Mini Egg Easter Cake

It’s my birthday today *birthday dance* which only means one thing: it’s CAKE DAY! As Easter is this weekend too, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get my mini eggs out and do another Baking With Bexa stylee post. You can catch up on my previous 2019 culinary creations here, here and here.

Fun fact: A bag of Cadbury mini eggs has approx. 25 mini eggs. I used FIVE bags so this cake includes 125 mini eggs! Impressive huh! Disclaimer: You should probably only make this if you are a big fan of mini eggs.

You will need:

A ridiculous amount of Cadbury mini eggs

Betty Crocker Carrot Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Style Icing

3 x eggs

Purple Flower Decorations

Lemon Flower and Leaves Decorations

Yellow Rose Decorations

Wafer Daisies

There are plenty of cute and affordable cake decorations out there so let your creative side run wild. I picked these pretty pastel flowers as they were giving me alllll the bright cheerful Spring/Easter vibes.

Betty Crocker is an absolute hero, she makes baking SO EASY! She did a fab job with my Love Heart Cupcakes. Here, just simply add cake mix, eggs, water and oil into a bowl and ta-da, step 1 is complete!

As I am now a serious baker (four baking posts in one year makes you a pro, right?!) I treated myself to some fancy baking tins. Check this out… these have a spring release mechanism so the side easily detaches from the base without damaging the cake. Cool, yes? I love gadgets so this impressed me more than necessary.

Top tip: After baking is complete, pop the cakes in the fridge to cool down for 10-15 minutes (it speeds things along if you just wanna start decorating and you have zero patience, like me).

Once suitably cooled, it’s time to secure the cakes together with delicious cream cheese… nom nom nom.

My advice here is to be very generous with the cream cheese, because… cream cheese *insert heart eyes*.

LOOK I’VE CREATED A GIANT MACAROON!! (or over-sized Oreo biscuit).

Make sure you use the entire tub of cream cheese on this cake. I mean, it’s not Easter without a sugar high.

…And now to get all creative with the decorating!

All you need is roughly 125 mini eggs handy… I’ve probably eaten a good 25 by now though.

I started off all nice and neat… then BOOM! Mini egg explosion (that escalated quickly)…

Here is my carrot cake-mini egg Easter Cake which was actually surprisingly easy to make.

Almost too pretty to eat (almost).

In my opinion it tasted delish, but I am a self-confessed mini egg addict and carrot cake has always been a personal fave. However, my sister who told me she doesn’t like 1) carrot cake, 2) cream cheese and 3) mini eggs admitted that it was very nice and ate a huge slice. Thumbs up from the fussy sibling = #winning.

Hope you enjoyed my Easter/Birthday baking edition! Do you like carrot cake and mini eggs? If so, this could be THE ONE for you <3 Are you doing any baking this weekend? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you! Hope ya all have a fantastic Easter weekend, eating alllll the cakes and chocolates!

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