Staying Healthy At Home with waterdrop

AD | For the past few weeks, I have noticed that I’m drinking less and less water. At home, it is just easier for me to grab a squash or make a cup of tea whenever I fancy – the sugar boost or caffeine kick is waaay more appealing than plain old water. Then Waterdrop contacted me to ask if I wanted to review a range of their microdrinks and accessories, I thought aha, this could be just the healthy encouragement I need.

What is Waterdrop? Waterdrop is a pretty genius idea tbh. It is a mini cube (microdrink) which dissolves and enriches your water with fruit and plant extracts as well as vitamins to help you stay hydrated and healthy. It’s sugar-free, available in a wide range of delicious flavours and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Not only did the idea of a healthy and convenient microdrink impress me, but the bright and colourful designs immediately caught my attention.  Waterdrop kindly offered me a glass water bottle of my choice from their gorgeous empowerment range. I loved them all and chose the pretty purple “Boost” edition. 

True story – as soon as my sister saw my bottle, she was like “wow, I’m getting one!”. She must get her excellent taste from her older sister, don’t ya think?! (haha!) And a few days later this beautiful “Relax” magenta bottle arrived on our doorstep. Which one is your favourite: team boost or team relax?

Each bottle is made out of quality borosilicate glass complete with extra leak-proof cap made from bamboo wood. It comes with a cooling and protecting thermal sleeve and the glass itself is scratch-proof and heat-resistant. Perfect for carrying around with you, keeping your water chilled and fresh all day long.

Being the proud owner of a stunning new water bottle, it was time to test out the microdrinks and I certainly had plenty of tempting flavours to choose from. I received a Taster Pack containing six different flavours (focus, clean, glow, youth, defense, relax, boost), the natural caffeine NERO pack and a calming ZEN pack.

Each flavour offers something different, from aiding in relaxation, to keeping your immune system fit and helping you stay young and glowy. All the flavours are enriched with vitamins and herb extracts to give you that natural healthy boost.  And the best bit? Each microdrop cube has just 4 calories and zero sugar. 

As I mentioned earlier, I struggle to drink enough water. Thankfully, Waterdrop has solved the problem for all of us who need a splash of flavour to help us reach our daily recommended water intake. They have sourced the best ingredients in the world to transform our plain water into a rejuvenating, delicious drink.

Boost: blackcurrant and elderflower fused with the Brazilian power berry Açaí – vitamins B6, B12 & C.

Focus: refreshing citrus aroma of fresh lime with the tang of Baobab and Acerola – vitamins B1, B5 & C.

Youth: Ginseng and Dandelion extract with juicy peach and mild ginger – vitamins B3, B7 & C.

Glow: tropical cactus fruit and mango meet tart artichoke – vitamins B1, E & C.

Defence: miraculous Moringa and Rosehip with fruity notes of cranberry – vitamins B2, B7 & C.

Relax: a botanical blend of Hibiscus, Acerola and Aronia – vitamins B1, B7 & C.

Zen: a harmonious balance of starfruit, white tea and lemongrass – vitamin C, folic acid & biotin.

Nero: guarana, cola nut, blackberry and activated charcoal (naturally caffeinated) – vitamins B6, C & B12.

Now that I have tried each one, I can honestly say that I enjoy them all, my favourites being Glow & Zen. The microdrinks aren’t too overpowering but have enough taste to be light, flavoursome and refreshing. The glass water bottle keeps my drink cool all day and of course, the design is absolutely beautiful.

So, if you are like me, and need an extra splash of flavour to encourage you to drink more water then I would highly recommend Waterdrop. There are tons of gorgeous bottles to pick from and right now, for every bottle you buy, they will donate one Edition Bottle to our heroes in the health sector! #winwin

Which flavour do you think you’d like best? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you! <3

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