Weymouth: snapshots from the seaside

On Sunday, Shaun and I decided to go on a little day out to the seaside. Weymouth is just an hour and a half away from Southampton on the train, so is always in our top favourite list of places to go. This little seaside town in Dorset is perfect for holidays, short breaks or just a spontaneous day out like we did yesterday.

Here are a few snapshots from the day:

We arrived in Weymouth at lunchtime and wasted no time in locating a place to get some tasty food.

The George Bar ‘N’ Grill is situated on Weymouth’s beautiful harbour side. We were seated upstairs and had the ideal table for burger spotting, keeping an eye out for our food to arrive (we were pretty hungry by now).

Happy that we had placed our order and the food countdown had began.

Shaun, also pretty happy at the thought of burger and chips.

Ta-da! We didn’t need to wait long before this delicious Homemade Burger Tower arrived – with onion rings, tomato, lettuce, gherkins, mustard mayo and coleslaw. Plus the obligatory upgrade to sweet potato wedges, of course. SO good!

Weymouth Harbour is just a short walk from the station and well worth checking out for all the colourful vibrant buildings. Hello, Instagram photos.

The harbour has such a traditional feel to the place with an added splash of colour.

Living in a pink house has got to be the ultimate dream.

This made me laugh. On Friday, I blogged about 30 Creative Date Ideas and included my review of a bouquet of roses from Prestige Flowers with a £5 discount code. I reckon there is a Hello Bexa reader who lives in Weymouth and took advantage of the fantastic deal. Look, photo evidence.

A bit too cold for eating outside in January. Defo coming back here again in the summer.

A pink house on Hope Street, sounds like something from a children’s book.

I wonder how many times these streets have appeared on Instagram.

Everywhere you look there is pretty coloured houses.

The harbour was quiet on Sunday afternoon. It’s always good to get photographs without any randoms walking past.

I am yet to find a more colourful line of shops and houses.

The bright pink one is for sale if you are interested.

The traditional fish n chips at the seaside.

Ice cream too! This place has thought of everything.

Probably my 20th attempt at trying to capture a seagull photo.

After our little walk around the harbour, we headed to the beach to enjoy the seaside views.

If you can’t take a beach selfie at the beach where can you take one.

Other than taking photos, we also did some walking along the coast before heading back to get the train.

Have you been to Weymouth? What is your favourite thing to do at the seaside? I am always interested in visiting different towns, so let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for next time! I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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