Cattitude Box

[AD – I was gifted a Cattitude Subscription Box in exchange for an honest review]

You know sometimes you stumble across a product and think: this is 100% me. Well, this happened recently when I discovered that Cattitude Boxes (a gift box for cat ladies and their cats) were a thing. Crazy cat lady? Tick. Subscription box lover? Tick. It sounded purrr-fect (be prepared, there’s more) so feline excited, I said yes paw-lease and the box was here be-fur we knew it. It’s claw-some. Okay, I’m done, here’s the box…

A Cattitude Box is full of unique cat gifts and lifestyle/home accessories – every month there are treats for the furry ones and new ways for you to parade your crazy cat lady status! It is such a cool delivery (the box alone is brilliant enough) and now Simba, Zazu and Aladdin understand exactly why mummy cat blogs.

In the box: Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts Treats, CatStronauts backpack, Lily’s Kitchen Organic Fish Dinner, Puss In Pearl Stud Earrings, Super Cute Adjustable Kitty Ring, Cat Slogan Necklace and Crazy Cat Lady Badge.

CatStronauts backpack: I mean, space is pretty awesome right, but a space-cat is off the awesomeness scale. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, you are really witnessing a CatStronaut on a backpack. I challenge you to find a cooler bag, in the meantime I’m taking this little beauty to my next yoga class =)

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Fish: Simba and Zazu are the world’s most fussiest eaters and insist I only buy cat food in gravy. Aladdin (who isn’t technically my cat but has adopted me, especially around dinner time) will eat anything. No surprises who would be reviewing this then. Aladdin ate it all in 3.5 seconds, looked at me for more, then lay on his back for the rest of the afternoon and napped. Happy cat right there, five stars.

Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts: All three volunteered themselves for treat tasting, no cat would ever turn down the finest salmon and trout. It’s good for digestive health and contains omega 3 & 6 for a healthy glossy coat (I’ve just told the cats this and they are now outside showing off to the lady cats down the road).

Cat Postcard: I’m such a postcard lover and have a fair few on my walls, but this one wins without a doubt for the most cute and adorable. “I want to meow with you forever” oh my heart.

Cat Necklace: I love that this box is not just for cats (sorry cats, you can’t have all the fun) but it’s also designed for their crazy humans too. This necklace is really cute and I adore the message behind it. Strut your independence you’re are purrfect just the way you are. Yesss! So adorably sweet and sassy!

Puss in pearl studs: Not only is there a pretty necklace, Cattitude have included a pair of cat-style pearl earrings. I never knew there was so much cat themed jewellery out there in the world and if I did, I would most certainly own it all. These are really cute especially as each stud has little cat ears on!

Super cute adjustable kitty ring: To complete the set there is a ring for all those glamorous cat mummies. More ears = more cuteness. I’m glad the only three pieces of jewellery I now own are all cat related.

Crazy Cat Lady Badge: This is me summed up perfectly in a badge. I love it =)

I hope you enjoyed checking out all the cat themed goodies in this month’s Cattitude box! You can sign up here for monthly or bi-monthly boxes or you can even surprise the crazy cat ladies in your life with their own unfurrgettable gift box. Are you a crazy cat lady? Would you and your feline friends enjoy this box?

Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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Love Heart Cupcakes

It’s Valentine’s Day! Despite being very single (and very okay about that) I decided to get creative in the kitchen this week and make some love heart themed cupcakes! Because, everyone deserves cake, right? In this episode of Baking With Bexa, my old trusty friend Betty Crocker is lending a hand. She can take care of the practicalities and getting all the measurements right, whilst I can have fun with the decorating and making it all colourful. Here is how to add a pink-lovey-dovey twist to a regular Vanilla Cupcake Mix.

You will need:

Betty Crocker Vanilla Cupcake Mix

Dr. Oetker Pretty Pink Cupcake Icing

Cake Angels Blush Sprinkles

Love Hearts

Colour Cups Cupcake Cases

2 x large eggs, 3 tbsp olive oil

The only man in my kitchen this Valentines Day is Dr. Oetker… whoever he is.

These cakes are super simple and can be easily modified to suit your style. If you want Chocolate Cupcake Icing or Vanilla Cupcake Icing, Dr. Oetker has got you covered. Or what about a Rainbow Mega Mix of Sprinkles? Maybe Pastel Cupcake Cases are more your thing. You can let your creative side run wild. 

