The YAY Makers: September Box

It’s that time of the month again where I share with you the latest bundle of fun, colour and awesomeness from The YAY Makers subscription box. Hold tight because this one is a blast from the past… a whole box of full of retro throwback threats to satisfy your inner 90’s child. Also: bring on the sugar high! <3

Who are The YAY Makers? The YAY Makers love teaming up with inspirational Indie artists to accessorise your life with colour and motivate you to get creative. Each box contains limited-edition products from talented makers, creators and designers from across the world. Go sign up and put some YAY in your day!

In September’s box: Back In The Day enamel pin by Squeals For Thrills / Personalised Banner by Cotton Clara / Lollipop by The Happy Mail / YAY mirror by RAD Creative / Tags by The YAY Makers / Retro Sweets.

Yes, the print quite rightly states, this box is totally awesome. As the days of Freddo’s costing 5p, Tamagotchi’s being our only responsibility and pick ‘n’ mix coming from Woolworths are long gone – The YAY Makers are bringing us a delightful nostalgia hit with this collection of 90’s themed goodies and sweets. 

In this month’s box, The YAY Makers have been super resourceful and have created handmade tags made from left-over inserts from previous boxes. This is such a cool way to jazz up presents and gifts – plus they are super easy to make so with Christmas on the way, this is such an inspirational idea!

Personalised Banner by Cotton Clara – this is exactly the kinda embroidery kit that I love, it’s so easy to do. Just one simple stitch is needed to complete this project – so perfect for beginners who want to create something fun and pretty without too much stress. The perfect way to unwind, relax and get creative.

How fantastic does this Lollipop by The Happy Mail look? Let me tell you, it tasted even better and was a proper trip down memory lane with all these throwback sweeties! The Happy Mail create fun, colourful treats bursting with rainbows, sprinkles, sweets and chocolate. They look and taste AMAZING!

If you think the sweetie lolly is impressive, you should see what other amazing treats are available from The Happy Mail. I’m loving the Halloween themed items and especially loving the Feeling The Love Junk Mail box – pack with 14 different fun sized delicious chocolately treats to share or not share.

Retro sweets! <3 The important question is: where you team fruit salad or team black jack? Vote now.

Back In The Day enamel pin by Squeals For Thrills – a maths class wasn’t a maths class without someone attempting to spell a cheeky word on the calculator, so this enamel pin gave me a good giggle. Lorna, the talented designer, takes inspiration from pop culture, cheesy music and 80s and 90s films and TV shows.

If you love this, why not head over to Squeals For Thrills  where you’ll find Queen, Elton John, David Bowie and tons more 80s/90s related goodies! My fave is the Elton ‘You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Card’ greeting card. Brilliant! Also be super organised and check out the collection of retro Christmas cards!

Hooray For The YAY pocket mirror is designed by Jodie from RAD Creative and makes the perfect accessory to brighten up your make-up bag. Another colourful and happy gift from The YAY Makers! <3

I hope you enjoyed having a look at all the talented artists and Indie businesses in this month’s box. I love that The YAY Makers enable us to discover awesome creators and find new favourite shops! If you are interested in signing up for their subscription boxes, click here and let the colour and creativity come to your doorstep each month. You can also catch sneak peeks of their goodies over on Instagram too!

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