Cute & Pastel Halloween Pins

As I was browsing Etsy the other week, looking for new and inventive ways to spend my money, these cute little pastel Halloween themed pins appeared on my screen. I’m not really into the creepy and spooky side of Halloween, but pastel pumpkins with pretty flowers and cupcakes with bats and stars I can do. Last week, I enjoyed Ruth’s post: 11 of the Cutest Halloween Items on Etsy (click & prepare yourself for all the cuteness) so I thought I would do my own cute Halloween pin edition.

If this is the first time on my blog: Hi, I’m Bexa and I’m a pin addict. If Halloween (even cute Halloween) isn’t your style, why not check out my Inspirational Pins or my Creative & Colourful Pins?

Flower Pumpkin: This pretty little guy is from Glitter Punk – a sparkly and punky shop created by Sarah who makes fun statement jewellery and pins for glitter addicts. Sarah describes Glitter Punk as independent, bolshy, colourful, made in the UK, homegrown, organic and additive-free. And if you’ve got a twinkle in your eye and glitter in your soul, you’re in the right place.

For pin lovers, there is something for everyone! It’s packed with punkyness, pastelness (new word) and prettiness. Other pins I’m loving right now are: Envelope Cat and Halloween Cat. You can follow Sarah and add some sparkles and glitter to your social media: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Halloween Cupcake: There are two versions of this pin – one pastel and one not pastel. For me, pastel is always the answer. It is designed by Louisette from LittleLeftyLou a graphic designer with a passion for snail mail from the Netherlands. Louisette stocks so many awesome things from postcards, stationery and washi tape in a variety of gorgeous designs (can I buy them all please?) everything is so so adorably cute.

Whilst I was admiring all the pins in Louisette’s shop, another one mysteriously fell into my basket. It’s not Halloween themed but perfect for this cosy season: Nothing Better Than Sweater Weather. This pin is available in either pink, dark blue or light blue. Which colour would you choose?

For regular installments of cuteness, you can follow Louisette on Instagram / Facebook

Pink Glitter Potion Bottle: Last but my no means least is this pretty little potion bottle. What makes this pin even more special is that it is limited edition, once they are sold out they are gone forever! They are designed by Nina from Nikury – a designer and illustrator, guinea pig mother & cat enthusiast from the Netherlands who loves all things related to art, games, witches and Japan. This is the perfect shop for cute purple Halloweeny things, I’m also loving the Purple Glitter Bat and Cat Spell Book pins.

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I hope you enjoyed my Halloween pin special! Are you into cute Halloween, spooky Halloween or neither? Which pin is your favourite? I’d love to hear from you!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small percentage on every purchase at no extra cost to you (which I will most probably spend on more pins). 

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