Triple Colour Cupcakes

Hello everyone! This is a very exciting post for me, as it is my 1st post of 2020! After a longish break from blogging and social media, I am feeling refreshed and ready to make a return – yay! Before I begin, unfortunately I had to re-start my social media accounts again *sad face*. So if you would like to be my friend, please re-add me and I’ll follow back on Twitter and Instagram. Thank yooou! <3

My last ‘Baking With Bexa’ post was nearly a year ago now (say whaaat!?) when I made the Mini Egg Easter Cake extravaganza with a whopping 125 mini eggs. So to kick off 2020 blogging, I’ve left the mini eggs in the shops to try something new with multi-coloured swirly icing! Here’s how I made my colourful cupcakes…

You will need:

A Cupcake Kit (or make your own if you are a baking-pro)

2 medium eggs

90g butter

A pot of icing

Colour Swirl Decorating Set

3 food colouring gels (I picked Pink, Pale Pink & Violet).

Cupcake cases (Polka Dots)

If you have seen any of my baking posts, you will know I am fond of the trusty baking kit (See: Love Heart Cupcakes, Rainbow Cake Pops & Unicorn Confetti Cupcakes). This is because I never have any sensible baking things in like flour or baking powder, so it’s just easier to get it pre-measured in a handy little kit.

If it’s straightforward and tasty, I’m all for it. To start, pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. Then grab a large mixing bowl and add the flour, sugar and baking power (aka. bag 2) plus the butter and eggs & mix until smooth. I used a Bakedin kit as I’ve had success with these in the past with Cookies & Rainbow Cakes.

20 mins later with repetitive strain injury… surely there must be some kinda¬†time-saving hi-tech invention that makes mixing cake ingredients together quickly and easily? No? Dragons Den idea right there. Genius.

I couldn’t resist grabbing these cute little polka dot cases whilst I was shopping. Yes, the baking kit provided cases, but I can never say no to pretty colourful things… and there are 36 so even more reason to step up my baking game this year! Watch this space for more polka dot cupcake baking adventures

By now, the oven is well and truly pre-heated and ready to receive these little creations for 25 mins.

Whilst the cupcakes are baking, now is the perfect time to prepare the coloured icing. Fun fact: I had absolutely no idea how to create colourful icing for piping bags, so a sweet little old lady in Hobbycraft saw me looking baffled in the cake aisle and explained what I would need, so this part is thanks to her ūüėÄ

Ready To Use Royal Icing, is the one, apparently. I added 1/3 of the tub into a bowl ready for the splash of colour. Top tip from Hobbycraft cake aisle lady: only add a few drops at a time as you can always add more but never take away. Smart advice. Just keep mixing and adding until you get the colour you want.

You only need a few drops of food colouring gel to get the colour you want, it’s very vibrant! Once the icing had changed colour, I transferred it from bowl into piping bag (it sounds easier than it is!). I repeated the process with the pale pink and violet shades. Regular taste testing is 100% essential for the best cakes.

Can anyone spot the error I made with the piping bags? I discovered after it was too late that the white parts are meant to go INSIDE the bags before you add the icing… oops! Never mind. I’ll make the mistakes so you don’t have to. And of course, cellotape can fix everything and secured them in place nicely-ish.

With the cupcakes cooled, and the trio of icing ready to use, it is time for the fun part… decorating! I think my earlier error made this part quite challenging as it was hard to keep the bags in place whilst attempting to make a pretty swirl. I have to give credit to my two assistants (Dorothy & Adam) who lent a helping hand.

Ta-da! Between the three of us, we managed to get a presentable looking cupcake! I’m really impressed that the colour swirl decorating kit worked well, and now I know what to do, I can experiment with so many more colour combinations. And even if they don’t look Instagram-worthy, they still taste absolutely delish!

I hope you enjoyed my latest baking adventures and my very first post of 2020! It’s great to be back, I’m looking forward to posting regularly again and catching up with blogs I’ve missed! Don’t forget to add me on Twitter and Instagram as I’m feeling pretty lonely over there at the moment. Have a fab week everyone! <3

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