Social Media For A New Age by Katie Brockhurst

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Whenever I post a book review, you can guarantee the subject is either going to be self-development or blogging. Today’s review is all about social media, a topic which I find fascinating, as some days I love it and think it is awesome, and other days I feel completely disconnected, exhausted and overwhelmed. So instead of trying to figure it all out myself, I decided to check out Social Media For A New Age by Katie Brockhurst.

Katie is known to her clients as a ‘Social Media Angel’, and spends her time coaching and consulting for mind-body-spirit authors and experts across the world. Katie has a background in broadcast, music and entertainment and now uses her knowledge, experience, creativity and intuition to share her unique approach to social media. Her book is written for those who know the potential of social media but don’t want to lose themselves in scrolling, comparison and doing what the so-called experts tell them to do.

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You know when you read a few pages and immediately think, yes this is the book for me! Well, I got that feeling with Social Media For A New Age. Katie straight away acknowledges those common anxieties that come with being online and vulnerable such as the fear of being judged, the fear that we are not good enough, fear of being too different, too spammy, too boring and so on. Then helps us figure out why we use social media, what our values are, and how we can show up fully with integrity and authenticity.

Katie explains that we all have two sides when it comes to social media: the soul and the ego. The social media ego wants all the likes, a big following, it wants to look important, successful and in control. The social media soul wants community, connection, engagement with like-minded people, it wants to support, share and make friends. Both sides play a part in our social media journey, and Katie helps us understand and recognize when the balance is shifting and what we can do to regain control.

Social Media For A New Age doesn’t tell you how to get the clicks, the follows and the likes, instead it encourages us to make genuine connections, build real relationships, share our passions, take breaks and be ourselves online. It gives us a fresh perspective – social media doesn’t have to be a source of self-doubt, jealously, separation and anxiety, but a place of friendship, collaborations, creativity and community. It reminds us that we are in control, it should be a safe place to create, innovate and share.

Thank you Katie for sending me this book, I found it to be a refreshing read. We often see so much online about how to grow your platform, beat that algorithm, use those hashtags, schedule those tweets and so on. Instead, this book offers a gentle, comfortable and natural approach on getting the most out of your social media to make it an enriching and enjoyable experience. I would therefore thoroughly recommend Social Media For A New Age to anyone with a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.

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