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Have you got a special date you want to remember forever? Maybe it’s a wedding, anniversary or birthday? Then this Custom Star Map from Modern Map Art could be just what you are looking for! I was recently asked if I wanted my very own Star Map to review and of course I said yes please! The special date which immediately sprang to mind was the date that Shaun & I first met.

The Star Map gives the exact coordinates of where we met. Being a bit of a nerd, I googled them and I can confirm that Winchester, UK appeared as the top result. The print also shows how the stars looked on the evening of Saturday 14th May 2016 which I think is super cool. 

I went for a blue map on a white background, however, you can pick from a range of colour schemes such as a black background and white text. I also picked the title: ‘The Story Of Us’ as I thought this date marks the very first page of our story together.

You can choose absolutely anything you like such as ‘Together Forever’, ‘The Night Sky’ or you can really personalize it with your names. There are a selection of different fonts and I found the preview window so handy to see what my print would look like as I went along.

You can completely customize the message underneath too, I chose to keep it simple with the location, date and coordinates. Finally, you can choose whether to have a border and if you want constellations (for those not too familiar with astrology, like myself, these are just the lines which make patterns between the stars). Overall, the whole process is really straight forward as your awesome Star Map is created right in front of your very eyes.

When the print arrived the other day, I showed it to Shaun and he loved it. It’s a perfect and unique gift to remember special occasions and something you can proudly frame and display in your home. Modern Map Art do a whole range of products such as typography prints, scratch maps, city skylines, hiking trail maps, pillow maps and custom street map prints. There really is something for everyone at Modern Map Art

Thank you to Modern Map Art for my fantastic Star Map, it’s awesome! You can also check out them out on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. 

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