Enamel Pins by Katnipp

Thank you to everyone who took part my Twitter 1K Stationery Giveaway last week, I had so many lovely comments about the goodies, it really made me smile. One of the prizes was the ‘lil chubby unicorn’ enamel pin by Katnipp. Katnipp are my latest obsession, it is the most adorable kawaii stationery shop that is bursting with pastel colours and cute characters. Every single item is incredibly cute and irresistible.

So when I was giveaway shopping, I couldn’t resist adding a few more Katnipp treats to my virtual basket for my own enamel pin collection. It’s been waaay too long since I made any pin purchases, but these grabbed my attention, they are super sweet and it’s always nice to do our bit to support smaller businesses <3

Who is the creator behind Katnipp? Catherine Kay is the illustrator who describes herself as the human marshmallow that loves cats, coffee, cake and Harry Potter. Catherine is also an anime geek, and you can instantly recognize a Katnipp illustration from the textures, pastel colours and hugeee cute eyes! <3

Katnipp is a one-woman independent brand, based in a sea-side town, North-east of England. Check out the Etsy shop for an fab range of prints, pins, badges, washi, postcards, bookmarks and so much more! A pastel-loving stationery dream! You can also keep up to date with all the cuteness on Twitter & Instagram.

Easter Pin – Puddin’ The Dog Enamel Pin: Look at this! It’s Puddin’ The Dog squished into his adorable Easter Egg outfit *all the heart eyes*. I mean, this couldn’t be more perfect could it?! It’s Easter themed, it’s pastel and is right up there on the cuteness scale. This is my very first Easter pin and it’s set the bar high.

Marshmellow Milk Enamel Pin – I’ve never tried marshmellow milk, but if there is something I *need* to try, then this is it. Here is another lovely pin, lookin’ pretty in pastel pink. I tried to limit my pin spending spree, so I’ve bookmarked a few other favourites for another time (see: Cosy Hot Chocolate Marshmallow)

Kawaii Banana Enamel Pin: Continuing with the cute foodie theme, let me introduce you to the most adorable banana, ever. I love the rosy cheeks, what an sweet little dude. If you like fun and fruity pins, I encourage you to check out the following: Adorable Lemon Enamel Pin and Cute Peach Enamel Pin. 

The Lil Chubby Unicorn Enamel Pin: Who wouldn’t want a cute and chubby little unicorn in their pin collection?! It’s so nice, I had to buy it twice – one for my giveaway and one for meeee! If you are wondering where you can put all these fab pins, then Katnipp has you covered – check out these pretty pin displays!

Just after I had finished all my pin shopping, Katnipp posted on her Instagram about these adorable bees. There were only a few available so I quickly flew over to Etsy to grab myself one. They are now sold out, so make sure you stay up to date on social media (TwitterInstagram) for all the latest Katnipp goodies!

Do you collect pins? Which one is your fave? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you! <3

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Pretty Pastel Pins

My enamel pin collection (obsession) started in March this year, when I teamed up with Innabox to share these Cute & Quirky pins. A couple of months later, in May, I blogged about this pretty cool range from Old English Company and most recently I found four more Cool Cute & Colourful Enamel pins from different online shops. I now have a grand total of 17 pins, which has been one of my greatest achievements of 2018, so far. Today, I am going to share with you a selection of pretty pastel pins I have picked up on my travels around the internet.

My first pretty pastel pin is from Laura Talanti, a freelance illustrator and designer, mental health worker, crazy cat lady & cat charity volunteer. Laura has an awesome range of pins including cool cat pins, which I was so tempted to get but I had never seen a cup of tea pin and tea is my life. I also received an extra metal rainbow pin to apologize for a small delay which I thought was such a lovely added touch (and I didn’t even notice the delay to be honest). The next pins I have my eye on in Laura’s shop are The Introvert Club and I’d Rather Be At Home With My Cat – both are absolutely brilliant.

Laura also makes earrings, cards, stickers, badges, magnets, pocket mirrors and patches ranging from the adorable to the motivational. I definitely need more goodies from here! Check out Laura on Twitter and Instagram for her latest updates and offers.

You may have already seen the awesomeness that is Whale & Bird before, as their designs are stocked in places like Paperchase and Scribbler. In fact, I picked up their Crumpet Of Courage postcard a few weeks ago for my Comfort Zone Challenge post. And going further back, Rebecca sent me their brilliant Home Is Where My Cat Is postcard last year when we did the Blogger Christmas Card Swap. Whale & Bird sell humorous, quirky and sometimes rude greetings cards, stationery and gifts from a range of super talented artists. This is the fantastic Triceretops pin by Anna Alekseeva.

Other favourites include the Be The Person Your Cat Thinks You Are and Stay Curious. You can follow Whale & Bird on social media to keep track of their fun and funky designs: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

I spotted this cute Courage Potion pin on Instagram a few weeks ago and knew I needed it in my collection. My ongoing challenge is to push myself out of my comfort zone, be brave and try new things so this pin is the perfect reminder to that. Who doesn’t need a little bottle of courage every now and then. It’s made by the wonderfully talented Joanne Hawker, a Designer & Illustrator from Somerset who is a lover of stripes, tea, all things yellow, imaginary Frenchies called Frank and denim dungarees. She sounds awesome! Joanne has a whole range of fabulous things from cards, prints, pocket mirrors and of course, enamel pins.

