Scrapbook Music Memory Jar: A Collab With Book Murmuration

I’ve been lucky enough to collab with some wonderful bloggers already so I’m always excited when a new opportunity comes my way. A few weeks ago, the lovely Louise from Book Murmuration suggested the idea of working together on scrapbook memory jar posts and straight away I thought this is exactly my kinda thing! Admittedly, I didn’t quite know what a scrapbook memory jar was, but after a quick Google Image search I knew I would love creating my own.

Louise is a book addict, cat lover and kidlit fan-girl with a love for bath stuff, stationery, walking, writing, cake and all things Disney. If you love books, pretty stationery and colourful things, I encourage you to check out Louise on Instagram, and give a follow over on Twitter as well! Why not head over to Book Murmuration to find out what Louise has included in her scrapbook memory jar too…

After a bit of thought, I decided to make a jar dedicated to music memories. I have a dusty old box of CD’s which I am too sentimental (lazy) to get rid of and a collection of concert tickets which I rarely look at. The memory jar was the perfect opportunity to get all my old memorabilia out and create an awesome 3D scrapbook to display on my shelf. Other ideas could include holidays, days out or special occasions.

The cool thing about scrapbook memory jars is that anything and everything can go in them. I found a selection of concert tickets, album sleeves, pins, badges, patches, guitar plectrums, festival wrist bands and gig flyers which I had collected. It was so nostalgic seeing concert tickets from over ten years ago.

I haven’t bought a CD in actual years, so it was pretty awesome to get a snapshot of my music tastes during my CD buying days. Although not much has changed, I’m forever listening to Oasis songs.

I found these cute cassette bookmarks which were perfect for the music memory jar. I also added my pretty guitar plectrums as this represents both my love of playing the guitar and colourful things.

I couldn’t make a music jar without including a few musical enamel pins. The Rainbow Guitar Amp is by Brittpaperscissors, the 80s Mixtape is made by Colouryourlifeclub and the Union Jack Fender Strat is from Amazon and it is only £3.49, what a pin-lovers bargain.

A small selection of badges from my punk days (the rest of them were too rude for the blog, hah).

I love that everything here represents a little bit of my music tastes, yay for cheesy 80s tunes! 

A festival wrist band which I have had for 12 years now, wow.

And here is the scrapbook music memory jar decorated with washi tape, guitar plectrums, stickers.

This was a really fun thing to do, thank you to Louise for the awesome idea! Why not head over to Book Murmuration to find out what Louise has included in her scrapbook memory jar too… Have you made a scrapbook memory jar? What mementos would you put in yours? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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