Having recently come home from a trip to Italy (and eating way too much pizza and ice cream), I was thinking about all the different foods I have tried on various other holidays. So far, I have now been 18 Amazing Places (+ Italy) and experienced a range of different menus from all around the world. Today, I thought I would share with you some of my foodie highlights from a few different places I’ve visited, simply because food and travel are two of my most favourite things. So if you are feeling keen to plan your next holiday and sample some of the local dishes, check out destination2.co.uk for tons of holiday inspiration.


I absolutely love everything about Greece, especially their food. One of my favourite dishes is the gyros (literally meaning “turn”) which is meat wrapped in a pita with tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce often served with fries. It’s pretty much the Greek version of a kebab. If I am feeling slightly healthier, the Greek Salad is always a delicious option with feta, olives, tomato, peppers, onions, lettuce and olive oil normally served with pita and tzatziki sauce. Oh yeah, and you can’t mention Greek food without including Greek Tapas. This is a selection of little nibbles served on a platter and comes with all sorts such as hummus, stuffed vine leaves, falafel, pita, spinach pie, meatballs… okay, this is making me super hungry. What is your favourite dish to eat in Greece?


The other day, I went to Chiquito for my birthday which reminded me how tasty Mexican really food is. I went for the classic fajitas but it was a tough choice between that and the burritos and the enchiladas. When I went on holiday to Mexico a few years ago, it seemed the dish of chicken and rice was a firm favorite. That and tacos! There is so much choice out there, whether you are a fan of spicy food or something a little plainer, Mexican dishes are so delicious and healthy too. You also don’t need to look very far to find fresh exotic fruit either, there is everything from the familiar mango and kiwi to more the more obscure things like mamey and tuna fruit. Do you like Mexican dishes, which one is your favourite?


Thailand for me, was my most adventurous foodie holiday. There was no sign of a burger and chips out there. If you like Thai food, then you will love Thailand as it’s even tastier and even cheaper than at home. I still stand by my word that I ate the best ever Pad Thai whilst in Asia (this still hasn’t been beaten yet). Food in Thailand is absolutely everywhere and you can grab something quick and tasty whilst on the move. Popular dishes such as Guay Teow (noodle soup), Poh Pia Tod (spring rolls) and Kai Jeow (omelette and rice) can be found at roadside vendors, in the markets or in restaurants and it’s all so so cheap. A portion of noodles is around 40 baht (90p), how crazy! One of my favourite discoveries was the Banana Roti, a sweet pancake treat which can be ordered with added chocolate. Yum! What is your favourite Thai food?


A travel food blog post is not complete without mentioning Italy. This is my most recent adventure and I certainly had my fair share of pizza, spaghetti, brushetta. It’s not all pizza and pasta though, fish and seafood is a firm favourite on the Italian menu too. If you are a fan of fish, you will not be disappointed as you can get everything from salmon, anchovies, scallops, sea bream, sea bass, tuna and much more! Finally, of course when in Italy you need to sample a tub or five of their famous galeto. There are so many different delicious flavours to pick from – I tried Fragola (strawberry), Cioccolato (chocolate), Malaga (rum and raisin) and something that looked like cookies and cream. Amazing!

I hope you enjoyed my holiday foodie highlights. Writing this post has made me so hungry! Which country has the best food, in your opinion? What food would you like to try? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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Every April, Shaun and I like to have a little holiday to celebrate my birthday. Last year it was Cyprus, this year we picked Sicily. Neither of us have ever been to Italy before, so it seemed like the perfect destination for our next holiday together. We chose well and turned out to be a great week in the sunshine (eating way too much pizza and ice cream) but you gotta enjoy yourself on holiday, right?!

Here are a few snapshots from our adventures in Sicily:

We were staying in bungalows overlooking the sea which was a scenic 30 minute walk to the town of Cefalù. The walk everyday was much needed to burn off all those extra (delicious) calories though.