I definitely need to get the Ideas Potion enamel pin to go with my Courage Potion as well as The Tools Of Mass Creation which is super cool. You can check out the latest creations from Joanne on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

Last but by no means least, this is the perfectly positive Good Vibes pin. This is created by onr. who is Rachel Basinger, a designer, creator, blogger, vlogger and new mama (congrats!) who lives in the sunny South of England. onr. stands for OH NO Rachio! and it all started with Rachel’s love for creating handmade gifts for friends & family. Rachel now stocks fantastic cards, prints, stationery, patches, pins and washi tape (washi tape is another obsession of mine!). Every item is made with a lot of love and is cute and bursting with a positive message. 

Other favourites include Be Kind and the Plants & Cats pin. Make sure you follow onr. on social media for more colour and positivity: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest / YouTube

I hope you have enjoyed having a sneak peak at my pretty pastel pins. I’m excited to add these new additions to my ever growing pin collection. Are you a pin lover? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Cool Cute Colourful Enamel Pins

If you follow the lovely Rebecca from Rebecca’s Reviews, you will know about her wonderful #ShopSmall series. It’s a fantastic idea which enables small businesses to get discovered and for you and me to find new and awesome places to shop. Well, it works! Last week, I was reading Rebecca’s review of the Brighton based company Evermade and saw they did a range of fun and funky pins. As soon as I saw the Only Fools And Horses pin it was in my basket quicker than I could say ‘lovely jubbly’. I then proceeded to go on a little pin spending spree around the internet and thought I’d share with you my finds.

For a full review on Evermade, you can read Rebecca’s fabulous post here. Whilst you are there, make sure you check out Rebecca’s series as there are always tons of discount codes and detailed reviews to encourage you to #ShopSmall.

Peckham Pin: Who doesn’t love a bit of Only Fools And Horses. Shaun and I always put on an old classic episode whenever we need a laugh, so when I saw this pin, I knew I needed it in my collection. The pin is cleverly illustrated by Jenni Sparks who enjoys incorporating a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour into her illustrations. Jenni has designed all of the pins in the Evermade range and if you are a pin fan like me, I encourage you to go check them out.

Brighton Pin: Whilst I was pin browsing, I couldn’t resist this pretty fantastic Brighton pin. Brighton is one of my most favourite places and I have blogged about my visits in Snapshots From Brighton In March and Brighton At Christmas. So I thought this was a brilliant souvenir to add to the collection.

The next stop on my virtual pin shopping spree found me at Tumble & Rose. This small biz is ran by a lady called Helen who lives in Winchester (which is actually pretty close to me!). Tumble & Rose is a collection of handmade jewellery, accessories, homeware and gifts. There is a cool selection of enamel pins available to buy in the Etsy Shop. Everything in this shop is so pretty and there is also a range of beautiful crystal jewelllery too!

Stripey Top Club Pin:Can I have a lifetime membership to this club please? Stripey tops are a firm favourite in my wardrobe, I absolutely love them. This pin is a must-have for any stripey top lover to pin with pride. If you like plants and cats, I also urge you to check out Tumble & Rose. You will not be disappointed.

The final stop on my spontaneous spending spree was at Sugar & Sloth. This shop is so bright and colourful, it’s awesome! It’s ran by Anita, an illustrator whose unique designs provide a humorous look at love, cats and motivation. There is a really fun and vibrant range of pins available, it was hard to choose!

Rainbow Llama Pin: The website caption says: This adorable rainbow llama pin is the perfect reminder to take a little time out for yourself, you deserve it! I love all it’s colorfulness and especially love the packaging it arrived in: please keep away from small children, wasps and early mornings – brilliant!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my new pin goodies from Evermade,Tumble & Rose and Sugar & Sloth. They are all great additions to my existing collection of Innabox pins and Old English Co. pins. Are you a pin collector? Which shops would you recommend for cool, cute and colourful pins? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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Cute and Quirky Pins from Innabox

Ask anyone that knows me, and they will tell you I love a good pun. Shaun and I regularly try to out-pun each other and see who is the most punny. So when I saw these cute and quirky pins from Innabox, I knew I needed them in my life. Nikky (the owner and designer of Innabox) asked which items I would like from her shop and as I seriously loved everything, it was so hard to choose. In the end, I went for the Albackpaca and Never Look Back pin. How brilliant are these:

Nikky has so many cute and clever animal inspired designs, I would have wanted them all. Other favourites include the Ballama (banana and llama), Cattoo (cat with tattoos), Happy campurr (cat in a tent), Kangabrew (kangaroo in a teacup) and Quaterpanda (panda and a burger).

Innabox Designs are available on pins, cards, badges, mugs, earrings, patches, coasters and necklaces! Have a look at the Etsy shop and find your favourites.

You can put these pins anywhere – on bags, hats, scarfs, I think it looks pretty cool on my denim jacket.

These pins arrived in a super cute little box with adorable cat washi tape – such a fun way to receive post. If you loved these brilliant designs as much as I do, go check out Innabox and start your collection today! Innabox / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Etsy 

*This is a sponsored post which means I received a product/payment in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own. 

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