5 Ideas For A Digital Detox

Thanks to that iPhone feature, I am now painfully aware of how much time I spend on my phone each week. The results were oftentimes quite shocking, and I’d think to myself, what the heck do I do on social media for allll that time?! Do I really need to check these apps so frequently? So, as a little challenge (I always love a challenge) I wanted to make a conscious effort to spend less time reaching for my phone.

Of course, being a blogger, I wasn’t quite ready to switch off and disappear out of the digital world completely. I mean, the internet is awesome isn’t it, I’m gonna stick around. However, I did want to reduce my screen time, even if it was just taking small regular breaks from technology to do something else.

There are so many things available to us that don’t require WiFi, or a smart phone, or any kinda screen. We just gotta go back to basics. I discovered that the more time I spent ‘disconnected’, the calmer and more peaceful I was feeling. The online world is so fast-paced, ever-changing and attention grabbing; switching off meant that life slowed down, I was in control and I could be more creative with my time.


No matter how advanced technology gets, I will always love the simple pleasure of writing in a pretty notebook. My new favourite thing each evening is to journal. There is something so therapeutic about writing down thoughts and feelings to put everything in perspective. Whatever my worries, jotting them onto paper always makes me feel calmer, and recording all that is good and happy makes me feel positive.

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Last week, I shared with you how I spent many hours of the Bank Holiday Weekend painting an abstract paint by numbers cat. It was super relaxing and was a welcome break from technology. Plus, I now have colourful cat painting to be proud of. There are so many ways to be creative without using your phone: cooking, colouring and crafting to name a few! Whatever your passion, switch off for a few hours and enjoy.

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Exercise has tons and tons of benefits, you don’t need me to tell you that. It also means you can take a break from staring at the screen and get a change of scenery. You don’t really need an expensive gym membership or fancy yoga pants to reap the benefits either. Going for a walk each day is such a simple and effective way to keep fit and improve mental health (plus the summer is coming so even better!).


I used to tell myself I never had time to read books. But in reality, I never made time to read books. If I could spend hours scrolling social media, then why couldn’t I replace that time with reading a book. Now, each morning, instead of reaching for my phone, I pick up something motivational and read a chapter. As a result, I start my day feeling more positive and inspired instead of allowing Twitter to decide my mood.

I’ve recently read Shine: Rediscovering Your Energy, Happiness and Purpose which I would recommend. 

Home Spa.

Creating a home spa (or a luxury bubble bath) is such a blissful way to unwind and escape technology. In my opinion, we should all be visiting our DIY spa regularly, booking ourselves in for a few hours to relax and recharge. Why not treat yourself to a bubble bath, with a few candles, then pop on a face mask and your favourite chilled tunes and let the stress melt away. No phones allowed (unless it’s to listen to Spotify).

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I hope this post has given you some ideas and inspired you to treat yourself to regular digital detoxes. Even if you just switch off for an hour each day and do something offline, we can still enjoy the many positive benefits. What is your favourite way to spend your time without technology? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! <3

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My Perfect Self Care Evening

I’m sure you have all heard of the term ‘self care’, it pops up on the internet every 5 minutes. No doubt you have also spotted something along the lines of “self care is more than a bubble bath, self care is more than lighting a candle” and so on, which in my opinion, just over-complicates quite a simple concept. To me, self care is whatever you need it to be in order to bring some calmness and clarity into your world.

If a bubbly bath with all the candles makes you feel relaxed, hop in. If binge watching Netflix helps you to unwind after a stressful day, go for it, I’ve watched an entire series in two days so no judgement here. We are all different, so you do you. Today, I thought I’d share my perfect self care evening, inspired after I picked up some discounted bits in the Boots sale which all came to an impressive total of less than a tenner.

1. Have A Bath

I often wonder how much of my life I’ve spent in the bath. I would be a serious contender for a Guinness World Record as the longest bather (my personal best is nearly two hours). I find it is the perfect way to switch off and let the stress melt away. I’ll either watch a YouTube video or listen to a Spotify playlist. It’s blissful and I feel like a brand new person afterwards (or at least a more relaxed warmer version of myself).

2. Do Some Yoga

Admittedly, sometimes I skip this step and head straight for the Netflix phase of the evening. Although, when I’m feeling it, doing some yoga can increase relaxation levels dramatically. My go-to yoga is Yoga With Adriene on YouTube – there are tons of different videos to suit every level, every mood and every schedule. On self-care evenings, I opt for a more chilled, cosy, restorative routine and let the yoga work it’s magic.

3. Treat Yourself

As I mentioned at the start, self care can be whatever you need it to be. There are no rules to say you need to be super healthy, drink a litre of lemon water and meditate for 30 minutes, if that is not your thing. Self care can be an indulgent hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, self care can be a takeaway pizza or simply your favourite home cooked meal. Whatever makes you happy, that’s caring for yourself.

4. Netflix And Duvet

Netflix is a wonderful invention, isn’t it? I’m relatively new to the world of Netflix, having only stole my sisters account a few months ago, but I’ve made it my goal in life to catch up. Netflix And Duvet is now an essential part of my self care evening. A few recent favourite lighthearted films have been: Dumplin, The Fundamentals Of Caring and How To Be Single. The series ‘You’ is pretty addictive too. What are your faves?

5. And Sleep

I would totally add ‘napping’ to my CV if that kinda thing was appreciated in the workplace. Sadly, it’s not seen a respectable employment skill but still, I am very good at it. Sleep is basically one huge extended glorious nap and the more time we allocate to this activity, the better we feel. Going to bed early gives the opportunity for a longer sleep and longer sleep = happiness. It’s that simple, in my world it is anyway.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my perfect self care evening. I’d love to hear what your perfect evening looks like and do you have any Netflix recommendations too? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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