you will receive…

Firstly can we just take a moment to appreciate Vicki’s fabulous wrapping skillz. The box was bursting with colour and everything looks beautiful. You can tell that so much love, care and attention goes into each of these packages. There was also a few extra bits to say thank you, so I felt very happy indeed! <3

Add some positivity to your social media by following Cheer Up Treats on Twitter / Instagram.

The first surprise I opened was this super cool and colourful ‘Kind But Badass’ badge by Katie Abey. How freakin’ awesome is this! Katie is actually one of my favourite illustrators and her bright, colourful and vibrant creations pop up all over my blog. If you love funny, punny and witty designs, you will love Katie.

Tattoonicorn by Katie Abey sticker – yaaay for puns and unicorns! <3

Inspire Tealight Candle by Kiss Air Candles: an independent, candle brand created by sisters Louise and Laura, manufacturing soy wax candles infused with strong, fabulous fragrances. This is such a cute candle – it’s pink and it’s inspirational! Check out Kiss Air for tons of different natural, homemade, pretty candles.

I admit I thought this was novelty pink chocolate but it is actually a Pink Wax Melt by Scentual Scents (I’m glad Vicki included a list, haha!). It is described as ‘bergamot, summer rose, peach and strawberry cut with a hint of fresh citrus fruit’ – gorgeous! I can’t wait to fill my home with all the summery fragrances.

You can never have enough stickers to brighten up notebooks, planners, scrapbooks, anything! I love these little adorable Animals In Teacups by The Persnickety Co. – a creative brand dedicated to bringing to the market little, original and quirky gifts that make people happy. And these stickers defo make me happy!

YAAAS! As a self-confessed enamel pin addict, these little things bring me a ridiculous amount of joy. This is the very brilliant cat in fairy lights pin by Punky Pins. This pin reminds me of all my mischievous cats and never fails to put a smile on my face. Why not check out more of my Punky Pins collection here.

The Cloud 9 paperclip is another cute item from The Persnickety Co. It is handmade, it’s happy and it’s perfect for planners, notebooks or even as a bookmark. Life is way more fun when you have pretty paperclips and Persnickety have a delightful range. Click here if you love llamas, unicorns, cats and teacups!

My badge collection is less impressive than my enamel pin collection, although it is now growing thanks to cute little additions like these. These badges are designed by Cheer Up Treats and I think they are really sweet and adorable. I love that Vicki includes her own awesome and unique products in these boxes too.

The Tweet Tweet badge, for lovers of birds… or Twitter?

These postcards are super cool and I was even more impressed when I found out they were designed by Vicki herself (so talented!). I love postcards, especially ones which are motivational, inspirational and full of vibrant colours! These are fantastic and are the perfect pick-me-up when we need a little positivity boost.

Pin them to your wall or why not post them to a friend and bring some happy into their day.

I’m loving all The Persnickety Co. items in this box, until today I had not heard of this cool and quirky shop but it has quickly become a favourite. Say goodbye to boring Post-It’s with these cute and creative sticky notes! Being organised is way more enjoyable with a cheerful koala bear (other wild animals available).

If you didn’t think you could possibly take any more cuteness, wait, there is more! This is the fox notepad by Drix Productions – a must-visit shop for lovers of all things anime, kawaii and awesome. This is perfect for to-do lists, scribbling down random notes or sending someone some happy mail. Yaay! <3

Every single item is thoughtfully selected to bring happiness and positivity. Vicki discovers the cutest and coolest treats out there from fabulous designers to create these beautiful packages for us. If you are passionate about supporting small businesses and making someone smile, go check out Cheer Up Treats. 

Don’t forget to use the code HIBEXA and get 10% off your order.

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5 Ideas For A Digital Detox

Thanks to that iPhone feature, I am now painfully aware of how much time I spend on my phone each week. The results were oftentimes quite shocking, and I’d think to myself, what the heck do I do on social media for allll that time?! Do I really need to check these apps so frequently? So, as a little challenge (I always love a challenge) I wanted to make a conscious effort to spend less time reaching for my phone.

Of course, being a blogger, I wasn’t quite ready to switch off and disappear out of the digital world completely. I mean, the internet is awesome isn’t it, I’m gonna stick around. However, I did want to reduce my screen time, even if it was just taking small regular breaks from technology to do something else.

There are so many things available to us that don’t require WiFi, or a smart phone, or any kinda screen. We just gotta go back to basics. I discovered that the more time I spent ‘disconnected’, the calmer and more peaceful I was feeling. The online world is so fast-paced, ever-changing and attention grabbing; switching off meant that life slowed down, I was in control and I could be more creative with my time.


