Sweet Wild Designs: Simba and Zazu

Coming home from a lovely holiday can be a bit of a downer, but not when you have blogger mail waiting for you! Exciting! Before I went away, I answered a tweet from Helen at Sweet Wild Designs who was looking for bloggers with pets. Simba and Zazu were lucky enough to be selected (their modelling career is really kicking off now) and yesterday I received this gorgeous artwork.

Wow! I absolutely love this, everything about this drawing is spot on. Helen uses watercolour pencils and paints, digitally edits the design and prints on high quality 300gsm paper. The cool thing is, Helen created this picture from two separate photographs of the cats – it is so impressive! I even got to choose the background colour for that added personalized touch.

Helen is from Somerset, UK and created Sweet Wild Designs to fuel her passion for painting, drawing, crafts, sewing, graphic design and everything in-between. She does a whole range of amazing custom artwork from pet portraits, cards, cute personalized wedding art, inspirational quotes, new baby embroidered artwork and much much more!

Thank you so much Helen for my fantastic artwork of Simba and Zazu. Here is Simba inspecting the drawing (he approves but was more interested in flicking the stars around ha ha). Make sure you give Helen a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for behind the scenes photos, first glimpses of new collections, giveaways and extras!

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