Cefalù is your traditional Italian town – think balconies, washing, cats, mopeds, galeto and tons and tons of pizzeria restaurants.

If I could describe Sicily in one photograph is would be this cat on a moped.

Everywhere you look there are little ice cream carts and shops with so many delicious flavours. 

This was our first Italian pizza out of a week of many many more. I can now officially say Italian pizza is better than Dominos.

Cefalù is a coastal town so you get to enjoy both the beautiful town and stunning sea views too.

After we spent a day wondering the streets of Cefalù, we decided to go exploring the island and picked the small village of Sant’ Ambrogio to check out.  This place was a short 15-20 minute car journey along the coast and is a bit of a hidden Sicilian gem.

Sant’ Ambrogio is a beautiful village which overlooks the sea. There are only two restaurants and a little shop but we easily spent a few hours wondering around here, enjoying the peace and quiet and stunning views.

The locals in Sant’ Ambrogio are the most friendliest people. We had a bit of an English/Italian communication breakdown with our taxi driver via text so a very kind waiter texted him on our behalf which was extremely helpful.

MORE PIZZA! There is pretty much only three things on the menu in Sicily: pizza, pasta and fish. I certainly ate my fair share of pizza on this trip (I’m now on a pizza detox for a week or so).

The beach town of Capo d’Orlando is about an hour on the train from Cefalù and was were we went for our next day out.  It was one of the most sunniest days of the week, ideal for a leisurely walk along the seafront.

The promenade stretched on for a miles and miles and as we were slightly early for the tourist season, the place was incredibly quiet and relaxing.

Being out of tourist season also meant that practically everywhere was closed. Well, everywhere but the Sweet Bar, so it seemed rude to walk past without popping in for a little tasty treat

Our last day out of the holiday brought us here to Santo Stefano di Camastra. This was a 35 minute train ride from Cefalù, accessible from the station by climbing tons and tons of steps. The climb was worth it though to reach this charming little village in the mountains famous for its pottery.

The place is bursting with colourful ceramics which are displayed outside the shops dotted around the village. Again, this place had such a friendly community (I think my camera and pale skin was a bit of a tourist give away) and we were pointed in the direction of all the pretty sights and architecture.

Shaun and I got a little addicted to the brushetta and ordered it on quite a few occasions.

Overall, I would recommend Sicily if you are looking for a nice break in the Italian sunshine. The weather in April was on average about 20 degrees, so just nice and warm (Shaun didn’t need his 3 bottles of factor 50 after all, but I suppose it’s always good to be prepared he he). I would say Cefalù is a good place to stay as it has reliable public transport to nearby towns and villages and all the shops and restaurants were open already for the season. It’s also super pretty and you can get some real good Instagram pics there, so what more could you possibly need!

Have you ever been to Sicily? Did you enjoy it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments – I’d love to hear from you.




A couple of weeks ago, for my sister’s birthday, I made her two alpaca pin cushions as she had recently taken up sewing. The other day she surprised me with two gorgeous bags which she had created as one of her projects. She made me a colourful pineapple bag and a cute cat bag (she knows me so well). I gotta say for a newbie stitcher, she is very good indeed. Thank you Vicky! (Go check out The Sewing V on Instagram and give her some loveeee).

As Shaun and I are going on holiday to Italy on Sunday, I thought these bags would be ideal for my in-flight essentials. Also, this will be my last post for a week as I haven’t scheduled anything whilst I am away (I am not that organised, hah). So before I go, I thought I’d share with you what’s in my bag.

Soap & Glory Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (50ml) – I mean any antibacterial hand gel will do, but this one is pink so it went in my basket. It’s always good to carry a little bottle of this around with you when travelling as it leaves your hands feeling fresh, smooth and germ-free. It has a nice fruity smell too.

Soap & Glory Hand Food (50ml) – Another essential for me is hand cream. The air con on planes can leave skin feeling dry, so a little top up of this every now and then keeps your hands soft and hydrated. As you can’t take anything over 100ml on a flight, these 50ml bottles are ideal.

