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After taking a little blogging break, I was very excited to come back and even more excited when the lovely Lena from Lena’s Notebook reached out and suggested a collaboration. Pretty postcards, beautiful bookmarks and stunning stationery? YES please! Lena and I teamed up for a blog post last year where I shared a fabulous selection of her original artwork, stickers and prints (these are still brightening up my walls today) – so I was absolutely delighted to get another bundle of awesome designs for my collection.

Lena is forever adding gorgeous colourful creations to her shop, so if you love fresh florals & enchantingly spectacular skyscapes, then keep up to date with the latest additions by following on: Twitter / Instagram.

Lena very kindly gifted me a range of pretty pieces including this lovely Floral Moon A6 Dotted Notebook, the very elegant Lady Saturn Postcard, the motivational Bloom Where You Are Planted Postcard and a trio of dreamy magical skyscapes (Northern Lights, Stormy Skies & Dusty Pink). What an amazing package!

Floral Moon A6 Dotted Notebook: I absolutely adore this little notebook. It’s pink/purple, it’s pretty and it fits perfectly in my handbag. What’s even more special is that the pages are high quality & dotted, so I’m thinking, mini bullet journal? Whatever you use it for, there is no doubt it’s incredibly beautiful.

Lady Saturn PostcardI love how this postcard matches the notebook, so it doubles up as a handy bookmark. Lena has very creatively combined an enchanting space theme with gorgeous florals and it looks totally unique and magical. These designs are wonderful and capture both beauty and calmness.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Postcard: this is such an inspirational and encouraging postcard. It’s a fab reminder that we can flourish and achieve our dreams, exactly where we are. Postcards are perfect for brightening up our walls, adding to a scrapbook or journal, or sending a nice message to a loved one.

Dusty Pink Skyscape Postcard: Lena has an incredible talent for creating magical and mystical designs with splashes of vivid and vibrant colours. They give me alll the dreamy and atmospheric vibes. They look stunning on their own or why not add them to a frame to decorate your walls with pretty art.

Stormy Skies Postcard: These pictures are simply captivating – I love the dark and moody storm scene together with a sprinkling of sparkly stars lighting up the nights sky. If you love these, make sure you keep an eye on Lena’s shop as fresh new designs are added often on prints, postcards, bookmarks and more!

Northern Lights Postcard: an incredible mix of colours dancing across the sky, inspired by natures most spectacular light show. Each image is beautiful and capture’s Lena’s unique and instantly recognizable style.

A big thank you to Lena for kindly gifting me this fantastic selection of brilliant artwork. Which one is your favourite? Lena is also decorating the blogging world with her amazing illustrated header/banner service – if you are a blogger/vlogger/indie shop brand click here for more details and get your own dream design!

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