Creative & Colourful Enamel Pins

You will probably know by now that I am a bit of a pin-addict. Just check out this post, this one, this one, oh and this oneMy collection has been steadily growing over the months and has now reached a grand total of 21 pins! My most recent additions are both creative and colourful and of course pretty awesome too. Here are my latest selection of pins I have found on my travels around the internet:

My first pin is from the colourful creator Katie Abey. I was actually browsing Etsy looking for some motivational postcards when I stumbled across her fantastically bright shop. Not only did I pick up a set of 31 motivational postcards (they are super cool by the way), I now have official membership to the Cosy Club with this pin. The fact that it has a ginger cat on just makes this even more awesome. The description reads: Naps are life! If you love duvets and being snuggly then this is the pin for you. How perfect!

As well as postcards and pins, Katie also has a whole range of happy/motivational/sarcastically brilliant products on greetings cards, mugs, clothing, bags and much more! I especially love the Adulting Stickers and the Keep Doing The Thing! cute dog coasterCheck out Katie on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

As soon as I saw this stationery pin I knew it needed to go in my basket. As well as enamel pins, stationery is another one of my obsessions. This perfect pin is made by Alicia Souza, an illustrator based in Bangalore, India working with tiniest team of a few humans and two furr-balls. This is an awesome pin, it’s stationery and it’s pink! Whilst I was browsing Alicia’s Etsy shop, I spotted this Yoga Namaste Pink Postcard which didn’t take long to decide that I needed it in my life also.

As well as the Stationery Love Enamel Pin, I’m also loving the Snails and Cake postcard and the I Think About You As Often As I Think About Food card. Check out Alicia on  Instagram and Facebook.

I’ve been following Jemma on Twitter and Instagram for a while now and I always love her bright, colourful and fun illustrations. Jemma is a full time artist and blogger and is forever brightening up my social media with her brilliant designs. When I saw she has released an enamel pin, I was keen to add it to my collection. Live colourfully – Wear with pride, and remind yourself to shine with every colour of your own rainbow! I absolutely love this pin and what it represents and it is just one of many creative and colourful items on Jemma’s Etsy: Dorkface Shop.

As well as the Live Colourfully Enamel Pin, I also love the Thank You cards, We’re Pawsome Together card, and this gorgeous Abstract Art Print. Check out Jemma on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Who remembers Polly Pocket? As a 90’s kid, I grew up with these fun-sized dolls houses and when I saw it in pin version, I knew it was too brilliant to leave in the internet. Kate Beavis is a blogger and vintage expert and is the creator behind the Vintage Pin Club – “every month there will be an exclusive launch of a vintage enamel pin, with your favourite nostalgic designs on. These are limited – there are only 100 made – so when they are gone they are gone”. This is super awesome and means I am one of only 100 cool people to own a retro Polly Pocket Enamel Pin

Other vintage pins I like are the Retro 1980s Tree House and the Classic House Phone. Check out Kate on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

I hope you have enjoyed having a sneak peak at my creative & colourful pins. I’m excited to add these new additions to my ever growing pin collection. Are you a pin lover? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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