10 Easy Ways To Create Calm

This weekend Shaun and I chilled out in style. I am talking duvets, heating on, cosy clothes, snacks, books and films. It was defo much needed. Life can get really hectic at times which means anxiety and stress levels slowly rise up without us realizing. So having a complete rest day is sometimes necessary to re-balance and regain the chill in your life. Our weekend of relaxation perfectly coincided with the arrival of my new book Calm by Fearne Cotton. I tweeted on Sunday that after reading just one chapter I fell asleep, so it must be working heh.

Last November I read Fearne’s book called Happy, which I reviewed here. I fell in love with her gorgeous writing style and the way she uses words so creatively. Her book made a lot of sense and offered so many snippets of wisdom – so when I noticed she had released a follow up book, I was straight onto Amazon to order my copy.

Fearne has included her own beautiful illustrations which add a splash of colour and really bring the book to life.

‘Calm is feeling connected even when everything feels hectic’

‘Self-care isn’t overindulgent or a luxury, it’s about not being too hard on yourself’

This is a fab book which you can dip in and out of when you are in need of a moment of calm. It’s got activities and easy ideas to try. If you are looking for suggestions on self-care, how to keep your life in balance, managing uncomfortable emotions and finding your way back to ease and peace then this book is for you. Click here to order yourself a copy and feel the calmness return to your life. But first, here are my 10 Easy Ways To Create Calm.

Paint, colour, create

You don’t need to be an artist to do art. Grab a pen and some pencils and have fun sketching, doodling and experimenting with colour. It’s fun, therapeutic and gives your mind a rest from the stresses of everyday life.

Escape with a book

Books are the best way to calm the mind and escape to some place new. If you don’t have time for a novel, why not pick up a magazine which you can enjoy on your coffee break.

Create a chill playlist

I can listen to chilled Spotify playlists all day and find they are perfect for anything from relaxing in the bath to background study music. A few of my favourites which bring me instant chill are ChillStep, Feels, Tropical House, Ibiza Sunset and Focus On The Remix.

Play a sport

Shaun & I have just recently started playing badminton and it honestly is such a relaxing way to get fit. I’ve noticed that because I am so focused on the game, I stop thinking, my worries disappear and my body relaxes. Any sport where you need to concentrate is great for reducing anxiety.

Enjoy nature

Going for a walk is calming in itself, but walking in nature is the ultimate in chill. Fresh air, exercise and beautiful scenery is enough to quiet an overthinking mind. My favourite places to walk are along the seafront watching the waves or exploring a countryside trail and looking out for wildlife.

Guided relaxation

I have mentioned YouTube yoga a few times already on my blog, but Youtube is also a great place to find guided relaxations. If I am feeling particularly anxious and in need a quick relaxation fix, I’ll search for one of these, close my eyes and feel the tension melt away.

Write down your thoughts

Stress can cause so much mental chaos, it is sometimes hard to make sense of it all. I find it helps to keep a journal or diary and jot down my thoughts and feelings. This helps to put things into perspective and closing the book on your anxieties is somewhat therapeutic.

Watch your favourite comedy

Laughter is one of the best stress busters out there. If you are feeling on edge and nothing seems to be working, an episode of your favourite show can lift your spirits and distract your from your worries. What are your favourites? I always enjoy watching Alan Partridge, Peep Show and Only Fools And Horses – gotta love a bit of British comedy.

Bath with all the bubbles

Relaxing in the bath at the end of a long day is great for the body and mind. I light a few candles, select my perfect playlist and let the tension from the day melt away. It’s my favourite thing to do and no matter how I’m feeling, a soak in a hot bath will always make me feel completely refreshed and calm afterwards.

Avoid negativity

Finally, staying away from negativity and drama will do wonders for stress levels. Seek out positive people and those who build you up instead of knocking you down. The sort of people you surround yourself with has a great impact on your mood, self-esteem and overall mental health.

I hope you enjoyed my 10 easy ways to create calm, let me know your relaxation ideas in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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