10 Things To Include In Your Media Kit

Since I started my blog last October, I have been pretty fortunate that a couple of brands have already contacted me for sponsored posts and product reviews. I haven’t reached out to anyone yet (except to one popular hair dressing salon asking for a free haircut which they politely ignored) but anyway moving forward I’ve decided in 2018 that is all going to change! I have recently created my own media kit in the hopes that I can increase my blogging opportunities and collaborate with awesome brands.  If you are thinking about making your own here are a few things I think you should include.

What is a media kit?

It’s basically an online CV for bloggers and businesses to promote their services to potential brands for collaborations, sponsored posts, product reviews and more. It shows all the key information at a glance and gives an overview of who you are and what your blog is about.

How do I make one?

I used Canva Media Kit Templates to create mine as I wasn’t sure of the layout I wanted but you can design your own using photo editing software if that is your thing.

What do I include?

Your Logo and tag line

Use your blog logo or similar font so that your media kit and blog are consistent and easily recognizable. Make sure it is big, eye-catching and clear. A short tag line underneath will describe what your blog is about at a glance (eg. travel blog, food blog, beauty & lifestyle and so on).

A Photo

Include a recent photo of you – using the photograph which matches up with your blog and social media profiles will make your media kit easily identifiable.

About You

A short summary of who you are, where you live, what you enjoy will hopefully show your potential brand you are someone they would want to work with.

About Your Blog

Write a short summary on what your blog is about, a little background and the topics you cover. This will allow brands to see if their product would be a good fit on your blog.

Notable Collaborations

Share a few of the brands you have previously worked with and feel most proud of. They may even search for these posts so they have an idea of the sort of work you produce.

Services Available

List everything you feel you can offer – the more options the better! After all, you don’t have to say yes to everything but you may just stumble across an unexpected opportunity which could work for your blog.

Examples of Photography

If a brand is going to send you a product, they want to have an idea of what it may look like on your blog/instagram. A few examples of your photography will personalize your media kit even more and give the brands a quick preview of your skills.

Social Media Followers

Show your current social media follower count and keep updating this over time. Some brands will only work with bloggers who have a certain number of followers, which can be frustrating but keep putting yourself out there and you might just get lucky.

Blog Stats

In this section I have used the stats from Google Analytics. This will give a rough guide to your target audience and how many people visit your blog each month. I have also included my domain authority (DA) and you can check your own here. DA is a search engine ranking system which ranges from 1 – 100. This is another stat brands use to determine whether they want to collaborate with you. Jordanne from The Life Of A Glasgow Girl has written a very detailed and helpful guide on Increasing Your Domain Authority and she explains it much better than I can!

Contact Details

Finally, list all the ways in which you can be contacted such as e-mail address and blog link – don’t forget to include social media links too!

Where to find opportunities?

I am sure there are tons and tons of places online. The places I am currently checking are:

UK Blogger Opportunities Facebook Group

Bloggers Required Website

Also searching for #prrequest #bloggerswanted #bloggersrequired on Twitter will find up to date opportunities.

I hope this helped! I am now going to be brave and send this out to a few different brands so watch this space… Have you created a media kit? Do you have much success with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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