Quiet By Fearne Cotton Book Review

As soon as I saw Fearne Cotton had released a new book, I thought ‘yaaaass this is going straight in my virtual basket’ *happy dance*. I am already a fan of Fearne’s previous books, having enjoyed Happy and Calm last year and found them both to be equally inspiring, uplifting and beautifully designed.

So, I was especially excited about reading the third in the series, Quiet, a whole book on challenging the mental chatter in our minds. You know, that negative voice in our heads which holds us back from living our best lives and achieving our fullest potential. The one that tells us we aren’t good enough, we can’t cope, we will never be successful, blah blah, yeah that one. It needs to be silenced and I was up for the challenge.

Firstly, can be just appreciate how gorgeous this book is, I love love love the colourfulness.

Fearne explains: this book is all about taming the bad inner voice – the one that has the power to overthrow gut instinct and talk us out of new adventures. We are all brimming with inner wisdom, yet we allow negative thoughts to confuse us. We forget how capable and strong we can be. There is confidence there even if it’s hidden; there is courage, beauty, wisdom and belief – we just need some quiet to notice it.

The book is organised into 7 sections covering topics on self-awareness, confidence, self-love, courage, trust, sleep and stillness. It is the kinda book where you can read a few pages for a quick dose of daily inspiration. It would be one of those coffee table books, if I actually had a coffee table.

Throughout the book, we can read insightful interviews with celebrities, authors, neuroscientists and even dream experts. It was interesting to learn that our minds never stop working, even when we are asleep – the average person has around six dreams a night (2,000 a year!). Dreams emerge from our unconscious, acting as mirrors to reflect where our life is currently at, our relationships with others and our deepest feelings.

As well as expert advice, there are thoughtful quotes, ideas to put into practice and activities to complete.

I found the section on identifying negative chat triggers really helpful. For example, if I spend too long on social media I start to compare myself to others and feel quite down. Facebook is the WORST for this, it’s crammed full of people getting engaged, small children, travel photos, happy families, the lot. Whilst it is nice to see (stalk) others happiness, if too much Facebook makes you feel negative, simply log off.

Writing down our thoughts, worries and anxieties can be a good way to put things into perspective.

We often hear the term self-love, but Fearne introduces a new concept of self-kindness. Self-kindness seems more doable than full on LOVE and there are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to put it into practice. If you think you could have done something better today, forgive yourself and know you can try again tomorrow. Don’t talk badly to yourself, just be kind and move on. 

Challenging negative talk with rational thoughts is a good way to shift to a more positive way of thinking. “I can’t do that, that’s way out of my comfort zone” can be replaced with “I know I have been courageous before so I can be again”. It’s takes practice, especially if we are in the habit of thinking negative.

Overall, I found this to be an inspirational and insightful book. Whilst I don’t think my negative self-talk will ever vanish completely, I do think this book has given me some good practical tips and encouraged me to become more aware of my thinking patterns. Fearne offers easy to understand advice coupled with so many relatable and amusing stories, all on beautifully coloured and illustrated pages.

It’s the perfect book for a dose of positivity and understanding our minds a little better. Have you read Quiet? You can pick up a copy here. 

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