Stationery Box Swap: A Collab With Mademoiselle Women

The last time I did a Stationery Box Swap was waaay back in September with the lovely Lauren from Bournemouth Girl. Today, I’m super excited to share with you the goodies from my second stationery box swap from the equally lovely Lydia from Mademoiselle Women. When Lydia suggested this swap I was like yaaaas please, what could be better than a mystery package of surprises from a fabulous blogging friend!

Lydia is freelance NCTJ qualified journalist (appearing in The Independent, Readers Digest & many more!) as well as a blogger who writes about autism, travel, books, stationery and shares plenty of interesting interviews and reviews. Why not check out Mademoiselle Women and see all the awesome posts!

You can keep up with Lydia on Twitter and Instagram (click if you love cute cats and dogs *heart eyes*).

For our stationery swap, we agreed on a budget of £10 – this was surprisingly more difficult than expected, although it meant spending an enjoyable afternoon wandering around stationery shops, so happy times! To see the mystery box I sent to Lydia click here, but first here are the wonderful treats I received – everything is so thoughtfully selected and absolutely perfect for me! Thank you Lydia, I love it! <3

The cool thing about this package was everything was wrapped up beautifully and numbered in the order I had to open them (like a stationery treasure hunt, exciting!). Lydia wrote me such a sweet card as well as a list of instructions for my very own art journal. Yayy! In the message, Lydia wrote “the idea of this art journal is to be a space of positivity… here are some tasks to get you started…”.

The package included this awesomely pink In Pursuit Of Magic notebook (this is 100% me!), cute colourful pencils with motivational words (so cool!), a selection of gorgeous cards, and a couple of pretty postcards to add to my collection. My Ok Play Space Cat Stickers looked perfect on my new magical art journal!

Lydia suggested eight different tasks to get me started in my brand new shiny art journal. New notebooks can be so daunting, so I love that Lydia went to the effort to come up with so many fun and creative ideas such as illustrating a list of my favourite things, quotes, thoughts, letters and more! One of the tasks involved cats which gave me the inspiration to get arty with Pusheen, the most adorable cartoon cat, ever.

Colorfulness, cats, rainbows, ice cream, more cats… welcome to my happy place. 

I love love love these inspirational pencils – they are so perfect for sketching ideas into my art journal and reminding me to be confident, powerful and fearless with my creativity. Everything Lydia included is so thoughtfully and carefully chosen, it’s arty, pink, motivational and positive – so much awesomeness.

A huge thank you to Lydia for this fabulous selection of treats and for sparking creativity with my very own art journal. I know I am going to have so much fun with it and I can’t wait to get arty again, using the inspirational prompts and suggestions. I hope you enjoyed our stationery box swap – don’t forget to check out Mademoiselle Women to see what I included in Lydia’s box!

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