Décopatch Cactus Pots

At the weekend, I was browsing my local Hobbycraft looking for a relaxing Sunday afternoon crafting activity when I found myself in the décopatch aisle. Décopatch is new to me but the bright and vibrant decorative sheets caught my eye (I’m like a magpie for anything colourful) and I was curious to learn more. The idea is pretty simple: using a dab of glue and the range of bold patterned papers you can completely transform a boring looking object into something fun and eye-catching. I wanted to give it a try.

First you select your base object, this can be anything from an animal, box, picture frame and much more. For my first attempt I wanted to keep things simple with a few mini plant pots. Next you pick your paper, there are tons of beautiful designs to choose from: I went for Pink Llamas, Multicoloured Mosaic and Watercolour Polkadots. Finally, grab some glue and a brush and you are good to go!

I admit, I did Google ‘How to decopatch’ when I got home to see if there were any special skills I needed to learn. Nope. All you need to do is tear up the paper sheets, generously cover object in glue and stick.

It’s like papier mache, but prettier and less messy.

I did a few layers of paper and sealed the whole thing with an extra layer of glue. Ta-da!

Next up was my llamas. The paper looked cute but it turned out to be the most fiddly. As you don’t want to rip your llama’s head off you gotta be especially careful here. Sadly, I don’t think this was the best paper to use for the job, I mean it’s adorable, but headless llama’s tend to lose their cuteness factor. 

Photo showing the side with the most complete llamas.

For the last one, I could go back to random tearing without having to worry about harming any llamas.

It’s enjoyable to watch something plain turn into something so colourful in a matter of minutes.

Once you are happy with the finished design, give it some time to dry then the pots are ready to use. 

I saw these unusual looking cactus in the garden centre complete with bright colourful heads, they fitted perfectly in my pots so I thought they were too good not to buy. Colourful pots need colourful cactus, right?

The possibilities with décopatch are endless! You can make a patchwork design using multiple sheets of paper, you can decorate various animals, letters, pots, boxes and much more. Just grab a base, some pretty paper and get sticking. Have you ever tried décopatch before? What did you create? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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