As with previous baking posts, I am never far from a baking kit. This year, I have already made Unicorn Confetti Cupcakes and Rainbow Cake Pops (yay for colourful cooking!) I find a kit takes the stress and mess out of baking and just leaves you to do the fun and pretty decorating bit.

For the cakes, all you need to do is add Betty’s cake mix, 2 large eggs, 3 tbsp of oil and 3 tbsp of water to a mixing bowl. Mix well, pop into cases and bake for 15-17 minutes at 180 degrees. It really is that simple!

I picked up these cute polka dot cupcake cases from Hobbycraft by Colour Cups. I got 36 in a pack and only used 8, so expect to see these again on the blog in the future.  It was a tough choice between these and a pack of Dots And Stripes Cupcake cases. But multicoloured polka dots won for today.

Betty C says the kit makes 9 cupcakes. I just had enough for 8, I’m assuming I’m either way more generous with my portions or I have larger cases. However, no complaints here – I’m fully supporting bigger cakes!  

Betty Crocker never lets you down, her cupcakes always come out looking perfect!

For the icing, you need to select one of Dr. Oetker’s nozzles. There are four, and I picked the wrong one first – the icing was very flat, unphotogenic and generally disappointing. So I went for his largest nozzle which seemed to do a satisfactory job. There are way too many innuendo’s here… Must. Stop. Typing.

Unfortunately we lost two cupcakes, one due to the poor icing attempt and the other the icing ran out before it even got a chance. Don’t worry – they were still very edible even if they didn’t make it through to the sprinkle stage. As I only had six left so there was no room for decoration errors…

Thankfully, it was all straight forward from here: just sprinkle the sprinkles and pop in a love heart!

I didn’t realize but some of the Love Heart sweets are totally cringe. Nobody wants a soppy cupcake. The one’s I picked where Love, Dream On, Stay Cool, Bestie, Sweet Heart and one with a sunglasses emoji, as sunglasses are cool, yo. ‘Sugar Lips’, ‘Cheeky Boy’ and ‘Love Bug’ were not going to make the cut.

Stay cool and eat cupcakes. 

So there ya go! Cupcakes are ready! I hope you enjoyed reading about my afternoon baking adventures with Betty Crocker, Dr. Oetker’s nozzles and cringe Love Heart sweets. I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day, single or in a relationship, it doesn’t matter just make sure it involves cake! <3

Have you used a Betty Crocker kit before? What are your favourite cupcakes? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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Katie Abey Magical Mystery Bag

Having an Instagram account has introduced me to a wonderful world of colourful creators. I’m forever stumbling across talented illustrators, admiring their beautiful feeds and wanting to purchase EVERYTHING in their stores. Katie Abey is one of my favourites. I have adored her bright, vibrant and witty designs for a while now, I mean how could I not love them, her work combines two of my favourite things: puns & colour.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a photo of Katie’s Magical Mystery Bag pop up on my Instagram. A whole bag of colourful surprises! £45 worth of stuff for just £25! Ahhh! I didn’t need much thinking time, I had already made my purchase and couldn’t wait to receive my selection of goodies…

From the Etsy description: You will get one of our tote bag range filled with goodies from our shop. Some of the items are discontinued stock and some are slight seconds but most is perfectly perfect stock, such as greeting cards, postcards, enamel pins, mirrors, patches and tea light holders.

I already have a few Katie Abey postcards from Paperchase, which I couldn’t help but add them to this bundle. It would be wrong of me to leave The Cheerful Chinchilla & Pig Of Persistence out of this blog post.

Who is Katie Abey? Katie describes herself as Illustrator human, Tea lover, Hogwarts alumni and mother of cat. Her products provide daily doses of motivation, happiness, sarcasm and a sprinkling of llamas and dinosaurs. Katie is the creator of the fabulous The Mug of Motivation, which appeared in my previous post: 5 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger. Her team even have a high street shop in Alfreton, Derbyshire!

The first thing which made me smile was the brilliant Unexpected Item In Bagging Area Tote Bag. This has gotta be the coolest tote bag I’ve ever seen, look THERE IS A PINK CAT in the bagging area. Fantastic!

My enamel pin and badge collection is currently on hold at the moment due to trying to save money. But when you have just spent £25 on a mystery bag, I guess that plan goes out the window… hah.

