5 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger

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Unless you are a blogger, it is hard to explain to someone just how demanding being a blogger actually is. We do a lot of things, right? We have to divide our time between content creating, promoting, researching, learning, supporting, keeping up with our social medias and so on. On top of all that, we need to be constantly thinking ahead and planning the next post, trying to keep our ideas fresh, interesting and original.

There is never a dull moment as a blogger and when we are full of inspiration it is the best thing ever! However, what happens when ideas run dry, enthusiasm fades and we have no idea what to write about next. It can happen to any of us at any time, so if you are feeling like you have lost your blogging spark, here are 5 ways to help you stay motivated and full of new and exciting ideas…

1. Browse Pinterest

The quickest way to get inspired is to get ideas from other bloggers. If you look at Pinterest Group Boards you can see thousands of awesome blog posts, all in one place. Last year, I created a group board called Share Your Blog Posts, which currently has over 30K pins and hundreds of active pinners. Group Boards for bloggers are a fantastic way to get inspired as well as share you latest posts with others – everyone is welcome (feel free to drop me an e-mail if you would like to be join and I’ll invite you).

2. Put Yourself Out There

Teaming up with brands and working on collaborative posts is such an awesome way to create new and exciting content. Jenny from Jenny In Neverland has written a fantastic post on How And Where To Find Blogging Opportunities which covers everything you could possibly need to know. Also, Chloe from Chloe Chats has written such a helpful and detailed post on Tips & Advice On How To Write Up A Pitch To Brands.

It can be disheartening when you don’t get a response, but be persistent, keep applying and putting yourself out there and you never know what exciting e-mail might arrived in your inbox next…

3. Write It Down

I’m such a planner nerd and a pretty notebook can do wonders for keeping me inspired. Recently, I shared my Stationery Essentials For Bloggers to show how I plan, organise and keep up with my blogging life. I find that using a daily to-do list helps me stay on track and motivated. I also keep a couple of notebook nearby to jot down thoughts and ideas whenever inspiration strikes. Nice stationery can be so encouraging.

4. Interact, Support & Engage

Being a blogger can get lonely at times but thankfully there is a fantastic community of supportive people and we can all encourage each other. Sometimes all it takes is a genuine and friendly comment that could give someone a huge motivational boost. Just knowing their post has been read, enjoyed and appreciated could make the world of difference, and it only takes five minutes of your time.

Every Sunday at 9am I host the Sunday Blog Swap on Twitter, an all day thread where you can share your latest blog posts, comment, like and make new friends! Come along and support your fellow bloggers! =)

Other favourites include: Teacup Club (Monday & Thursday at 5pm), Sophie from Glow Steady (Tuesday at 8pm) and Bloggers Tribe (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8pm).

5. Have Fun!

Last but not least, to stay motivated you need to enjoy what you do. If you are feeling bored with your blog, spice things up and make some changes. Set yourself a challenge, a project or try something completely new. Why not team up with a blogging friend and do a collab? I’ve had lots of fun with these kinda posts and it’s a great way to bring fresh ideas together. 

A few collab ideas: A Pinterest Challenge, A Comfort Zone Challenge, A Subscription Box Review, Inspirational Books, A Product Review, A Stationery Box Swap, A Craft Project and A Seasonal Box Swap.

There are no rules to blogging, you don’t need to be a book blogger to review a book, or a masterchef to bake a cake, or an artist to do something creative. The possibilities are endless and you never know, you might just surprise yourself! Stepping out of our comfort zone is what keeps life interesting.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and suggestions! How do you stay motivated as a blogger? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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