Christmas Enamel Pins

I couldn’t let December pass me by without a) buying some festive enamel pins and b) blogging about them. I’m ignoring the fact that my pin collection is now getting a little crazy (49 pins) and I am very quickly running out of space to display them. Right now, I have them all stuck along my shelves, so I either need to slow down my collection (it’s Christmas, we don’t need that kinda negativity) or get some longer shelves.

To add some less-festive pins to your collection, why not get some inspiration from my previous posts: Awesome Punky Pins, Pastel Elixir Pins, Inspirational Pins and Creative & Colourful Enamel Pins.

The first festive friend I am going to share with you is this adorable Penguin Pin by Kate Elford. You can pick your penguin’s jumper from three colours: blue, red or silver. Kate sells all sorts of penguin themed goodies in her shop from prints, badges, keyrings, greetings cards and magnets – everything is so cute! I mean what could possibly be cuter than a Penguin In An Ice Cream Van or a Penguin On A Scooter.

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Whilst I was Christmas Pin Shopping, I was so excited to discover that Sugar & Sloth, (one of my favourite places for all things bright, colourful and humorous) make festive pins! This is the Crazy Cat Lady Wreath, the purfect pin for any cat lover at Christmas, complete with three cutie kitties! Sugar & Sloth also run a Pin Party Club which I have blogged about before here – click if you like llama’s in fancy dress.

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I thought this Baby Deer Pin by Glitter Punk was so pretty with it’s purple bow surrounded by glittery snow-topped trees, it just needed to be added to my collection. Glitter Punk is a sparkly and punky shop that makes fun statement jewellery and pins for glitter addicts. This is the second pin I have brought from them, the first was a flowery pumpkin which featured in my Cute & Pastel Halloween Pins post.

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I found this brilliant Cat In Christmas Lights pin whilst I was browsing Punky Pins and it made me smile. This pin is a pretty accurate snapshot of what happens if you allow your cats to get involved with the Christmas decorations. I love it! You can see more of my favourites in the Awesome Punky Pins post – click if you are a fan of cats, caffeine, washi tape and planners.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing my festive pins, which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small percentage on every purchase at no extra cost to you (which I will most probably spend on more pins). 

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