10 Things To Do: Phuket, Thailand

Since I wrote the post 18 Amazing Places I Have Visited In The Last Seven Years, I have been really keen to write a blog just on my adventures in Thailand. So when Printiki contacted me and invited me to use their photo printing service I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my holiday snaps. I was really impressed when my travel Polaroids arrived and thought the little captions underneath looked awesome. You can check out Printiki on Instagram and Twitter for more DIY photo project ideas. Use the code S6THU8R2 to get free shipping on your order! Before you do that, here are 10 things to do in Phuket, Thailand. (Paperchase Travel Notebook / Travel Stickers)

Night Markets

Night markets are always so much fun and you can probably grab yourself a bargain or two whilst you are there. These markets are popular in Asia – the idea is you avoid the hot humid afternoon heat and shop when the weather is a little cooler. The Phuket Weekend Market is the largest on the island and it sells everything from food to clothes to guitars and perfumes. You can pick up a t-shirt for 100 Thai Baht which is about £2.00. Amazing!


A massage is a must when visiting Phuket. Not only are they super relaxing, they are super cheap too! A 60 minute aroma massage costs about 300 Baht which is just under £7. I had a massage pretty much everyday when I was in Thailand, it was incredible. One word of advice though – Thai massages can be slightly painful. I remember naively opting for this style of massage, feeling ready for 60 minutes of pure bliss, when suddenly I felt tiny fingers jabbing me and my limbs getting contorted into all sorts of positions I never imagined possible. Yikes. Nevertheless, I’m sure it did me some good.

Thai Food

I still stand by the statement that I ate the best Pad Thai ever when I visited Phuket. Nothing has quite beaten it yet. Like everything else, the food is cheap and really tasty too. The average cost of a basic Thai meal in a restaurant is 90 to 150 Baht (£2 – £4) and the street food is even cheaper. If you find a street vendor that does pancakes I would recommend you give them a try. Seriously, Thai pancakes are delicious.


The Temples in Thailand are absolutely beautiful and if you are looking for numerous statues of Buddhas then these are the places to go. I went to Wat Chalong on my trip – one of the largest Buddhist temples in Phuket. These are free to visit but you have to be mindful of a few rules such as no shoes in the temple, women are required to cover their shoulders and knees and you mustn’t touch the statues or other Buddhist relics. The temple was so peaceful and is such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.


Thailand is famous for it’s stunning and tropical beaches. You don’t need to go far to uncover another sandy piece of paradise. Thailand has a wide range from serene secluded beaches to party hotspots. Phra Nang Beach (James Bond Island) is one of the most beautiful and can be reached by boat from Ao Nang. Also Ko Phi Phi Leh is equally as stunning and has been made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s film “The Beach.” These places can get really crowded though so make sure you go early in the day.


Ready to take your life in your own hands? Then go catch a ride on a tuk-tuk. This is the most popular mode of transport around the island and a must-do experience for anyone visiting Asia, even if it’s just the once. There are no standard prices for tuk-tuks so prepare to be either find yourself a bargain or be completely ripped off. Avoid scams by agreeing your price up front and don’t get poached into sneaky tuk-tuk tours as they usually involve a non-negotiable visit to a jewelry shop or a souvenir shop.

Elephant Trekking

Another typical Thai experience is to go elephant trekking. In Phuket, Kok Chang Safari offers a chance to ride an elephant and feed it bananas too. This is slightly more costly, but is a once in a lifetime experience. For 30 minutes, you pay 1400 Baht (£32) which helps towards the elephant’s natural conservation and care. The guide leads the elephant and it’s passengers through dense tropical forest along paths and trails, stopping for photo opportunities along the way.


Patong is the party capital of Phuket. It is a bustling beach town well-known for its vibrant exciting nightlife. Bangla Road is at the heart of is all and is jam packed with live music, neon lights and cheap alcohol.  If you have never seen a real-life Ladyboy, you won’t need to wait long for your first encounter in this part of Phuket. It’s all very entertaining and friendly and a fun to experience this lively part of the island.


When you are not riding in tuk-tuks or trekking on elephants, it nice to learn a bit about Thai culture. Thai people are seriously the most friendliest people in the world, hence why Thailand is called the Land Of The Smiles. On my trip I learned a little about Thai traditions. So, if you are curious why some boats have colourful ribbons around them, there is why. Thai people use these to keep the ‘sea spirits’ calm and peaceful so that nothing bad will happen to them on their voyage.


The most important thing to do in Phuket is to relax. Thailand is has become a favorable destination for yoga and meditation retreats due to its gorgeous scenery and chilled out spiritual atmosphere. There are tons of places to practice yoga if that is your thing. Or make sure your treat yourself to a indulgent beach massage for optimum relaxation.

Have you visited Phuket? What is your favourite thing to do on the island? I would love to hear your experiences!

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