No matter how advanced technology gets, I will always love the simple pleasure of writing in a pretty notebook. My new favourite thing each evening is to journal. There is something so therapeutic about writing down thoughts and feelings to put everything in perspective. Whatever my worries, jotting them onto paper always makes me feel calmer, and recording all that is good and happy makes me feel positive.

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Last week, I shared with you how I spent many hours of the Bank Holiday Weekend painting an abstract paint by numbers cat. It was super relaxing and was a welcome break from technology. Plus, I now have colourful cat painting to be proud of. There are so many ways to be creative without using your phone: cooking, colouring and crafting to name a few! Whatever your passion, switch off for a few hours and enjoy.

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Exercise has tons and tons of benefits, you don’t need me to tell you that. It also means you can take a break from staring at the screen and get a change of scenery. You don’t really need an expensive gym membership or fancy yoga pants to reap the benefits either. Going for a walk each day is such a simple and effective way to keep fit and improve mental health (plus the summer is coming so even better!).


I used to tell myself I never had time to read books. But in reality, I never made time to read books. If I could spend hours scrolling social media, then why couldn’t I replace that time with reading a book. Now, each morning, instead of reaching for my phone, I pick up something motivational and read a chapter. As a result, I start my day feeling more positive and inspired instead of allowing Twitter to decide my mood.

I’ve recently read Shine: Rediscovering Your Energy, Happiness and Purpose which I would recommend. 

Home Spa.

Creating a home spa (or a luxury bubble bath) is such a blissful way to unwind and escape technology. In my opinion, we should all be visiting our DIY spa regularly, booking ourselves in for a few hours to relax and recharge. Why not treat yourself to a bubble bath, with a few candles, then pop on a face mask and your favourite chilled tunes and let the stress melt away. No phones allowed (unless it’s to listen to Spotify).

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I hope this post has given you some ideas and inspired you to treat yourself to regular digital detoxes. Even if you just switch off for an hour each day and do something offline, we can still enjoy the many positive benefits. What is your favourite way to spend your time without technology? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! <3

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Not For Ponies: Quirky Homeware and Interiors

[AD – I was gifted products from Not For Ponies in exchange for an honest review]

Firstly, hello, hello, hello, it has been a while hasn’t it! But Bexa is backkkk with a selection of colourful and quirky lifestyle products to impress your eyeballs. This kooky collection is designed by Not For Ponies – a clothing, accessories and homeware shop which started life as a bohemian market stall that traveled festivals & arts fairs and grew into an independent lifestyle brand. It aims to add a sprinkle of fun to your day with rich vibrant colours, playful prints and fun statement pieces. Yayyy, bring on the colourfulness…!

Why not check out Not For Ponies on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

I was very kindly allowed to pick five items from their brand new range and honestly, I loved everything, it was such a tough decision. I wanted alllll the pretty colourful things so this is what I went for: Fab Cushion / Back To Mine Notebook / Gin Shopper Bag / Cuppa Tea Shopper Bag / Cuppa Tea Wall Hanging.

Cuppa Tea Shopper Bag: A cup of tea can make everything better, right? This is a fun and practical tote bag which is perfect for brightening up any shopping trip. It’s made from 100% organic cotton, it’s cheerful, colourful and ideal for tea lovers. It’s a unique design and great quality or should I say qualitea (pun alert).

Back To Mine Notebook: YASSS IT’S A NOTEBOOK. Be still my stationery-loving-heart. Here we have the A5 bright blue vinyl record design with lined pages. It’s an awesome gift for music lovers, notebook lovers or people who are fond of the colour blue. Also available as a cushion to add a splash of colour to your home.

Gin Shopper Bag: Stressful shopping trip? Not For Ponies have got you covered with this vibrant pink gin tote bag. Sometimes we need something a little stronger than a cup of tea to tackle those bigger shopping trips and thankfully this gin canvas bag is here for you. Plus it’s bright pink so extra cool points there.

Fab Cushion: The fabulous fab cushion is a sure way to brighten up any home. It features big, bold lettering and a cheerful yellow pom-pom trim. It stands out, looks awesome and is a fab addition to any room. This would look pretty funky teamed up with the Bright Side Cushion, Cuppa Tea Cushion and Gin Cushion.

Cuppa Tea Wall Hanging: Another perfect accessory for tea lovers to match the tote bag, notebook and cushion. These wall hangings are great for adding some colour to walls or (genius idea coming up…) if you are an enamel pin fanatic like me, this could be an awesome & unique way to display your collection.

A big thank you to Not For Ponies for gifting me all these wonderfully quirky creations, colourful things always make me happy and my home is looking much more bright & cheerful right now. Yayyy! =)

Which item is your favourite? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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