Katie Abey Magical Mystery Bag

Having an Instagram account has introduced me to a wonderful world of colourful creators. I’m forever stumbling across talented illustrators, admiring their beautiful feeds and wanting to purchase EVERYTHING in their stores. Katie Abey is one of my favourites. I have adored her bright, vibrant and witty designs for a while now, I mean how could I not love them, her work combines two of my favourite things: puns & colour.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a photo of Katie’s Magical Mystery Bag pop up on my Instagram. A whole bag of colourful surprises! £45 worth of stuff for just £25! Ahhh! I didn’t need much thinking time, I had already made my purchase and couldn’t wait to receive my selection of goodies…

From the Etsy description: You will get one of our tote bag range filled with goodies from our shop. Some of the items are discontinued stock and some are slight seconds but most is perfectly perfect stock, such as greeting cards, postcards, enamel pins, mirrors, patches and tea light holders.

I already have a few Katie Abey postcards from Paperchase, which I couldn’t help but add them to this bundle. It would be wrong of me to leave The Cheerful Chinchilla & Pig Of Persistence out of this blog post.

Who is Katie Abey? Katie describes herself as Illustrator human, Tea lover, Hogwarts alumni and mother of cat. Her products provide daily doses of motivation, happiness, sarcasm and a sprinkling of llamas and dinosaurs. Katie is the creator of the fabulous The Mug of Motivation, which appeared in my previous post: 5 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger. Her team even have a high street shop in Alfreton, Derbyshire!

The first thing which made me smile was the brilliant Unexpected Item In Bagging Area Tote Bag. This has gotta be the coolest tote bag I’ve ever seen, look THERE IS A PINK CAT in the bagging area. Fantastic!

My enamel pin and badge collection is currently on hold at the moment due to trying to save money. But when you have just spent £25 on a mystery bag, I guess that plan goes out the window… hah.

You can check out the fabulous range of badges here – it’s cute, colourful and punny!

Be Nice Or Go Away Badge.

Check Out My Whiskers Badge.

Taco Cat Spelled Backwards Is Taco Cat, wow yeah, it actually is. This is my new favourite palindrome.

The Pad Of Productivity – I’ve actually had this on my wish list for a while now so was pretty delighted when one arrived in my goodie bag. I love love love the colours and the motivational characters. I can’t wait to write my to-do lists on here, and I’m sure this pad will indeed inspire me to do all the things =)

What do you need so many postcards for? I hear you ask. Well, when they are not brightening up my walls, I also use them for scrapbooking. Check out the post: Make Your Own Motivational Scrapbook.

As promised, Katie included a couple of her humorous greetings cards. Having a blank Christmas Card in February is the most organised I’ve ever been in my entire life. Congrats On Your Tiny Human card is ideal if you need to congratulate someone on their tiny human. See the full range of comedy cards here. 

If Snapechat isn’t punny enough for Harry Potter fans, you can also get a pack of 7 Severus Snape Illustrated Postcards (try saying that fast!). This pack includes funny illustrations and brilliantly witty word play such as Sellosnape, Snapes On A Plane and Severus Crepe (basically, Snape in a Crepe).

Finally, I received this cute Donut Worry Beanie Hat – designed to keep you cheerful in the colder months.

I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peek at all the fun and colourful treats I received in the Katie Abey Magical Mystery Bag! Which item is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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