Rainbow Cake Pops: The Baking Tree

Shut the fridge door, two baking posts in one month, who am I?! Before you get too impressed, I’ve not quite ventured into the world of recipe-book-baking just yet, it’s early days and I’m still using a trusty kit. However, I’m now the proud owner of a pair of shiny new scales (thanks to my step-mum Wendy who saw my guesstimated Unicorn Confetti Cupcakes post and kindly gave me proper cooking tools). So hold tight, things are about to get rather technical in the kitchen, at least when I measure the butter anyway…

Today, I’m making Rainbow Cake Pops by The Baking Tree. I found this cute looking kit whilst browsing Not On The High Street and anything with rainbow in the title immediately catches my attention. I always enjoy trying something new and challenging myself and this ticked all the boxes.

The kit has all the essential ingredients included, all you need to do is add two eggs and butter. Simples.

Firstly, you need to add the cake mix, two eggs and 75g of butter into a bowl and mix. Yes, this is actually and accurately 75 grams… yay! Although if it goes wrong I can’t blame my dodgy measurements anymore.

Next pop the mixture into a grease proof lined cake tin (or whatever I have) and bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees. This recipe requires bowls, plates, baking trays, saucepans, the lot! My top tip is wash up as you go and use the same bowl instead of creating a mountain of washing up later on.

Meanwhile, when you are not washing up or staring at the oven, it’s time to create the delicious chocolate buttercream. This time 40g of butter is added to the icing mix and believe me, it is an impossibility to make something like this and not give it a taste or ten. It’s too good and twenty minutes is a long time.

20 minutes later… cake and delicious chocolate buttercream are ready for the next stage.

Well not quite, firstly you need to let the cake cool down otherwise you’ll just burn your hands. Once suitably cooled, the cake can be broken up into large pieces and placed into the bowl.

Turn large cake pieces into small breadcrumbs (again, intermittent tasting is mandatory with this recipe).

Add delicious chocolate buttercream to small breadcrumb cake bowl.

Here comes the fun (and messy) stage: the mixture should be slightly sticky and easy to roll between your hands. The kit suggests making 12 balls; I made 7 more photogenic balls and three fatter less-photo-worthy but purely indulgent chocolate balls… oh stop typing, this sentence is just getting plain weird.

Freeze your balls for 30 minutes but don’t let them go rock hard (this post is funnier than I expected).

We can leave our balls alone for a bit whilst we heat up some chocolate buttons and prepare the sprinkles…

After 30 minutes, check your balls and get ready to dunk them in melted chocolate!

The final stage is adding the colourful rainbow sprinkles and then popping them in the fridge to set.

The kit also comes with this handy foam block so that the cake pops can stand alone in the fridge.

I already had a good feeling these were gonna taste nice but I was even more impressed that they looked nearly identical to the ones on the box (except I was more generous with my sprinkles). The step-by-step instructions are so clear & detailed it is hard to go wrong anywhere, so big thumbs up to The Baking Tree.

There are so many awesome creations to try, such as Red Velvet Cake Pops (inc. pink hearts, perfect for Valentines Day) or how about Polka Dot Cookies, which look like so much fun! Which baking kits are your favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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