You can check out the fabulous range of badges here – it’s cute, colourful and punny!

Be Nice Or Go Away Badge.

Check Out My Whiskers Badge.

Taco Cat Spelled Backwards Is Taco Cat, wow yeah, it actually is. This is my new favourite palindrome.

The Pad Of Productivity – I’ve actually had this on my wish list for a while now so was pretty delighted when one arrived in my goodie bag. I love love love the colours and the motivational characters. I can’t wait to write my to-do lists on here, and I’m sure this pad will indeed inspire me to do all the things =)

What do you need so many postcards for? I hear you ask. Well, when they are not brightening up my walls, I also use them for scrapbooking. Check out the post: Make Your Own Motivational Scrapbook.

As promised, Katie included a couple of her humorous greetings cards. Having a blank Christmas Card in February is the most organised I’ve ever been in my entire life. Congrats On Your Tiny Human card is ideal if you need to congratulate someone on their tiny human. See the full range of comedy cards here. 

If Snapechat isn’t punny enough for Harry Potter fans, you can also get a pack of 7 Severus Snape Illustrated Postcards (try saying that fast!). This pack includes funny illustrations and brilliantly witty word play such as Sellosnape, Snapes On A Plane and Severus Crepe (basically, Snape in a Crepe).

Finally, I received this cute Donut Worry Beanie Hat – designed to keep you cheerful in the colder months.

I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peek at all the fun and colourful treats I received in the Katie Abey Magical Mystery Bag! Which item is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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My Perfect Self Care Evening

I’m sure you have all heard of the term ‘self care’, it pops up on the internet every 5 minutes. No doubt you have also spotted something along the lines of “self care is more than a bubble bath, self care is more than lighting a candle” and so on, which in my opinion, just over-complicates quite a simple concept. To me, self care is whatever you need it to be in order to bring some calmness and clarity into your world.

If a bubbly bath with all the candles makes you feel relaxed, hop in. If binge watching Netflix helps you to unwind after a stressful day, go for it, I’ve watched an entire series in two days so no judgement here. We are all different, so you do you. Today, I thought I’d share my perfect self care evening, inspired after I picked up some discounted bits in the Boots sale which all came to an impressive total of less than a tenner.

1. Have A Bath

I often wonder how much of my life I’ve spent in the bath. I would be a serious contender for a Guinness World Record as the longest bather (my personal best is nearly two hours). I find it is the perfect way to switch off and let the stress melt away. I’ll either watch a YouTube video or listen to a Spotify playlist. It’s blissful and I feel like a brand new person afterwards (or at least a more relaxed warmer version of myself).

2. Do Some Yoga

Admittedly, sometimes I skip this step and head straight for the Netflix phase of the evening. Although, when I’m feeling it, doing some yoga can increase relaxation levels dramatically. My go-to yoga is Yoga With Adriene on YouTube – there are tons of different videos to suit every level, every mood and every schedule. On self-care evenings, I opt for a more chilled, cosy, restorative routine and let the yoga work it’s magic.

3. Treat Yourself

As I mentioned at the start, self care can be whatever you need it to be. There are no rules to say you need to be super healthy, drink a litre of lemon water and meditate for 30 minutes, if that is not your thing. Self care can be an indulgent hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, self care can be a takeaway pizza or simply your favourite home cooked meal. Whatever makes you happy, that’s caring for yourself.

4. Netflix And Duvet

Netflix is a wonderful invention, isn’t it? I’m relatively new to the world of Netflix, having only stole my sisters account a few months ago, but I’ve made it my goal in life to catch up. Netflix And Duvet is now an essential part of my self care evening. A few recent favourite lighthearted films have been: Dumplin, The Fundamentals Of Caring and How To Be Single. The series ‘You’ is pretty addictive too. What are your faves?

5. And Sleep

I would totally add ‘napping’ to my CV if that kinda thing was appreciated in the workplace. Sadly, it’s not seen a respectable employment skill but still, I am very good at it. Sleep is basically one huge extended glorious nap and the more time we allocate to this activity, the better we feel. Going to bed early gives the opportunity for a longer sleep and longer sleep = happiness. It’s that simple, in my world it is anyway.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my perfect self care evening. I’d love to hear what your perfect evening looks like and do you have any Netflix recommendations too? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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