Snapshots from the beach: Boscombe to Hengistbury Head

It’s been a while since Shaun and I went on a random adventure, so on a bright sunny Sunday I grabbed my camera and off we went to the train station for a day out. After a false start, where the train decided to split in two at the station without telling us and half went one way and half went the other (we were on the wrong half) we eventually turned back and got on the correct train to Bournemouth.  As we are lucky enough to live only 51 minutes away from the seaside, it would have been a shame not to visit the beach on this glorious day. 

We got off the train at Boscombe which is the stop just before Bournemouth, mainly because we were starving a knew a place which did really nice food.

Urban Beach. 23 Argyll Road, Bournemouth, BH5 1EB

Urban Beach has been our favourite place to eat whenever we visit Bournemouth. It’s a chilled out bar/restaurant with a beach/surf vibe. The staff are always so friendly and make us feel extremely welcome. I blogged about our fab experience here in October and today was just as good. As soon as I saw that Sunday Roast was on the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted to order.

I asked if they did vegetarian roast dinners and yes they did! This is the mushroom and asparagus roast with cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes (there are also parsnips and carrots hiding in there somewhere). Yum! Shaun went for a similar but meaty version. As always, the food was delicious and we felt ready to go on a little (8 mile) walk along the beach.

Boscombe is the home of the most colourful instagrammable beach huts. 

When you get the Boscombe pier you can either turn right towards Bournemouth or head left towards Southbourne. We decided to turn left and walk along the promenade. We didn’t have a plan, we just wanted to a leisurely stroll along the beach and see where we ended up.

It was such a lovely day – we saw a game of beach volleyball, people swimming in the sea, families and friends relaxing outside their beach huts. There is something about the seaside that makes you feel instantly chilled and calm.

This is the classic “Shaun stand there and pretend to take a photo, pose”

If you keep walking along the promenade, eventually you arrive at this very scenic grassy bit. We soon realized we were heading towards Hengistbury Head which according to Google is a ‘headland jutting into the English Channel between Bournemouth and Mudeford in the English county of Dorset, it incorporates many different habitats and supports a wide variety wildlife and rare plant species’. 

What would I do without Google hey.

We carried on walking along the very scenic grassy bit until we reached the top of a hill. More Googling tells me that this is grassy plateau of Warren Hill. If you look to the left you can see the bay of Hengistbury Head. If you are walking from Boscombe, these seats are very much needed for a quick rest.

We followed the path which took us right down to the beach huts of Hengistbury Head. These are no ordinary beach huts though, they are like mini homes, equipped with little kitchens, beds, sofas, TVs, outside bbqs, they are pretty cool.

They are located on the beautiful Mudeford Split which has a harbour on one side, a beach on the other and a cafe which sells you a refreshing glass of lime and lemonade for £3.50 a pint.

These were originally fishing huts but now they are a collection of 365 vibrant and colourful beach huts which make up a friendly community by the sea.

I’ve just found out you can even rent these out for a week here if you have a spare £750 – £1,000 lying around.  These must be the world’s most expensive beach huts as one recently went on sale for £300,000 which you could actually buy a house for. Although I gotta say, the views of the harbour are lovely.

After spending a while sitting on the beach, resting our feet after the 4 mile walk from Boscombe. We prepared ourselves for the return journey. Top tip: when you walk a long way, it’s always worth remembering that you gotta walk back.

It was such a warm summery evening though, so we didn’t mind too much.

I hope you enjoyed my snapshots from the beach. My feet have just about recovered now from the mammoth trek. Have you been to Boscombe/Hengistbury Head? Do you prefer relaxing on the beach or walking and exploring? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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