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Zante Travel Diaries

Tuesday 19th September 2017 Shaun and I woke up bright and early ready for our Zante adventure. I did a Yoga with Adrienne called Ocean Flow which was perfect for the holiday mood. We got ready, did our final checks and left to get our train. There was a bit of concern as as couldn’t find our flight on the Gatwick live departures website but we decided to sort that out once we reached the airport. Whether we were travelling…

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Study Tips from an Open University student

I wanted to make this first blog post something personal and useful to look back on. After all, blogs are a bit like online diaries aren’t they? They document your life for the viewing pleasure of anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection. I’ve been wanting to create a little space online for me to share my thoughts and general ramblings for a while and now we have it.  Hello Bexa is here. 

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