Ted Baker Pink Mini Body Spray (50ml) – This stuff smells gorgeous so I couldn’t resist adding it to my in-flight essentials. It’s a nice light fragrance and perfect for freshening up during a flight or at the airport. You really don’t need much so I imagine this will last a while.

Macmillan Cancer Support Compact Mirror – I saw this at the counter in Boots whilst I was checking out and knew it needed to go in the bag. I can’t seem to find them anywhere online, but you can grab one in store and support the charity.

Ultra Soft Pocket Tissues – These pocket tissues were bargain of the day: I got a pack of 6 for £1. Tissues can come in handy for all kinds of situations and you can’t go wrong with a pretty pack of for 16p.

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Rose and Almond Oil – You may have noticed a bit of a pink theme going on in the in-flight essentials bag and this item is no exception. You can get loadsa different pocket-sized Vaseline flavours though and they are super cheap as well so definitely a handy item.

Pocket Posh Crosswords – The only time I ever do a crossword is when I am in the air.  So when I saw this little book of SEVENTY FIVE I thought yesss, this is a must-have for the flight. If crosswords are not your thing, do not fear – there are pocket books on logic, sudoku, wordsearch and many more!

Pink Polka Dot Pocket Notebook – I picked up this cute little book with pencil from Waitrose. It is always handy to carry around a notebook when travelling to jot down important things to remember like train times, hotel details, emergency contact numbers (in case you lose your phone) and so on.

Here is the cute cat bag which I am going to put passports, Euros, E-tickets and my iPod and then I’m ready to go! I hope you enjoyed checking out my in-flight essentials. What do you have in your bag when you travel? Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments!

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I love keeping my holiday memories alive in various travel scrapbooks. Today, I am going to share with you my Gran Canaria scrapbook and the highlights from the very first holiday Shaun and I went on together. At the time we had only known each other about six weeks but we still decided to book a spontaneous sunny break to this beautiful island in the Canaries. Why wait, hey! Thankfully it was a good trip and 18 months on, we are still together.

So whether you are looking for a romantic couples break or just some fun in the sun with family and friends, Holiday Gems have some fantastic offers right now, go visit the website and book that dream getaway.

Gran Canaria has year round sunshine and there is so much to see and do. This holiday had a good mix of days out, boat trips and just chilling on the beach with a glass (or two+) of sangria. We stayed in the resort of Bahia Feliz, which gave us good access to visit different parts of the island by bus and taxi.

Playa del Ingles is a gorgeous part of the island. It is a lively resort with white sandy beaches and miles and miles of sand dunes. We walked along the sand and it felt like we were in the desert. You can even go camel trekking if you want to have that real desert like experience. On our visit, we enjoyed a few games of mini golf and a leisurely stroll around the town. Such a fun day!

For something a little different, we spent another day in Puerto de Mogán. This is such a picturesque, peaceful little fishing village and I remember we ate a very tasty spaghetti bolognese here. It made me laugh when I asked the waiter if he had wi-fi and he replied with a straight face: ‘No, but I have white fish’. This place was stunning and perfect for those photo opportunities. 

Our holiday was in July and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. If you are a spontaneous kinda holiday-goer and you can’t wait until the summer, you can be sure Gran Canaria has sunny weather whenever you arrive. The average temp. in February is 21°C, getting warmer and warmer as the year goes on. Perfect for relaxing on the beach and soaking up some sunshine.

Our most favourite activity was to enjoy a few glasses of sangria on the balcony, playing cards and enjoying the glorious weather. It was such an amazing holiday and always has so many special memories for Shaun and I. We would definitely go back again as it is such an affordable, sunny getaway which isn’t too far to travel from the UK. So I say why wait, go book yourself a week or two on this beautiful island today.  

Have you been to Gran Canaria? Do you enjoy exploring or relaxing on the beach? Let me know in the comments!

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